Metaverse project with great potential — Sanjiu metaverse

Great is Qianyuan, the beginning of all things

——Interview with Ge Jun, founder of Sanjiu metaverse project

Since 2021, the popularity of metaverse has continued to rise globally, becoming a hot spot of science and technology and investment, and a new highland of scientific and technological innovation competition. Major digital technology giants at home and abroad have also started the exploration of metaverse. Beijing SANZU wuzhiku Network Technology Co., Ltd. and its founder Ge Jun firmly seize the historical opportunity, grasp the pulse of the times, and become an important member of the development wave of metaverse. Ge Jun endows metaverse with the unique value core of Chinese traditional culture, promotes the extension of metaverse connotation and endows metaverse with vigorous vitality. At the same time, he also uses metaverse as the material carrier of cultural output to promote Chinese culture to go abroad and go to the world.

Predict the world’s air outlet and create an original system platform

The word metaverse originated from the American science fiction avalanche. The novel depicts a virtual world parallel to the real world, metaverse. Nowadays, metaverse refers to an immersive virtual world, metaverse in English. This virtual world is composed of 3D technologies such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and the Internet. Users can experience different lives in metaverse, or experience a world completely different from the real world. In March 2021, roblox, the first stock of metaverse concept, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Metaverse quickly became one of the hottest concepts in the fields of technology, venture capital and Internet. However, before that, Ge Jun discovered the value of metaverse with keen business judgment, and began to layout the company’s metaverse development strategic objectives and develop sanzuwu metaverse IP. In July 2021, he took sanzuwu metaverse to the China Internet Conference and stood in the forefront of the trend of scientific and technological development. On October 29, 2021, Zuckerberg announced to change the company’s name from Facebook to meta, indicating his determination to fully enter metaverse. Then foreign Microsoft and Google, domestic Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, today’s headlines, and some large and small online game companies announced to enter metaverse, which proved Ge Jun’s forward-looking and keen business vision.

A myriad of things, raise your eyes as the outline. When setting sail, every entrepreneur should find the right direction and accurately position the enterprise. For GE Jun, he tried his best to learn from the successful predecessors, with foresight, broad vision and broad mind, and planned development ideas in the realm of “jumping out of the sea and looking at the sea”. In Ge Jun’s view, at present, the development of scientific and technological innovation is in the ascendant, and metaverse is stepping from emerging industries to the future world. Although major Internet companies are speeding up the development of metaverse, they only see the investment heat of metaverse industry, do not think about how to integrate metaverse development resources, and pay more attention to grab the outlet, go on projects, find resources and promote consumption. In this regard, Ge Jun paid attention to systematization and integrity as the starting point when laying out the development pattern of metaverse industry of the company, paid attention to endowing metaverse with cultural connotation, and promoted the development of metaverse industry of the company by excavating the multi-cultural nature of metaverse. Ge Jun believes that the essence of the emergence of metaverse is the product of the upgrading of bandwidth and computing power. Since the reform and opening up, China’s economic development has experienced the era of recklessness, technology and knowledge. Metaverse era should be a cultural era.

The entry point of sanzuwu metaverse in the metaverse industry is the super culture and entertainment platform, including seven structures such as three-dimensional social app, film and television, animation, toy manual peripheral, online mobile game, virtual reality, amusement city and e-commerce. Based on metaverse’s world view, Ge Jun pursued the concept of map and coordinate when building these architectures, and built these architectures into complementary and mutually supporting concepts. On the one hand, he wrote the trilogy of metaverse world outlook of shooting the sun, dark night and killing God, which can form film and television, animation, film and television and animation can form the periphery of toys, and metaverse world and film and television animation can form the virtual reality of online mobile games. Film and television animation images, including our metaverse world view, can form a amusement city similar to Disney. Through such a commercial layout, Ge Jun laid out the strategic development objectives of the universe as an organic whole, avoiding the fragmentation of metaverse’s concept and the fragmentation of the industrial chain.

The common culture of the world is the important weapon of the target country

Tripod crow is also called tripod golden crow. In ancient Chinese mythology, there is a black tripod crow in the center of the red sun. The black crow squats in the center of the red sun and is surrounded by the “red light” flashing with golden light, so it is called “golden crow”. “Shanhaijing · Dahuang Nanjing” has “Xihe, the wife of emperor Jun, born for ten days”; “Shanhaijing · overseas East Sutra” said that “there are Fusang trees in Tanggu, bathed in the north of Heichi for ten days. There are big trees in the water, living in the lower branch for nine days and the upper branch for one day”; These records show us the cultural allusions of sanzuwu and the historical and cultural origin of the Archaeopteryx of the Chinese nation.

