Metaverse’s new business model and investment opportunities

Metaverse may bring us an opportunity to make money by playing games in the future, but what should we do if we don’t want to spend time making such hard money and want to take advantage of the development of this industry? You know, metaverse is definitely not just a technology, but a new real world, parallel ecosystem. As the authoritative information platform of metaverse industry, “metaverse business information” has sorted out four major developments in this new system.

The first gateway of metaverse – head display device, which can help us connect into the world of metaverse. The main reason for the slow development of metaverse is the head imaging element base. After wearing the head display, everyone is dizzy and the user experience is not good. With the improvement of user experience, now the shipment volume of VR head display has exceeded 5 million units. Zuckerberg believes that 10 million units is a critical point, Through this number, metaverse will spread rapidly, and according to IDC’s expectation, this critical point will come next year.

The second invitation letter of metaverse refers to the game content and playing method. After we have established the portal, only high-quality content will be used as the invitation letter to attract everyone.

The third chip and algorithm, hardware determines the starting point of metaverse, and software determines the upper limit of metaverse. In the future, to support the operation of metaverse, it needs a lot of algorithm power, and the data needs a powerful chip as support.

The fourth is metaverse’s real estate. Last but not least, it is used to store data. We can also understand it as a computer room. It is the basis and focus of metaverse’s existence. Once metaverse is popularized, a large amount of data will be generated. Based on the uniqueness of metaverse numbers, the use of distributed storage, such as IPFs, can effectively ensure the security and stability of the design. At present, the number of storage servers is far from enough. According to the statistics of IPFs global data center, it is expected that by 2025, China’s storage servers need to be increased by 11 million.

Metaverse, like the Internet 20 years ago, the smartphone 10 years ago and the short video five years ago, will become a technological innovation of the times. The vast majority of people still maintain a wait-and-see attitude in the face of new technologies and stick to the bottom of the pyramid. However, at present, a small number of business giants have smelled the new business opportunities and began to enter this new technology field in advance. We can see that the byte beat has smashed billions into metaverse. Apple began to test VR chips, and Facebook announced that it will become metaverse.

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