Traditional culture forward metaverse backward

This group of young people may be the group who have been cue to the most. Different from the clear age division of the post-80s and post-90s, the beauty of “this young people” is that they can be classified as such as long as they feel young. Therefore, the portraits of this group are also very diverse. For example, they like pets, live in the second dimension, pursue traditional culture, and plan to make money in metaverse

However, this is not nonsense. The above are supported by survey data. Especially the latter two: for example, in 2021, the number of fans of Guofeng at a certain station exceeded 177 million, and the population aged 18-30 accounted for about 70%; About metaverse, a survey shows that 93% of respondents hope to make money in metaverse that can be used in real life.

Young people have traditional culture and metaverse on the one hand. Traditional culture moves forward and metaverse moves backward. They are unified into the “young people of this generation”, which is not contrary to it.

There are two reasons: first, valuable traditional culture is oriented to the future and will be inherited and innovated in different times; Second, the biggest commonality of young people is that they have no commonality. Liking a does not mean opposing B. A and B may collide with C on them. Maybe one day, they can rebuild the Tang, song, yuan and Ming Dynasties in metaverse.

Facing the tradition of the future, the Forbidden City has a say in this. The 600 year old forbidden city is becoming more and more youthful, which seems to be the “top stream” password. Shan Jixiang, the former president of the National Palace Museum, who calls himself “Lao Shan”, walked out of the palace gate to the broader land of China, or the pair of cloth shoes, walking in China’s World Heritage site. This time, Shan Jixiang brought a “Wanli Youth League”. He said that on the one hand, in the face of the long-standing, broad and profound Chinese civilization, he has the awe of “we are all teenagers”; On the other hand, encouraging young people to express their views on world heritage from their own perspective also brings more possibilities for the topic dissemination of world heritage culture. In fact, the field of world heritage has always paid attention to young groups. Since 1995, each world heritage conference has held a world heritage Youth Forum at the same time, focusing on the attention and thinking of young people. The world heritage education projects, volunteer projects and various awards for the world also regard young people as one of the main target groups.

How to face the future of thousands of years of world heritage? First, the beauty of the world heritage goes beyond time. Following Shan Jixiang’s footsteps, we saw the “recovery show of Chinese clothes in the Five Dynasties” in Luoyang, the “porcelain universe Exhibition” in Jingdezhen, and the “domino Grand Canal” in Yangzhou; Second, the way to open the world heritage can be very fashionable. We have a forest symphony concert in Wuyi Mountain, a poetry conference in Lushan, and a UAV performance in Yin Ruins in Anyang; Third, integrating the world heritage into real life, the past history is ethereal after all. Walking into the market where the world heritage is located and experiencing the lifestyle in the world heritage, the tradition of the ancients is also our today. How can we make the cultural innovation of the Forbidden City worth 1 billion yuan a year? The source must be the extensive and profound forbidden city culture. Without in-depth research on this, the product will lose its living water and soul.

“Metaverse national tide” and “metaverse cultural tourism”, it seems that “new + old” can play the function of “1 + 1 > 2”. Although I can’t understand it, I’m shocked. Perhaps, metaverse is on the eve of the real big bang. In case one day, it will blow up an earth shaking and dazzling new world. But don’t forget that the reconstruction of the universe comes from the singularity, a potential energy that forms all the matter in the universe. And this potential energy, projected to the traditional culture, is the reason why it continues to have its value. Therefore, the traditional culture that can be spread to this day is a high-quality culture with interpretation ability at the beginning of its birth. Otherwise, after the excitement, they can’t escape the great influence of time and people.

If one day, metaverse really rebuilt the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the Tang and Song dynasties are just a proxy, what we yearn for is the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty and the elegance of the Song Dynasty. Without this foundation, just moving up the historical chronology will be dull and even a waste of public space. The four directions from top to bottom are called the universe, which has been called the universe since ancient times. Traditional culture must face the future. Metaverse might as well look back. After all, regardless of culture or the universe, the creators are people, especially the young people of every era.

Jiang Xiaobin