What is metaverse? Metaverse’s new business model and investment opportunities

What is this metaverse? Facebook, which has a market value of trillion yuan, changed its name and spent 9 billion yuan to buy a hardware VR company. It’s because this company is a little different from the concept of metaverse. Why do these two giants want Amway metaverse as the new track? What’s the business logic behind it? What are the wealth opportunities of metaverse for ordinary people?

Metaverse is essentially a virtual world, a virtual three-dimensional space constructed by human beings. As early as 1992, a science fiction writer in the United States first put forward the concept of metaverse in his own novel. He said that people’s future life will be virtual. People will live a normal life in a virtual three-dimensional space, where they can read, entertain, shop, socialize, fall in love, and even get married and have children. But the biggest difference between this virtual three-dimensional space and the real world is that you can choose the role you want to play according to your preferences. For example, in the real world, you may be just a weak scholar, but in this virtual metaverse world, you can play a great hero of chivalry and justice. Maybe in the real world, you are just a 9-to-5 office worker, But in this virtual three-dimensional space, you can boldly try the life of a local tyrant who became rich overnight. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with your real life, or you are tired of those roles given to you in real life, or you have great dreams to realize, you can boldly try and explore in this virtual three-dimensional space.

Among the three major Internet companies, Baidu has the highest market value, but when the Internet entered the mobile terminal from the PC terminal, baidu directly evaporated hundreds of billions of market value, because Baidu’s layout of the mobile Internet is too late. Alipay used eight years to build a moat to pay for it, and WeChat under the Tencent paid eight days in the Spring Festival to win the red envelope with WeChat. Directly disintegrating half of the country of Alipay, so the new giants are afraid to miss and cannot miss them.

Well, many people say, isn’t metaverse a game for big guys? What does it have to do with us? In fact, if you understand the history of the development of the Internet, you will know that the Internet world we are in today is a flat Internet world, and metaverse is a three-dimensional internet virtual space. In this new track, all enterprises will start again, and the layout of the big guys is only to complete the ecological architecture. In this huge ecology, all hardware production, software production, content services Application scenarios, social scenes, shopping scenes and financial payment scenes will be supported by large and small companies. Even if you only teach people how to fight strange and upgrade and how to get rich in this three-dimensional virtual space, you may make a considerable income.

Most people of metaverse have two understandings. The first one is that metaverse may be a new growth point redesigned by these internet giants in the face of such an involute real world, or they think that metaverse is still a long way from your entrepreneurship, and it still has a long way to go. However, I want to remind you that the wealth of all ordinary people has little to do with the efforts of ordinary people. It is only the result of opportunity iteration after opportunity driven by the trend. Behind any wealth story, it is the result of the dividend of the times. Then China’s wealth story will step into the capital market from the real estate market, and what the capital market always needs is new stories, new concepts and new tracks.

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