Chen Gen: special step launches the first digital collection. Be wary of metaverse hype

Wen / Chen Gen

Tebu’s first digital collection “160x metaverse” was released and sold 321 copies on the platform of “Bu Xingyun – Tebu’s official digital collection mall”, implying that Tebu has held 321 running festivals for seven consecutive years and sold out 70 minutes after its release.

According to the product information, 160x metaverse was created for 321 “Yuan residents” who first settled in running metaverse. “Yuan residents” are the pioneers of the universe. They are respected and treated here. Every number and identity is unique. Enjoy privileges and unimpeded passage in it. All activities have the right of priority to speak and participate. In the future, “Yuan residents” will receive more hidden benefits.

Wu Lianyin, general manager of Tebu’s running division, said that 160x metaverse is Tebu’s first digital product and Tebu’s first attempt to enter the virtual field, which also means that Tebu has become the first sporting goods brand to open running metaverse in China.

I haven’t talked much about metaverse’s digital collection. The core reason is that when some brands hype the concept of metaverse and can’t get the ideal harvest, they will start to turn to the digital collection linked by physical products to attract consumers by hyping the virtual digital collection mode. In fact, the construction of this digital collection is essentially a kind of hype, or MLM based on the digital collection model.

Of course, it is undeniable that there has always been a market for collections, and there have always been all kinds of collections. As long as there is an audience, it can be priced in a special way, including antique products. It is nothing more than in the Internet era, when the concept of metaverse is wildly popular today, we borrow the traditional antique collection mode and transplant this mode to the digital virtual collection.

From the perspective of marketing, it is normal for enterprises to launch such digital collections. Not only shoes, but also mineral water and eggs.

More essentially, this supporting digital collection behavior of enterprises is more like the upgrading of previous marketing model. Before the digital collection, some businesses will add some special gifts in order to better sell their products, so that users can collect and collect through continuous purchase, similar to a blind box. In order to comply with the trend of the digital age, it is reasonable for enterprises to change this collection mode to digital collection.

But we should note that at a time when metaverse is just a noun concept, the essence of these digital collections is just a marketing behavior. For consumers, what we really need is real products and real quality, not an empty digital collection. After all, I am still a physical entity, a person with real biological needs, not a digital virtual person.

Therefore, for the digital collections launched by enterprises in the name of metaverse, we need to recognize the essence and be vigilant against the hype of virtual value in the name of metaverse.