Ge Jun values the cultural value of the three legged Wu, not only because it carries the cream of Chinese traditional culture for thousands of years, but also has the worldwide significance and value. Crow is the symbol of the highest wisdom and ability in the world’s hottest TV series “game of power”. As the highest power symbol of South Korea, it is accompanied by the ancestor of the Japanese royal family, Tianzhao God. It is the symbol and mascot of the Japanese national football team. It has long gone out of the world and has a profound impact on the cultural circle of East Asia. Moreover, it implies that “life has the same root and culture has the same origin” and symbolizes the sun culture. According to the DNA analysis of the scientific community, the existing human beings on earth came out of Africa, and the early civilizations on all continents experienced the worship of the sun culture. This commonality can be connected through the cultural image of sanzuwu, which makes the sanzuwu metaverse project naturally have worldwide genes, which is very conducive to the development facing the world.

China’s economy has become the second largest in the world, and it is only a matter of time to surpass the United States. Chinese products are all over the world, but the export of Chinese culture is difficult. Among them, it is not only racial differences, but also the deliberate suppression of ideology. A large number of Confucius Institutes are closed, Phoenix Satellite TV is limited to the Chinese circle, and China’s Internet is basically based on the domestic market, However, a world power must have a matching world cultural status. Because the isolation of the mountains and seas, the formation of different characteristics of East and west cultures, there is no one who is advanced or who is backward, each has its own essence and advantages. Far from it, China can overcome the epidemic, which is that the eastern culture has played a major role. Culture is not only cohesive, defensive, but also offensive. The disintegration of the Soviet Union is the result of cultural invasion.

Therefore, Sanjiu metaverse hopes to become a national important tool for the export of Chinese culture, which is three times the same as Confucius Institute and Phoenix Satellite TV. Although we are weak now, it does not affect the development potential. Shanghai was just a small fishing village before, but because it is China’s first strategic position in the era of marine civilization, it has finally become one of the world economic centers. Because it is the best representative of global common culture, sanzuwu has great development potential. The common culture in the world is only the sun culture, which is unique. The representatives of other sun cultures in the world are character images. The Tripterygium multiflorum is a small animal image, which is neutral and cute enough, which is most conducive to global popularization and promotion. It can be said that the Sanjiu metaverse project has the same strategic position as Shanghai. The strategic goal of Sanjiu metaverse project is to be an international Internet giant with a market value of 100 billion.

The combination of nationality and cosmopolitanism endows sanzuwu with unique cultural value. Based on this, Ge Jun designed and produced the mascot of Sanjiu metaverse by taking Sanjiu as the cultural core of the company’s metaverse strategic development. Domain name, mascot, world outlook, project name and brand are five in one, which has strong ecological value. On the one hand, the Mazu metaverse mascot is leading. At present, major companies are competing to seize the layout of metaverse IP, but they have not created a metaverse mascot with cultural value. On the other hand, the metaverse mascot of tripod is unique. The external image of tripod is three legs. All animals in the world, including literary stories, film and television animation, are basically two legs and four legs, without three legs. This uniqueness gives tripod a unique value. In addition, the mascot of Tripterygium multiflorum metaverse is aesthetic. It is a divine animal with flame and VR sunglasses, which can make consumers feel beautiful and cool, and feel the charm of metaverse’s parallel world (on October 10, 2018, the parallel continental map of Tripterygium multiflorum was officially launched, which is also the first year of the era of Tripterygium multiflorum, and October 10 is the festival of Tripterygium multiflorum metaverse). It is also very suitable for making operational toys.

The unique cultural value also endows the Mazu metaverse mascot with great economic value. The Mazu metaverse mascot can be developed into a national ceremony, can become the sculpture of all metaverse parks in China, and can become the sculpture of the national amusement city. At present, Ge Jun is leading the company to design the twelve zodiac version and the twelve constellation version of the tripod metaverse mascot. The blind box ecology is being built, and this is only the first step for the company to develop metaverse IP. There are hundreds of characters and animal artifacts (living artifacts) images in the tripod and animation ecology of tripod metaverse, and IP development will continue in the future.

