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Recently, Jiangning high tech Zone and the Shenyang Professor team of the school of journalism of Tsinghua University jointly built the “Jiangsu Lingjing metaverse Research Institute”. Jiangbei new area, Jianye District and other sectors have also launched their own characteristic metaverse theme activities.

In January this year, the “official publicity” of the Ministry of industry and information technology supported the development of digital economy and cultivated a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises entering emerging fields such as metaverse. Hefei, Wuhan, Shanghai, Wuxi and other domestic cities have arranged one after another, forming a “boom” of metaverse.

As China’s first famous software city, Nanjing also moves frequently.

Metaverse, is it a gimmick to hype investment or a new track for innovative industries? In the face of the upsurge, how can Nanjing give full play to the advantages of information innovation industry and manufacturing industry, and how can enterprises find application scenarios in subdivided fields? In this regard, the reporter conducted an in-depth interview.

Gimmick or new track?

There is a public opinion bubble, but the industry is generally “bullish”.

Wandering in the simulated virtual operating room, students can conduct a clinical operation by themselves, experience the learning close to the actual combat, and obtain a more professional and efficient practical learning experience through real-time feedback, without worrying about the medical accident caused by a knife error, and can more fully record the whole process of the operation, so that teachers can analyze and summarize the success or failure and key points of the operation one by one.

“Our partners in the medical field complete the development of simulation content in the medical field through the application of Nibiru creator. Such a metaverse application scenario completely liberates the productivity of teachers in the medical field.” Cao Junwei, co-founder and CTO of Nibiru, Nanjing ruiyue Information Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters.

The word “metaverse” was born in the 1992 science fiction avalanche. According to the relevant reports of national think tanks such as CCID Research Institute, metaverse can be understood as a comprehensive digital virtual space and service activity based on the integration, innovation and application of information technology.

Its connotation can be summarized as “134353”, that is, to create “1” virtual world parallel to the real world, with “3” remarkable characteristics of high immersion, multi-dimensional interaction and independent creation, including “4” core technologies of virtual reality, high-speed network, advanced computing and artificial intelligence, as well as “3” catalytic technologies of brain computer interface, digital twin and blockchain, presenting infrastructure, hardware, software The “5” industrial forms of content services and platform services, as well as the “3” service modes from the real world to the virtual space, within the virtual space, and from the virtual space to the real world.

Many industry insiders said that in essence, the metaverse concept itself is not a gimmick. Similar to the original mobile Internet, it is another great increase in human productivity in the field of information technology industry, which can produce practical efficiency. At present, the development of Metaverse industry is in the “sub-health” state, with the immature and unstable characteristics of emerging industries. Under the help of capital, a lot of public opinion bubbles have been generated, and commercial fraud has been bred as a gimmick. But in the long run, metaverse’s development is multi-path, multi-channel and multi band. This “new track” is very broad.

Since its establishment in 2018, Nanjing Chunbai Matrix Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the research and development of blockchain core technologies and the construction of global developer ecology.

“From 2018 to 2020, we have carried out a large number of research and development of blockchain middleware technology, which is a very important metaverse supporting technology.” Wu Xiao, founder and general manager of pure white matrix, said that for those who have not been in contact with blockchain, it is easier to understand metaverse as an industrial circle including artificial intelligence, digital twins, VR / AR and other fields. To a greater extent, it is easier to think that such metaverse is a gimmick. However, from the perspective of insiders, the real metaverse should be driven by the blockchain. All data and assets behind it are interconnected, which will bring countless business opportunities that can realize value.

About 130 enterprises have nearly 100 billion in revenue

“Metaverse in Nanjing has great advantages”

“In the future, digital human technology can not only clone human voice, image and story, but also clone human thought to achieve some form of immortality.” Sima Huapeng, founder of silicon-based intelligence, revealed that silicon-based intelligence, with virtual people as the core, has created a product called “Silicon Rui metaverse”, which can copy dead relatives by digital means, communicate and speak with each other, and convey emotion and sadness. At present, the product is close to the external release stage and has considerable overseas orders.

In 2019, silicon-based intelligence created a new digital employee and digital business hall for Bank of Nanjing, which became a major turning point in the layout of silicon-based intelligence in the field of digital people, and subsequently won orders from many bank digital people. Since then, silicon-based intelligence has continuously expanded the application fields of digital people, including digital people fitness screen, policy direct digital people, live digital people with goods, short video digital people, etc.

“These technological breakthroughs adapt to a variety of business scenarios, help customers solve business problems, liberate people from heavy and repetitive mental work to the greatest extent, improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.” Sima Huapeng said that the rapid transformation has enabled the company to obtain a lot of innovation dividends.

The promising market prospect in the industry has attracted many enterprises in our city to “enter the game” and stand out in the huge “chessboard” of metaverse.

At present, the core product chainide of pure white matrix has covered 185 countries around the world, with more than 300000 developer ecology. Nibiru ruiyue has been deeply engaged in VR / AR industry for many years, and has used its related technologies to have a series of landing products such as physical and chemical biology laboratory and VR digital agriculture station.

According to the reports of think tanks such as the new media research center of Tsinghua University, the metaverse industrial chain can be divided into three levels: the underlying technology support layer, the front-end equipment and platform layer and the scene application layer.

