Specially released a series of products covering professional and popular lines, and started running metaverse

This article is transferred from: Shanghai Securities News

Shanghai Securities News (reporter Zheng Junting) on March 20, the special step 321 Running Festival, which has been held for seven consecutive years, was held online. The theme of this time is “the taste of cloud breathing running”. Taking advantage of the occasion to gather for a cost-effective gathering day, special step released a series of products covering professional to popular lines on multiple platforms such as tmall live studio: a new generation of Marathon professional running shoes 160×3 0. Shock absorbing spiral 9.0 and wind breaking vest more suitable for daily running. On the eve of the press conference, the special step showed a new way to play: running shoes were equipped with fragrance, and the brand spokesperson went online with the same gift box. The simple stretching teaching and fan Chengcheng punch in plan of teliber brand spokesperson at the press conference have narrowed the distance with young people in a younger language.

Under the inertia that sports brands generally describe competitive spirit and pursue speed, Tebu has found another way to release the brand concept of “running flavor”.

In 2016, the theme of 321 Running Festival was “I’m a real runner”; In 2018, the theme is “run right”.

In this brand marketing, Tebu bypassed the trap of strong output concept and raised questions in official blogs, official wechat and the interaction between spokesmen and fans: “what do you think is the taste of running?”, Activate the atmosphere with a sense of participation. Under the taste # topic of microblog # running, the amount of reading and discussion exceeded 200 million.

Among the new products released by Tebu, shock-absorbing spin 9.0 best meets the daily running needs of the public. In the past five years, soft air, feather ‘and other technologies have been launched as the core of soft air, feather ལ and other technologies, such as soft air, feather’, etc.

Wu Lianyin, general manager of the special step running division, said at the press conference that the 160x was born from 1.0, 2.0 to 3.0, and 1.0 can be called “born in the sky”. It is one of the earliest sports brands of carbon board shoes in China, and has been widely recognized by runners; 2.0 when you go to the high-rise building, your appearance has been greatly improved, which helps professional athletes and elite runners create many good results and is deeply loved.

The market has been paying attention to 160×3 With the progress of 0, we have a lot of expectations for the continuous development of Tebu in the field of racing. There is “the fastest 310 men in the whole marathon” marathoner Tevez, in the 160×3 According to the upper foot evaluation of 0, the first impression is that the light weight continues 160×2 0 advantage, 186g weight is the leader in many carbon board running shoes. However, weight loss and thickening go hand in hand, and the thickness of forefoot, heel height and rolling propulsion carbon plate all increase. Tevez said that compared with the previous generation, the biggest difference is that the softer foot feeling improves comfort and is easier to handle.

According to the latest financial report of Tebu in 2021, the main brand R & D investment was 223 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.19%.

Ding Shuibo, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Tebu group, said at the press conference that 160×1 0 and 2.0 are the running shoes that accompany the most Chinese athletes to win the championship. I hope 3.0 can help Chinese athletes achieve better results.

Liang Feng, founder and CEO of yuepao hoop, said that according to the statistics of the total running times of each pair of running shoes in yuepao hoop shoe library, it was found that among the top 10 domestic brands most popular by runners, 160×1 0、160X2. 0. All 160xpro are on the list, 160×2 0 also won the men’s and women’s rankings respectively.

It is worth noting that 160×3 0 launched 550 pairs at tmall flagship store after the press conference, priced at 999 yuan, compared with 160×2 0 didn’t raise the price. Including 160×3 0 gift box sold out in 10 seconds.

Also released at the press conference was Tebu’s first digital collection “160x metaverse”, which was released and sold 321 copies on the platform of [Bu Xingyun – Tebu’s official digital collection mall], implying that Tebu has held 321 running festivals for seven consecutive years and sold out 70 minutes after its release. The inspiration of 160x as a digital collection is to connect the next frontier and interactive ecology of all people who love running, love life and look forward to the future.

Wu Lianyin, general manager of Tebu’s running division, said that 160x metaverse is Tebu’s first digital product and its first attempt to enter the virtual field. This also means that Tebu has become the first sporting goods brand to open running metaverse in China.