Sina highlights Shanxi Taiyuan anti fraud center emergency warning: beware of falling into the trap behind “metaverse”

As if overnight, “everything can be metaverse”. “Metaverse” (metaverse), a strange concept wrapped in incomprehensible and unclear technologies and terms, once became a hot word in the field of science and technology and investment. Many well-known institutions competed to layout this popular track, followed by the rapid rise of “metaverse” company.

What exactly is “metaverse”? Where does this concept come from? These questions may not have clear answers, but these “fresh” concepts let criminals rub hot spots and exploit loopholes again. On March 15, Taiyuan anti fraud center in Shanxi Province issued an emergency warning to remind the masses: don’t be fooled by “metaverse” you don’t understand!

It is understood that on February 18 this year, the inter ministerial Joint Conference Office for the disposal of illegal fund-raising issued the “tips on preventing the risk of illegal fund-raising in the name of” metaverse “, which pointed out that recently, some criminals rubbed hot spots and absorbed funds under the names of” metaverse investment project “and” metaverse chain Tour “, which were suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities.

Ji Zhe, a policeman of Taiyuan anti fraud center, told reporters: “criminals under the banner of ‘metaverse’ are more attractive and deceptive, and participants are very vulnerable to property losses.”

Let the reporter take you to understand the traps behind “metaverse”.

Trap 1: fabricate false “metaverse” investment projects

Some criminals stir up the concepts of game production, artificial intelligence and virtual reality related to “metaverse”, fabricate high-tech investment projects with many packaging names, publicly and falsely publicize high returns, take the opportunity to absorb public funds, and are characterized by illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal acts.

Trap 2: fraud under the banner of “metaverse” blockchain game

Some criminals tied the concept of “metaverse” and claimed that “making money while playing games” and “short investment cycle and high income”, luring participants to invest by exchanging virtual currencies and buying game equipment. This kind of game has strong confusion, and there are risks such as running with money.

Trap 3: maliciously hype “metaverse” real estate for money

Some criminals use the “metaverse” hot spot concept to exaggerate the expectation of rising prices of virtual real estate, artificially create the illusion of rush buying, and lure them into the market to hoard sales.

Trap 4: engaging in illegal profit making of “metaverse” virtual currency in disguise

Some criminals claim that the virtual currency issued is the “metaverse currency” in the future to induce the public to buy investment. Such “virtual currency” is often the spontaneous air currency of criminals, which makes illegal profits mainly through behind the scenes means such as manipulating prices and setting cash withdrawal thresholds.

Therefore, Taiyuan anti fraud center reminds everyone that under the background of the “metaverse” boom, it is more necessary to enhance their own risk prevention awareness and identification ability, understand a variety of illegal fund-raising means, and beware of being cheated. If you find clues about suspected crimes, please actively report to the local relevant departments to jointly maintain a harmonious and good social and financial order.

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