The third metaverse industry forum was held in writing or in metaverse form on March 30

On March 23, 2022, the metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation (hereinafter referred to as metaverse Industry Committee) held the fifth news briefing in the central chain live broadcast network. The Executive Secretary General of Wu Yanfang is the press spokesman, and the digital person “kefang yangbao” is the digital part of the Executive Secretary General of Wu Yanfang. At the fifth news briefing, Wu Yanfang reviewed the agenda of the first plenary meeting of the first session of metaverse Industry Committee and the feedback from all walks of life after the meeting. Each session of the whole committee issued the work regulations of metaverse industry committee, the standards and requirements for the absorption and acceptance of member units, and sent votes online to each candidate unit in advance. The units voted and elected online. Finally, a total of 8 people were elected with applause. According to the statistics of votes, 88 units / individuals were elected. At the meeting, the metaverse industrial self-discipline convention was released to advocate the self-discipline of industrial ecology and the healthy development of the whole industry. The second metaverse Industrial Forum was held online. Many elected representatives of member units, experts and scholars delivered forum speeches and exchange topics one after another. The first and second metaverse industry forums have gathered the highest wisdom in China’s scientific and technological circles. The scientific and technological theories of Mr. Qian Xuesen and many academicians and experts have been continuously inherited and promoted, We will continue to promote the strength of the 14 Listed Companies in metaverse and the direction of the five listed companies in China. At the same time, as an association, it has also set an objective and rigorous benchmark in organizing the convergence of industrial resources, and set up a strict research, audit and access mechanism. On the basis of self-discipline and compliance, it can gather metaverse industrial resources from industry, University, research and other aspects, form a strong appeal and cohesion, and make the industry integrate, develop healthily and continuously.

At the fifth press briefing, executive secretary general Wu Yanfang announced the Sixth Batch of accepted member units (including individuals). The specific information released is as follows: according to the regulations on the work of metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation: the organization is led by the sponsor and composed of CO chairman, academic guidance, industrial guidance, policy guidance, joint chairman, executive director, executive vice chairman, vice chairman, standing committee, members, preparatory members / observers, Secretary General’s team and specially invited members. On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, the Sixth Batch of acceptance list was announced on the website of metaverse Industry Committee and the whole network of central chain live broadcast: Shanghai xinzhengxin Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. Jinghang Weitai measurement and control instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shiyou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Kaiying Network Co., Ltd. (002517) construction investment data technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. Beijing Capital Online Technology Co., Ltd. (300846) Chengbo Information Co., Ltd. Hubei Shengtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. (300494) Shenzhen AoYa Design Co., Ltd. (300949) Shenzhen Hexun Huagu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ JG) Hangzhou yuanyishu Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Baode Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Shiyou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing ningaocheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Shengwei Technology Co., Ltd. Yuanqi Xingchen (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. bithorizon (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. mobile micro world (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. Zhao Yongxin, executive director and professor of blockchain Application Research Center of Hebei Institute of finance, Yan Changde, President of Qingdao urban blockchain Industry Chamber of Commerce Zhang Hongsheng, executive dean of Qingdao Lianwan Research Institute, executive dean and researcher of the school of cultural industry management of Communication University of China, accepted 3 individuals and 19 units (including 4 domestic listed companies and 1 foreign listed company), totaling 22 / person.

Metaverse industry committee will hold the third metaverse Industry Forum in writing or in metaverse form on March 30