Innovation leads the network structure and eliminates hidden dangers

The spirit of innovation is the soul of enterprise development, the driving force of enterprise progress, the inexhaustible driving force for national prosperity, and the key to breaking through the bottleneck of world economic growth and development and accelerating the transformation of old and new growth drivers. From the beginning of the layout of metaverse development strategy, Ge Jun was inspired to build sanzuwu metaverse into a national weapon for the export of Chinese culture, face the world, spread the coordinates of metaverse to every corner of the world, and become a real scientific and technological national enterprise.

In Ge Jun’s view, today’s era is an era of change, and the Internet will reshape the world economy and national boundaries to a great extent. The move of Chinese Internet giants to the international capital market may also be an annotation of the integration of the whole world, reflecting China’s openness and self-confidence. This is also the direction we should adhere to. But for a country’s economy, a large number of profits flow overseas, and domestic investors are not among them, which is inevitably a hidden danger. Therefore, the financing strategy of Sanjiu metaverse project will take 10% – 20% of foreign capital as the control scope, refuse a large number of foreign holding, avoid profit outflow, let the progress of enterprises really promote the development of the country and help China seize a new round of scientific and technological revolution. Based on this, the Sanjiu metaverse project hopes to obtain the support of domestic venture capital and will not repeat the difficult course of Alibaba Tencent Didi. Most of the domestic Internet industry is Alibaba or Tencent. In other words, there are a large number of international capital shares behind it. During the great historical turning period when China’s total economy surpassed the United States and became the first in the world, most of the profits became the gains of international capital, And then affect the whole country and people through the economy, which will be very regrettable. Sanzuwu also hopes that the capital giants will take shares in their personal capacity, reduce the proportion of foreign capital, change the layout of strategic points, permanently absorb blood, and restructure the capital structure of China’s new Internet industry.

Of course, Ge Jun also developed in the direction of internationalization with worldwide strategic thinking when laying out the Sanjiu metaverse. On the one hand, the mascot itself is cosmopolitan and easy to be accepted; On the other hand, sanzuwu metaverse’s three-dimensional social app is unique in the world. Global social apps, including websites, have no map concept and coordinate concept. All users are independent individuals and have no connection in location. All people in the three-dimensional social app of Sanjiu metaverse have positional relationships. Those who are all in the world view of the story have strong ecological relationship interaction and strong positional relationship interaction. Different people can choose to be close to different people’s coordinates, which will be very attractive and cohesive.

In Ge Jun’s business territory, metaverse will be a comprehensive integration of virtual world, e-commerce, entertainment games, animation development, social media, decentralized technology, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5g and other information technologies. Ge Jun said: “Metaverse from the concept of breaking into people’s cognition, and then the major Internet companies have crowded into the track, laying a solid foundation for commercialization, but in the future, Metaverse will not build a commercial foundation with foam. Only with valuable, cultural, meaningful and powerful products as support, Metaverse can move from concept to life, from virtual to reality, and our company is committed to this, with Metaverse mascot development as the original. It radiates from point to outside, continuously realizes the integration of concepts and products through scientific and technological innovation, deeply intervenes in metaverse’s business revolution, and actively participates in the wave of world scientific and technological development.

“It’s a long way to go. I’ll look up and down.” Ge Jun, who is wise, resolute and resolute, has turned his Lingyun ambition into a driving force for struggle, seized the opportunity of scientific and technological development, and made remarkable achievements by taking advantage of new industrial opportunities to build his own core competitiveness. Metaverse has a long way to go. In the future, Ge Jun will further build a strong technical system support, strengthen the innovation of business model and industrial chain through the collision between cultural connotation and scientific and technological elements, promote the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and create a new model of digital economy that is more fair, inclusive and sustainable.

Sanjiu metaverse project hopes to carry out one or more strategic development cooperation with colleagues all over the country in film and television, animation, toys, mobile games, virtual reality and amusement city. We sincerely welcome relevant parties to contact and jointly export Chinese culture to the world. The Metaverse project is very much supported by the government. Our headquarters is in Beijing, because this is the China Cultural Center, but the industrial and commercial sectors such as movie and TV base, toy hand surrounding and amusement city can be split in the provincial or partial cities. After five years, we will help local enterprises upgrade the Internet plus industry.

We hope that China will not only be a major exporter of world economy, but also a major exporter of culture, and completely change the situation of the international community dominated by western culture.

Ren Hong of China Cultural Information Association