Sina auto sells 109900 cars, FAW Pentium b70s joins hands with Baidu to launch the first true metaverse press conference

On March 18, the launch conference of Pentium b70s (configuration | inquiry) of “China Pentium · Yanchubixing” was shocked and opened. As the first independent sedan SUV of FAW in China and the first heavy-duty new car under Pentium’s “518” brand-new strategy, Pentium b70s is positioned in the new Guochao sedan SUV, with 9 single and dual car colors, 2 power and 7 models, bringing personalized and rich appearance, power and configuration combinations to young users. The official selling price of the whole series of products is only 109900-142900 yuan, of which the pricing of 2.0T products creates a new low of SUV with the same displacement, and the superposition of seven super “preferential” policies makes this trendy item that young people can’t miss more accessible.

Different from the previous online press conferences of various automobile brands, FAW Pentium subverts the traditional form, cooperates with Baidu, a technology giant, and creatively creates the first automobile product press conference in xirang metaverse world with xirang app as the carrier, becoming the first batch of automobile brands settled in xirang metaverse virtual scene, creating an immersive audio-visual feast with vivid immersive interactive experience.

S new experience is designed for the integrator from generation Z

The arrival of Pentium b70s is a high-energy expression of Pentium brand, guided by breaking user expectations and based on design, linking new era, Z generation and a better future of Pentium. Preference for domestic products, loyalty to beauty, positivity and the fruits of words and deeds are the “standard human design” of generation Z. in this regard, Pentium b70s takes “beauty · must do” as the communication bridge and resonates with the emotional demands of generation Z at the same frequency.

In order to reach the self-confident generation Z in a deeper level, the name of Pentium b70s breaks the traditional cognition of S = sport and constructs its own unique cognitive system. For users, “s” is self expression, which shows a positive attitude towards life and a personalized style of life through “self-expression”; The red “s” symbolizes the awakening of Guochao culture, and also represents the self-confidence “cultural confidence” of Pentium and Z generation consumers for domestic products. For products, “s” has built a selection system of product power. Selection: sex represents sexy new Chinese fashion design, speed represents carefree Chinese speed, and sagacity represents humanized technology enjoyment.

With the heart as the eye and the body as the heart, Pentium brand creates a trendy piece with high appearance and high value, such as b70s, on the basis of in-depth insight into the needs of users, integrating FAW Group’s more than 60 years of car manufacturing heritage and leading technology, inheriting the cutting-edge design under the design concept of “light and shadow philosophy”, using the power of FAW golden engine and the posture of “master” of Pentium brand.

Dark horse physique Pentium b70s lowers the threshold of sedan SUV

Since the Guangzhou auto show, with the new Chinese trend design, Pentium b70s has convinced the majority of netizens with its high appearance value that breaks through the brand expectation; The subsequent off-line pre-sale will bring users a new experience of time-saving, labor-saving and worry-saving car purchase with surprise, good price and super preferential policies; The test drive not long ago, in the form of script killing loved by young people, is good-looking, fun and easy to open, which has won the unanimous recognition of the media and users. In April, Pentium b70s broke the SUV market with the potential of dark horse and won the favor of users.

Today, the Pentium b70s officially arrived. The price of 1.5T inspired player version is only 109900 yuan. The starting price of super value lowers the entry threshold of sedan SUV models, so that more users can enjoy the fun brought by sedan SUV; At the price of 126900 yuan, the 2.0T hot blooded Knight model has become the only 2.0T sedan SUV that has reached the level of 120000 yuan in the current automobile market. It has achieved “a sedan SUV that can’t be bought wrong with a closed eye” with ultra-high cost performance.

(Wang Shengli, deputy party secretary, deputy general manager and general manager and party secretary of sales branch of FAW Pentium Car Co., Ltd.)

In addition to the sincerity in price, Wang Shengli, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy general manager and general manager and party secretary of the sales branch of FAW Pentium Car Co., Ltd., also brought you a “new experience of Z generation car purchase” on the spot ­—— Continuing the online sales mode since the pre-sale of b70s, users can enjoy the vehicle delivery of 4S store by placing an order online through Pentium yomi app. At the same time, they can still enjoy the seven super “benefits” policies by paying an online deposit of 1000 yuan. The most exciting thing is that users can enjoy power or configure more than one level (some models can be realized) as long as they pay an additional 1999 yuan “super super upgrade fund” on the basis of the existing car purchase amount. In addition, there are a series of super “preferential” policies, such as 30% down payment, 3-year zero interest rate, financial discount of up to 10000 yuan, replacement subsidy of up to 10000 yuan, and 240g free traffic every year for five years, so as to ensure that the whole process of car replacement, car purchase, car use and car maintenance is more worry-free, reassuring and reassuring.

