Metaverse job market survey: a vast world and a mixture of good and bad people

Under the dual advantages of policy and market, the opportunities for metaverse talents have emerged, but the question facing many followers and job seekers is: how to participate in this industry? What industries or fields should we engage in to truly seize the opportunity?

  1. The recruitment market is mixed

After all, nowadays, the phenomenon of rubbing the concept is everywhere, and the recruitment positions of enterprises about metaverse are also mixed. Some are really related to metaverse, and some are just rubbing the concept. Job seekers should polish their eyes, and once they choose the wrong one, they may ruin their career.

Since 2021, known as the “first year of metaverse”, the concept of metaverse has filled everyone’s ears, not only the capital market, but also enterprises in various industries.

For example, sports brands, beauty brands, automobile manufacturers, and even some tea and luxury brands have also won the title of metaverse.

According to the enterprise survey data, the number of metaverse related enterprises has increased to 1271, and the number of registered trademarks is up to 27708.

Nowadays, metaverse related enterprises and industries are very rampant, which is mixed for job seekers.

The advantage is that there are many relevant positions to choose from, while the disadvantage is that many of them are confused and easy to mislead job seekers, which requires us to distinguish.

  2. “Metaverse”≠Metaverse

So in the end which industries and enterprises, or what kind of positions deserve the attention and choice of job seekers?

The most important point is: don’t be confused by metaverse!

It should be clear that it is not the position with the word “metaverse” in the recruitment information that is related to metaverse. At the same time, it is not that the absence of these three words in the position means that it is not related to metaverse.

Example 1: Senior virtual human Algorithm Engineer

Job responsibilities: 1. Study the reconstruction of 3D face / human body / hair / clothing, the synthesis and migration of expression / action; 2。 Explore the application of AI technology in virtual digital human, including voice lip synchronization, expression generation, action generation, expression recognition and synthesis, etc. 3。 Research on multimodal analysis, representation, synthesis, understanding and generation.

Although there is no mention of metaverse in this position, this position involves metaverse’s core technologies such as AI and 3D. It is a genuine metaverse related position.

Example 2: metaverse Designer

Job description: 1. Understand metaverse; 2。 Master metaverse rule design ability; 3。 Financial and art background is preferred.

Although the post is written with the words metaverse, the job description is very vague, and even the company introduction is not clear. The value of such a post needs to be seriously measured by job seekers.

  3. Real metaverse industry

Without being confused by the word metaverse, we also need to clarify what industries are involved in the field of metaverse?

Technically, metaverse industry can be divided into seven levels:

1. Experience layer: This is the level that users can directly contact, such as games, social networking, sports, movies, shopping, etc;

2. Discovery layer: it is the way for users to obtain experience, such as advertising network, exhibition planning, stores, agents, etc;

3. The creator’s economic layer: it helps the creator produce content and convert the results into income, including design tools, asset market, workflow, commercial trade, etc;

4. Spatial computing layer: this layer is used to obtain and construct spatial information. Unlike previous 2D experiences, metaverse requires a lot of spatial construction, including 3D engine, VR / Ar / XR, multitasking interface, geospatial mapping, etc;

5. Decentralization layer: for more efficient and stable operation of metaverse, decentralization protocol contract has become an important choice. The fields involved include edge computing, AI agent, micro service, blockchain, etc;

6. Human computer interaction layer: in order to achieve better interaction between users and metaverse, many hardware and technology improvements are needed, including portable smart glasses, wearable devices, gesture interaction, voice control interaction, interactive neural network, etc;

7. Infrastructure layer: it mainly includes the most basic fields such as computing power and network facilities, such as 5g, WiFi 6, 6G, cloud computing, 7mm / 14mm technology, MEMS, graphics processing, basic materials, etc.

In these many industries, whether it is hardware, software, services, applications, etc., all large and small enterprises have also participated in them to varying degrees. For job seekers, they need to know the representative enterprises of each sector, which can be given priority in selection.

For those enterprises that have no substantive technology or industrial investment, job seekers should consider carefully.

Of course, at present, the game industry is most closely related to metaverse, which need not be explained too much. In addition, large-scale press conferences, meetings, advertising, marketing, education and training, industry, etc. are also expected to quickly integrate with metaverse technology in the future, with broad prospects.

For example, in the industrial field, metaverse related technologies, digital twins, XR, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. can effectively promote the transformation of industry from automation to digitization and even intelligence.

Enterprises can create a digital model of production line for simulation, improve the efficiency of industrial design and the business ability of employees, and find various problems affecting production as soon as possible.

In short, metaverse can achieve optimization in industrial design, production, circulation and other links, and greatly improve efficiency. So as to create greater economic and social value, let metaverse get rid of the virtual to the real, and truly empower the real economy.

  4. Our point of view

Only by choosing the right industry, enterprise and post can job seekers have a good development prospect. Metaverse provides a good choice for many talents.

There were a large number of metaverse related proposals in the two sessions. Recently, Beijing Tongzhou District government also issued several measures on accelerating the innovation and leading development of metaverse in Beijing Urban sub center, which proposed that Beijing Urban sub center will build a number of metaverse demonstration application projects, support the construction of a number of metaverse application scenarios, rely on Tongzhou Industrial guidance fund and combine other social capital in the form of “master Fund + direct investment”, Build a fund covering metaverse industry.

There are various signs that metaverse talents have a broad world, but their connotation is very rich. Those who look forward to joining should recognize their essence, not be misled by the concept, and avoid stepping on the pit in the job market.

Sina VR has long been concerned about the development of metaverse industry, and provides a series of talent support plans. It has a large number of enterprises, universities and industry resources, and cooperates with educational institutions to carry out many practical training courses. We look forward to your participation in learning and cooperation!

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