Gongdao · special topic “metaverse” recruitment, blind box posts… What do you think of these “new ways” of recruitment?

“Three to four” peak job season

Some new concepts and gimmicks in recruitment

Attracted a lot of attention

“Metaverse” post extends an olive branch

“Blind box post” is vacant

“Cloud” Recruitment “looks beautiful”


“New playing methods” in spring moves

Many job seekers are confused

“I don’t know what to do”

Is “metaverse” recruitment reliable?

2021 is known as the “first year of metaverse”. The recruitment named “metaverse” is quite popular, and many posts offer high salaries. The reporter found that from the infrastructure fields such as VR / AR, blockchain and Internet of things to the content ecological fields such as 3D modeling, technical art and virtual design, all kinds of enterprises give a large number of subdivided posts and offer olive branches to talents with “meta skills”, with an annual salary of up to one million yuan.

招聘网站截图 screenshot of recruitment website

In the face of the influx of job invitations, Zhang Feng, who didn’t plan to change jobs, was a little excited. “Looking for my position, there are concept original paintings and 3D character designers, which are familiar directions, and the salary increase is about 30%.”

But after carefully studying and communicating with the headhunter, Zhang Feng felt worried and confused: “the job description is no different from the conventional game projects. The templates used are almost the same, but it is covered with the shell of ‘metaverse’. The prospect of the project described by the headhunter is very tempting, but it is unclear what to do when I go in.”

Xiaobian comments

The demand description of some “metaverse” posts is vague. Some enterprises “rub the heat” with high salary as a gimmick, and the gimmick of posts is greater than the essence. The development of “metaverse” is still in its early stage, and the real demand for talents has not yet experienced explosive growth. When choosing a job, workers should not only seize the opportunity, but also make careful judgment, and should not blindly change the runway just because of the popularity of “metaverse”. In addition to considering salary, we should pay more attention to whether the post portrait is clear, whether the enterprise has done relevant projects and performance. For companies that have passed the market test, the project “viability” will be higher.

“Blind box post” online

Looking for a job depends on luck?

At the moment when “everything can be a blind box”, some companies have launched “blind box posts” on the recruitment website. It is claimed that this position is created for job seekers who want to join the company but do not know what position they are suitable for. The company will help job seekers choose suitable positions, explore potential unopened opportunities for job seekers, and provide “global vision” and “multiple resurrection”.

According to media reports, a person in charge of the company said that after the release of the “blind box post”, the number of page views of the recruitment page and the number of resumes sent by job seekers have doubled or so. After receiving the resume of the applicant, the company will match the position according to the other party’s education, major and experience. At present, people have been successfully employed.

招聘网站截图 screenshot of recruitment website

Xiaobian comments

First of all, the “blind box Recruitment” is suspected to be illegal. China’s labor contract law stipulates that when employing workers, the employer shall truthfully inform the workers of the work content, working conditions, working place, occupational hazards, production safety, labor remuneration, and other information required by the workers.

Secondly, the risk of “blind box Recruitment” is not small. According to the analysis of senior HR experts, there are three possibilities for some companies to launch “blind box posts”:

First, this kind of post is equivalent to Guan Peisheng, who will fix the post after job rotation. He just changes his name to attract job seekers;

Second, it is to recruit salespeople and other positions that are difficult to recruit, rubbing the “blind box” hot spots and gimmicks;

Third, it is not ruled out that some “swindler companies” deceive job seekers into being legal representatives, and let them be “scapegoats” in case of problems.

We should be cautious when looking for a job. Job seekers should avoid blind pursuit.

“Cloud Recruitment” becomes “cloud trap”

“Easily earn more than 10000 yuan a month” after paying the fee?

“Spring recruit warming network prophet”. “Cloud Recruitment” has won the favor of job seekers and recruiters by virtue of its advantages of collecting information, accurate positioning and personalized recommendation.

Recently, some media reporters combed more than 300 judgment documents related to the recruitment business of a website and found that they recorded in detail the experience of more than 5300 people who were cheated in job hunting, with a total amount of more than 72 million yuan. This group of data attracted public attention, and the review of recruitment websites also caused public thinking.

The recruiter will provide false recruitment information and write a “bad check” to make the candidate happy; The most important thing is to trick candidates into paying for training in the name of recruitment, claiming that “they earn more than 10000 yuan a month easily”. After paying, they don’t settle down, leaving candidates “empty of talents”. What’s more, MLM companies put on a legal “coat” and put the expectant job seekers into the MLM trap, which is difficult step by step.

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