Industrial Fulian: it has entered the cloud game and metaverse market, and several new energy vehicle products are expected to be mass produced in 2023

Blue whale TMT channel on March 23, the 2021 annual performance report released by industrial Fulian shows that the company is accelerating the layout of new business sectors such as metaverse and new energy vehicles in order to build a second growth pole. The management of industrial Fulian also further disclosed the relevant layout information at the media exchange meeting of 2021 annual performance report.

According to Zhou Taiyu, chief technology officer of industrial Fulian, industrial Fulian cloud computing business has entered the cloud game and metaverse market and successfully won the world’s largest cloud game customer.

“The relevant products are different from traditional servers, but the latest generation of cloud game computing cabinet developed jointly with customers by using customer-made computing devices.” Zhou Taiyu said that the high amount of computation has spawned two important technologies of the new generation of game development engine: nano stone (Nanite) and ray tracing technology (lumen), which can simulate real physical details and light in the game respectively, so that players can more truly feel the changes of dynamic light and surrounding environment. In addition, AI algorithms are introduced into related products, so that players can enter the space of metaverse step by step as if they were immersed in the real world.

In terms of new energy vehicles, Zheng Hongmeng, CEO of industrial Fulian, said that industrial Fulian is based on the needs of vehicle lightweight, power saving and intellectualization, focusing on three areas: electric drive and electronic control parts, vehicle networking and intelligent vehicle, and industrial Internet empowerment. Among them, the intelligent cockpit developed by the company in cooperation with the strategy of large factories, an international solution provider, aims to be mass produced in 2023; Automotive motors, high-voltage connectors and other products produced by the company’s high-end precision manufacturing technology are expected to be mass produced in 2023; In terms of AI computing units for new energy vehicles, L3 / L4 products designed and produced by industrial Fulian have been mass produced, and L5 products have also entered the schedule. In addition, in 2021, industrial Fulian has assisted new energy vehicle head enterprises such as GAC AIAN, CITIC daika and minshi group to introduce industrial Internet platform and digital transformation scheme.

According to the 2021 annual performance report disclosed by industrial Fulian, in 2021, industrial Fulian achieved a total operating revenue of 439.557 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.8%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 20.01 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.8%.

Zheng Hongmeng believes that the reasons for promoting performance growth are closely related to the prosperity of the global digital economy. He said that according to the IDC Research Report, 65% of the global GDP will be driven by digitization by 2022, and the digital economy is also becoming an important starting point for China’s economic development. According to the prediction, the compound growth rate of China’s ICT market will be 6.3% from 2020 to 2025, and the scale of ICT market will reach 4.2 trillion yuan in 2025, “Therefore, whether in the world or in China, the prosperity and development of digital economy will create huge space and opportunities for the sustained and stable growth of industrial Fulian performance.”.

Li Junqi, chairman of industrial Fulian, also said that metaverse and intelligent Internet connected vehicles are new growth points of the digital economy, providing a broad growth space for the company.