Metaverse subverts retailers’ channel strategy

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According to a new report from Accenture, the rise of the meta world will bring an additional layer of complexity to retailers.

Accenture Technology Vision 2022 report found that retailers must combine their physical footprint with their online operations and virtual reality stores to pay for physical and virtual real estate.

Their customers may want to navigate between these worlds at any given moment and will prefer brands that allow them to do so.

But for retailers, this means managing more and more complex operations. The system supports the avatars of many brands, multiple payment methods, and even the inventory of NFT products.

According to the report, 93% of Australian executives said that Yuanjie would have a positive impact on their organization, and 63% thought it would be breakthrough or transformative.

In fact, 81% of Australian executives agree that leading organizations will break through the boundaries of the virtual world and make it more real, thus increasing the demand for persistence and seamless navigation between the digital world and the physical world.

However, 74% of Australian consumers have never heard of metaverse or heard of the word but do not know its meaning (compared with 65% of the global audience), and only 29% of Australian consumers said they would find out whether retailers should build for this new future in terms of the personal value of using augmented reality (AR) today or in the future and in the future (compared with 56% of global consumers)?

The company’s vision for 2022 identifies four major trends to address:

WebME: put me into metaverse and Web3 to reshape the Internet.

Programmable world: our planet, with the development of emerging technologies such as 5g, environmental computing, augmented reality and intelligent materials, the digital environment will be more and more integrated into our physical world.

Unreal: creating synthetic and real business and environment is increasingly supported by data generated by artificial intelligence, which convincingly reflects the physical world.

Computing impossible: the emergence of new machines enables organizations in all walks of life to expand the boundaries of problems that computers can solve.

Other data in the report include:

While 3% of Australian executives said the pandemic continued to disrupt their organization’s business plans and operations, another 97% said their organization had adapted to the destruction of the pandemic and found a new normal.

98% of executives agree that emerging technologies enable their organizations to have a broader and more ambitious vision.

95% of executives believe that the future digital platform needs to provide a unified experience and realize the interoperability of customer data across different platforms and spaces.

67% of executives agree that AR will subvert their industry in the next three years.

72% of executives believe that programming the physical environment will become a competitive advantage in their industry.

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