What is metaverse? Metaverse concept

Metaverse is an initial universe, a brand-new universe, but it creates a brand-new world relying on digital and analog interactive technology. Look at the world we live in now. It is a physical world. Because it is limited by the body, the world we perceive is actually very limited. For example, your eyes can only see moving light, and your ears can only hear a very limited part of the frequency. You are so tall and your hands are so long, so you can only move within a certain range. Your friends, neighbors, your life circle and your interpersonal relationships are fixed and change very slowly, so your thinking and behavior are rigid and solidified for a long time.

Metaverse can help you get rid of these constraints, break through these limitations, and reach a world beyond reality, or even a wild world. Therefore, for many people, it is to be reborn and be a new man.

First of all, metaverse allows you to break through the limitation of space. For places you can’t go due to various conditions, you can get there at once, such as the Colorado Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, pyramids, the Louvre and the Taj Mahal. We don’t fly or play blinking. We can also see the scenery all the way. You can fly as you want, and you can fly like a bird, You can also fly like a missile. Just be happy. This is crossing space.

Metaverse can also span time. For example, when you go to metaverse, everything can be recorded. After a month, you can come back and have a look at what you have done and where you have been. Recall, and you see yourself from the perspective of God. Of course, you can’t influence him. You can only enjoy it silently, but even so, he is not comparable to the original photo or video, Isn’t this amazing? Many people say that they can predict the future. This thing has no meaning in the virtual world. But you can use a way to predict what will happen in the future. For example, today’s decoration has to be simulated, and you have to imagine when looking at the effect drawing. It’s not necessary in metaverse. Everything is laid for you, just like the real thing. You can’t experience it first, and pay when you’re comfortable. What you see is what you get. It’s absolutely true. Of course, the decoration may not be so important at that time.

Metaverse can learn from each other and realize your dreams. For example, it doesn’t matter what defects and weaknesses you have in the real world. Everything can be completed for you. As long as your consciousness and your soul have a sense of speed and rhythm, you can create beauty and pleasure, and the body will no longer be your bottleneck. You are good at basketball, badminton and table tennis, At that time, what you play is the speed and rhythm of consciousness. As long as you have emotion and your soul has quality, you will find a way to express yourself.

In metaverse, you can design your own IP at will, not necessarily a person. You may be an animal, a cute pet, a divine beast, or even a light, but you need to determine a long-term and stable image, and then everyone will identify you through your IP. No one cares what you look like in reality. The key is to see what you bring to everyone, knowledge and joy, as long as your output is valuable Influence, people pay attention, you have traffic.

Others may have two perspectives in metaverse. One is outside the mountain and the other is in the mountain. For example, now playing games, many people play the Three Kingdoms strategy game to control the chess pieces and the small soldiers. In metaverse, you can become the chess piece and the soldier. You can really wear armor, go to the battlefield and experience it yourself. Of course, you can also change to the perspective of God when you are tired of playing, The two perspectives can be switched at will. Metaverse may take up a lot of your time at this time. A person’s time of day is limited. You have little time left except for eating, sleeping, rest and work. You may usually play with your mobile phone. At this time, you play metaverse at home. So in reality, many industries may be hit, because no one is active in reality. Those things that disturb themselves and bring perception to others are meaningless, but these manufacturers will appear in metaverse in a new way. He may still provide those things that give people perception, and continue to provide these business activities in metaverse.

In short, metaverse is a utopian utopia that gets rid of the material world and is in a new spiritual world. It is a highly refined world. It is ideal, comfortable, ethical and orderly.

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