How does metaverse make money?

There have been four leapfrog wealth opportunities in China in the past 40 years. The reform and opening up in 1978, the market-oriented reform in 1992, the Internet tide in 2000 and the digital economy started in 2012. Now the fifth big opportunity is metaverse.

This opportunity, which is about every ten years, has achieved a large number of people every time. We may be at this opportunity point at this time. Around the 1980s, everyone was poor, bold and courageous, and became the first to get rich. After Deng gongnan’s speech in 1992, intellectuals invested in the market economy. They are the mainstream and elite of society. The awakening of market consciousness, the courage to break the iron rice bowl, and the people who went to the sea first made money. With the rise of Internet technology around 2000 and China’s accession to the WTO, relying on capital and Internet economy, people with a sense of globalization and innovation have made money, and China’s Internet has developed rapidly. In 2012, cloud computing was introduced into China, and China officially entered the era of digital economy. 5g, big data, artificial intelligence and so on are reshaping new businesses. Some people who take the lead in breaking through the tradition and changing their ideas to make money. How should we grasp the upcoming metaverse?

It’s like 20 years ago, you didn’t know what the Internet is. Now many people don’t know what metaverse is. You don’t need to know too many professional terms to understand it. Now our Internet world is actually a low-level version of metaverse. We shop, make friends, trade and so on online. With the upgrading of network technology architecture, we can do more and have a stronger sense of scene. For example, if you want to eat delicious food at home, you can sit at home with eight friends, but you can’t eat it quickly. If you have metaverse, you can wear VR glasses, call your friends, pick a special restaurant on a virtual street, sit down and chat while eating. In fact, you are still in your own homes. There are many similar scenes. You can boldly imagine that wearing glasses, you can enter a virtual world, do almost everything in your real world, and even have a special virtual currency, You can work, make money, trade and so on. Once the connection between virtual and reality is opened, civilization and rules will be re established. Metaverse is not a concept hype, nor does it appear out of thin air. We can embrace it only if we really understand it. When we look back at every major opportunity in the past 40 years, we find that we are in the midst of change and opportunity. Why not be the prophet duck with warm spring river?

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