At the fifth press briefing, executive secretary Wu Yanfang informed the industry committee that the third metaverse industry forum would be held on March 30 through written and metaverse virtual space. The national “two sessions” have been held. Delegates and members have passed “public opinion” through suggestions and proposals. Metaverse is an integration of cutting-edge digital technology and human wisdom. The era of metaverse has accelerated, technological innovation and industrial application have set sail in an all-round way, leading the transformation and upgrading of digital economy. These topics have become the focus of this year’s “two sessions”. According to the provisions of Article 5 “industrial guidance and policy research and application” and Article 6 “industrial support and technology integration” in Chapter II functions and responsibilities of metaverse Industry Commission, in combination with national strategy and industrial development and integrating metaverse’s own development characteristics, carry out metaverse technology research and investigation, reflect the opinions and requirements of all walks of life on metaverse work to government departments, and put forward suggestions on industrial policies and industrial legislation, Coordinate and communicate the horizontal exchanges and communication between the organization and various regions, industries and enterprises, and promote the inclusive development of the organization and relevant industries. On March 1, the industry commission issued the notice on soliciting and publicizing metaverse industry manuscripts during the national two sessions. This notice received positive responses from all walks of life, including many experts and scholars, science and technology companies, media institutions Industry organizations have submitted professional manuscripts in various fields, which are sorted by the Secretary General’s team of metaverse Industry Committee and submitted to the expert group for review. The high-quality manuscripts reviewed cover metaverse industry, technology, media, compliance, supervision and other fields, and form practical and pertinent development suggestions in industry development analysis, industry standard formulation, industry standard governance and other aspects. On the 30th day of metaverse, we will promote the idea and practice of sustainable development of metaverse industry in the way of thinking and collective action of metaverse in the whole industry. The specific holding process and the holding method of the virtual conference space will be notified on the official website next week.

Metaverse Industry Committee held the 2022 global metaverse Conference on April 20

At the fifth news briefing, executive secretary general Wu Yanfang released the relevant notice of the first “global metaverse conference” to be held by the metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation in Shanghai on April 20, invited the head of the Exhibition Department of China Mobile Communications Federation to give a video explanation, and introduced the first global metaverse conference with the theme of “new economy, new track and new industry” and the vision of “building a community with a shared future for mankind”, Build an exhibition and exchange platform for professionals, head technology companies, investment and financing institutions and ecological clusters of industrial parks from many countries around the world, and practice a carnival for science and technology enterprises to discuss innovative achievements and a long voyage of theoretical exploration by cutting-edge scholars. It will lead the industry to base itself on China, radiate the Asia Pacific, look around the world, compete for the new track of metaverse industry, and create a metaverse ecology with Chinese characteristics in the world. As a highlight of the conference, the “Capital Forum” will attract the attention of science and technology investment and financing industries and capital parties at home and abroad. The capital forum will have multi-party speeches, debates, exchanges and collisions from different angles and positions of many listed companies, investment institutions, professional investment and financing personnel and regulatory institutions, express their views and contend with a hundred schools of thought, and present a metaverse evolution and rise exploration forum in which capital and industry love and kill each other in an all-round way, Bring a thorough discussion on “how to take the road of capital market” for listed companies and soon to be listed technology companies, find the killer technology and industry wide case that technology uses capital to drive market prosperity, remove the fog of science and technology story for investment institutions, avoid investment stepping on the pit, and promote the accurate venture capital of capital in the potential field of science and technology.

Lawyer fan Xiaojuan, member of metaverse Industry Committee: development direction of metaverse legal compliance

At the fifth press briefing, executive secretary Wu Yanfang invited fan Xiaojuan, a lawyer member of metaverse industry committee, to bring a universal lecture on metaverse legal compliance to the whole industry. Metaverse is all inclusive. The industries involved, immersive experience and economic benefits are boundless, but metaverse also needs the law as a yardstick to measure what can or cannot be done, so as to draw the legal boundary for metaverse. In this content, lawyer fan Xiaojuan comprehensively described the legal compliance issues involved in the development of metaverse and how to operate metaverse industrial ecology in compliance through metaverse’s “boundary” and “unbounded”. Lawyer fan Xiaojuan has the qualification of practicing lawyer and Chinese certified tax agent in China and New York State in the United States. She has served as a member of metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communication Federation. She has been practicing for more than ten years and has rich experience in the field of capital market, especially private equity investment and financing, overseas and domestic listing of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions and capital operation of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, etc, At the same time, lawyer fan pays close attention to and studies the field of digital economy, and provides data compliance services for many science and technology enterprises and blockchain enterprises. As a member of the metaverse Industry Committee in terms of legal compliance, lawyer fan Xiaojuan introduced the development, opportunities and many legal issues brought by the emerging concept of metaverse to the whole industry in the first lecture. Later, more in-depth legal compliance lectures will be held in relevant segments, such as the compliance linkage between metaverse and NFT, the underlying logic and legal risks of virtual identity / digital people, the construction of enterprise data security compliance The key points of intellectual property protection in metaverse provide practical compliance development guidelines for all member units to comply with the industry self-discipline convention advocated by metaverse Industry Committee.