Recently, relevant departments conducted a preliminary survey of the metaverse industry chain in our city and found that there are about 130 metaverse industry related enterprises in our city, with a total operating revenue of 94.8 billion yuan in 2021 (excluding 5g telecom business revenue), which are distributed at all levels of the industry chain. Of which:

——There are 40 enterprises in the bottom technical support layer. 19 in blockchain, 3 in advanced computing, 14 in cloud computing and edge computing, and 4 in 5g network services.

——Front end equipment and platform layer, a total of 40 enterprises. There are 25 in VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality), 8 in human-computer interaction equipment and 7 in digital human.

——Scene and application layer, a total of 47 enterprises. 11 in the game field, 19 in the digital twin field and 17 in the digital content development field.

Relevant municipal departments said that the overall layout of metaverse industrial chain in our city is relatively perfect, and it has certain advantages in subdivided fields such as VR / AR, blockchain and digital people, but there are deficiencies in subdivided fields such as platform and Internet of things.

“Metaverse in Nanjing has great advantages.” On February 21, Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chief scientist of the national 973 project, said when attending the 2022 China goldfish mouth metaverse ecological empowerment conference.

As the top stream concept of the current global digital economy, the development of metaverse is inseparable from computer technology, which is precisely the strength of Nanjing.

“Nanjing is an important scientific research city in China. Colleges and universities and scientific research institutes gather and high-end talents are concentrated. Software and information technology service industry has always been one of the key strategic industries in Nanjing.” Sima Huapeng said that another advantage of developing metaverse in Nanjing is the complete range of industrial manufacturing and other applicable industries, which provides a large number of practical application scenarios for metaverse related technologies.

This is also one of the important reasons why the Shenyang Professor team of Tsinghua University chose Nanjing to land in the “metaverse Research Institute”.

It is reported that the “metaverse Research Institute” has three centers: Industrial metaverse innovation center, medical and health metaverse innovation center and digital creative metaverse innovation center. In the future, it will focus on the research of high-end manufacturing industry, metaverse medical, cultural and tourism metaverse and other industrial directions.

Prevent speculation and consolidate “infrastructure”

Software city draws the “road map” of the new track

The industry generally believes that the pain point restricting the development of metaverse is mainly at the technical level, including the underlying operating system and time-space construction engine. For example, in terms of game engine, the United States has great advantages over China.

In addition, to build an ideal metaverse, the computing power of CPU, GPU and integrated circuit should be at least 1000 times higher than now. According to Moore’s law, it will still take more than ten years.

Facing the new metaverse track, how should Nanjing seize the opportunity?

“If the infrastructure is stable, metaverse track can develop at a high speed.” Cao Junwei said that Nanjing should give full play to the underlying technology deposits from decades of software technology, consolidate the underlying technology support layer, and support the rapid development of metaverse’s content, hardware and scene applications.

Wu Xiao suggested that the government should correctly guide enterprises to study and explore metaverse, vigorously support the entry of enterprise layout, and promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain. In the future, metaverse will inevitably have many applications in physical scenes such as education, medical treatment, leisure and entertainment and government services. It is suggested that the government promote the innovation pilot of metaverse, encourage enterprises to try first, promote the generation of diversified application scenes, and constantly explore new growth points of digital economy.

Many people in the industry also “offer suggestions”: provide policy guarantee for attracting upstream enterprises to settle in, and provide sufficient power for incubating start-ups; Introduce the upstream enterprises of metaverse industrial chain to quickly drive the formation of metaverse industrial cluster; Introduce relevant supporting policies, set up metaverse talent reserve pool based on Nanjing University platform, and constantly absorb high-quality talents.

At present, our city has proposed to seize the opportunity and speed up the layout of metaverse industry. As a new industrial track in the future of the city, we will strive to be among the first in China and actively support our city in building a trillion level software industry and a highland of innovative development of digital economy. At the same time, fully predict risks, beware of speculation, excessive financialization, network security and other issues, and guide the healthy development of metaverse industry.

Accordingly, the relevant departments of our city have formulated the “road map” for the next development:

Bring metaverse into the digital economy and future industrial system, give birth to new business forms and models of digital economy, and drive the linkage innovation and development of information technology;

Continue to promote the construction and layout of data center and computing power center, provide high-speed, low delay network and cloud side collaborative computing capacity for metaverse industry, and consolidate the new infrastructure foundation of metaverse;

Focus on manufacturing, culture and tourism, education, health care and other fields, encourage the construction of metaverse application scenarios, and drive the application verification of relevant products and the iterative development of core technologies;

According to the map of metaverse industrial chain, further sort out metaverse related enterprises and key projects in the city, guide metaverse to attract investment and talent gathering, make up for weaknesses and forge long plates;

Select a plate to build the city’s “metaverse comprehensive innovation and development pilot area”, build a distinctive metaverse industrial agglomeration area, and form an industrial spatial pattern of “one core and multiple points”.

Nanjing metaverse industrial chain alliance was established to create a multi-level docking platform. Metaverse special exhibition areas and forums were added at China (Nanjing) soft Expo and world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference to call Nanjing metaverse brand.

To jointly promote metaverse to enter a benign development stage, there is no shortcut, which requires the continuous efforts of a generation.

Let’s imagine that the metaverse world in the future is the “real-time binding relationship” between virtual people like Avatar, or the virtual personification in out of control player begins to awaken and have independent consciousness?

rub one’s eyes and wait!