Pentium b70s, the first sedan SUV in Sina automobile metaverse, was officially launched

As we all know, now in automotive products, models with “s” are generally not easy to provoke. After all, this letter either represents luxury or reflects sports. This time, FAW Pentium also brought a model of “s” – Pentium b70s (configuration | inquiry).

On the evening of March 18, FAW Pentium released the new crossover model Pentium b70s in metaverse. The new car can be divided into two versions of 1.5T and 2.0T according to different power, and the price range is 109900-142900 yuan.

As a sedan style SUV, Pentium b70s tends to be young and sporty in design. The whole body is full of Pentium’s understanding of personality. The front design can be divided into upper and lower parts. The through grille in the upper part surrounds the Pentium brand logo and extends to both sides to connect with the headlights. The trapezoidal grille in the lower part contains twill elements. The whole front of the car adopts a large area of blackened color matching, which is a common practice of car enterprises to emphasize the sports atmosphere.

The most moving part of the car is the side of the car body. The overall vision of the front part is very long and low. The shape of the cabin is very smooth. The rising lines from the rear window and the chrome plated trim strip on the roof converge at the back of the sliding car, which is flexible and natural. According to the body size data, the length, width and height of Pentium b70s are 4555mm / 1850mm / 1515mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm, which is equivalent to that of models at the same level. The relatively compact body and the car shape give the new car a rare sense of fashion at this level.

There are also many interesting designs in the rear part of the car. The tail lamp shape without main lamp design is very unique. The through tail lamp and “Pentium” Chinese character shape inspired by “Great Wall arrow stack” make Chinese traditional culture gallop with Pentium b70s. In addition, the shape of the roof spoiler extends the length of the whole vehicle body, making the vehicle more coordinated.

The exterior design is exciting enough that the excitement of coming to the cabin will not be suppressed. Pentium b70s interior has a sense of science and technology. The dual screen, through style air conditioning outlet, scientific and technological air conditioning area and chic bumper shape all make the whole cabin atmosphere young.

In the configuration part, Pentium b70s is equipped with Pentium d-life # 5.2 AI intelligent ecosystem, which provides practical functions such as telephone, navigation, audio-visual entertainment and voice assistant. At the level of intelligent driving, the new car is equipped with L2 level intelligent driving assistance system, including ACC adaptive cruise, lane keeping assistance, front collision warning and many other functions.

The maximum power provided by the new car is 1240 kW · t · m and the maximum power of 3400 n · m, respectively. Matched with the engine are 6-speed manual, 7-speed wet double clutch and 6-speed manual automatic transmission (2.0T model).

The launch of a new car in metaverse is FAW Pentium’s understanding of youth and personality, which penetrates into the product level. It is not surprising that b70s, a crossover model with full personality, was born. It is more important for consumers to buy a small steel gun with 2.0T + 6at power combination and outstanding appearance at the lowest price of 126900 yuan.