China Mobile Communications Federation is the only national social organization in the field of mobile communications in China, which was personally approved by the then Vice Premier of the State Council Wu Bangguo, approved by the premier’s office meeting of the State Council, with the Ministry of industry and information technology as the business guidance unit and registered by the Ministry of civil affairs. In order to promote the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of metaverse, the establishment of metaverse industry committee was approved on October 15, 2021; On October 24, the approval letter was issued on “1024 blockchain China day” at the same time as the launch of metaverse published by CITIC; On November 11, “metaverse day” was unveiled and the metaverse industry declaration was released; On November 13, the headline of the Wall Street Journal reported that metaverse Industrial Committee had listed China’s concept stocks rising sharply, which aroused response from all walks of life; On December 11, the theme of the live broadcast was “metaverse: spiritual realm and science and art – Commemorating the 110th anniversary of Qian Xuesen’s birth and 2021metaverse Industry Forum”, which praised Qian Xuesen as “the father of metaverse”; On December 19, Hunan Satellite TV broadcast the metaverse popular science program participated by the metaverse Industry Committee. On January 11, 2022, the first press briefing was held on the central chain live line to announce the list of the first batch of 65 members. On January 19, the second press briefing was held on the central chain live line to announce the list of the second batch of 16 members, On January 26, the third press conference was held on the central chain live broadcast online to announce the list of the third batch of 14 members accepted. On February 16, the fourth press conference was held on the central chain live broadcast online to announce the list of the fourth batch of 17 members accepted. On February 19, the fifth batch of specially invited 12 individual members were announced on the website of metaverse Industry Committee and the whole network of central chain live broadcast, covering China’s network security, information technology, artificial intelligence, digital strategy Academicians, experts and scholars in Literature Publishing and other fields held the first plenary meeting and the second metaverse Industry Forum on the central chain live broadcast network on February 22. Among the 124 candidate units and individuals, 8 were elected by applause. According to the vote statistics, 88 units / individuals were elected, and 28 units / individuals withdrew or lost, A total of 96 companies / person issued licenses (43 individuals, 53 units, including 22 listed companies) Metaverse Industry Committee has been widely reported by various media at home and abroad, has been highly concerned by the industry, has international industry authority and appeal, and the participating units are active.

At the end of the fifth press briefing, Wu Yanfang’s executive secretary’s digital avatar virtual guest workshop, yangbao, once again broadcast the list of members of the Sixth Batch of 22 units (including individuals) accepted, and explained the standards and regulations of metaverse Industry Committee on the absorption of member units. Metaverse industry committee will conduct all-round understanding and Research on the units applying for membership. First of all, it needs to be legal and compliant operation units or individuals for academic research, It has a good reputation in the industry and related industries and has a positive impact on the society. Second, in accordance with the requirements of “strategy, systematicness and coordination”, the Industrial Committee absorbs different technologies, entities, finance and other aspects in various fields, industries and sections to carry out the integration of business forms, so as to realize the smooth circulation of platform resources of the Industrial Committee, and the member units can form the linkage development of business forms through mutual exchange and promotion. Third, all members and relevant ranks of the organization are elected by voting on the agenda of the plenary meeting or decided by the chairman’s meeting. The plenary meeting is the highest authority and deliberative body, and a risk self-discipline mechanism and mutual trust incentive mechanism are established. The authorized chairman’s Committee is the decision-making body, and the Secretary General’s team under the leadership of the chairman’s meeting is the executive body. Metaverse Industry Committee has initiated the press conference system of industry associations since its inauguration on November 11, 2021, and has held five press conferences by March 23, 2022.

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