Trendsetter piece Pentium b70s shows the travel atmosphere of young people

A sedan SUV designed for young users needs to be “targeted” according to the needs of users. As Qin Guangyi, chief product manager of Pentium b70s, said, “good products begin with users, stand on value and last longer than experience.” Based on this, the Pentium b70s combines the high trafficability and safety of traditional SUV, the streamlined fashion appearance and handling of coupe, and integrates “sports car + SUV + car” to create the multi-functional cross-border attribute of “one car, three uses” and create more possibilities for users to travel.

(Qin Guangyi, chief product manager of Pentium b70s)

Young users love Guochao culture and advocate “beauty is justice”. Pentium b70s interprets the personality fashion of sports car and the muscle sense of SUV appropriately with high tension vehicle modeling and leapfrog golden ratio through “super pull style trend design”; Through the inheritance and empowerment of Chinese culture, create a “Great Wall arrow stack” rear tail lamp with ultra-high recognition, superimpose the spoiler effect of double tail wings, and make a quick circle with “the strongest back kill”; As many as 9 young users can choose a single color and pursue a double color.

Aiming at the “trendy human design” of generation Z at the forefront of science and technology, Pentium b70s fully meets the multiple needs of “Internet aborigines” with “super playable technology enjoyment”. It not only has the full scene ecological service of d-life 5.2 AI intelligent system, but also has L2 intelligent driving system to assist travel, as well as intimate functions such as digital key, electric tailgate and 360 ° panoramic image, so as to fully help 0 afford travel.

Aiming at the pursuit of speed and passion, Pentium b70s adopts 13 automatic modes with Zhiqing power 2.0T + 6at golden power combination and exclusive adjustment. While taking into account fuel economy, it brings users “super driving experience” and realizes free gallop in all road conditions. Under the FMA chassis platform of “light, stable, smooth and pleasant”, Pentium b70s focuses on the handling and sportiness. Through the optimization of tire structure, spring stiffness and other aspects, it further improves the handling stability, has been widely recognized by the market, and has won the reputation of “Chinese sports master who is the same in appearance and inside”.

Enabled by the “super reassuring platform architecture” infinite equation FMA, the “Double E” ring body of Pentium b70s integrates 8 safety equipment and 23 active safety technologies, and is equipped with FAW’s latest feea2 0 electronic and electrical architecture and NVH level comparable to joint venture class B vehicles greatly improve the advantages of safety, intelligent networking and driving experience.

Can the “four super” product power of Pentium b70s really impress consumers? The virtual image yomi of Pentium intelligent AI helped us find the answer. At the press conference, yomi, as the host, interviewed the first purchase user. As a typical representative of generation Z, the user took appearance as the first choice, power as the guarantee, configuration as the sub item, and “ultra-high cost performance” as the decision-making point. Finally, the Pentium b70s was included in the bag.

(first purchase user of Pentium b70s)

Fully younger Pentium b70s and generation Z stride into a new dimension together

In order to get closer to the Z generation who is willing to taste fresh food and pursue the new dimensional culture, FAW Pentium is riding the wind at the moment of the outbreak of “metaverse”, creating a deeply immersive metaverse style launch conference for Pentium b70s, deeply interacting with Z generation users in a different dimensional world, sharing future technology, meeting their social needs and increasing the attention of the “circle of friends”.

(Pentium building)

In xirang app, any user can shape his personal role and enter the metaverse venue to enjoy the 360 ° landscape conference. In addition, the Pentium b70s has restored the real vehicle with a simulation ratio of 1:1, and users can conduct a virtual test drive here. At the same time, Pentium building has officially “settled” in the dimensional world. Users can go to Pentium digital exhibition hall to learn more brand and product information. Opening “my brand store” to “your world” is just another step for Pentium to approach users.

(Pentium digital exhibition hall)

As the first brand to really hold a new car launch in xirang metaverse, Pentium b70s not only pries away the social nature of generation Z’s non-compliance and love to play and pursue new things, arouses their expectations for another way of life, but also creates a precedent for automobile brands to establish digital assets in xirang metaverse and lead the automobile industry to unlock more scientific and technological passwords in the future.

As Sui Zhongjian, general manager and deputy party secretary of FAW Pentium sedan Co., Ltd., said, “at present, FAW Pentium is strengthening its connection with young users through value innovation, experience innovation and product innovation.” From the successful listing of Pentium b70s, it is not difficult to see that the rejuvenation process of Pentium brand has pressed the fast forward key.

(SUI Zhongjian, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of FAW Pentium Car Co., Ltd.)

After the release of the “518” brand-new brand strategy, FAW Pentium, which has fully opened the brand rejuvenation journey, is actively exploring more innovative models to bring better product experience to users. For a long time, FAW Pentium has always adhered to the user experience as the center, bringing more high-quality domestic cars with appearance, technology, quality and sincerity. FAW Pentium, which takes strengthening, optimizing and expanding the national automobile brand as its own responsibility, is forging ahead and making unremitting efforts. Let’s wait and see what surprises it will create in the future!