When metaverse comes, it won’t be called metaverse again

Metaverse doesn’t even know what we’re going to look like, but it’s always hard for me to describe metaverse. Of course, this can’t stop metaverse’s enthusiasm. In fact, when every concept comes up, there will always be all kinds of blind emotions. This upsurge of emotion has also brought anxiety to many people. Driven by the enthusiasm of public opinion, they will think that if they do not participate in metaverse, they may not keep up with the pace of the times.

I think that despite your calmness, the metaverse we are talking about today actually stays at the creative level of science fiction, because none of the underlying industrial chain technologies that really support the construction of metaverse meet the requirements. We can see that the world’s technology giants, such as Intel, Microsoft, apple, Google, NVIDIA and Qualcomm, are not affected by the emotion of these technology concepts, but focus on exploration and breakthrough in their own technology field. Even the first person to advocate metaverse, Zuckerberg, recently thought that his metaverse technology was difficult to achieve for some time.

And I can tell you very clearly that on the day when metaverse is really realized and coming, the era we call metaverse today will probably not be called metaverse in the future. It will be named by the technology of that era in the future, based on the prediction of the new technology of that era. Conceptual enthusiasm is what we are good at, but the pragmatism of underlying technology is what we lack.

Today, even the most basic problem of computing power has not been solved. I have been talking about the computing power in the era of metaverse. The chip of metaverse must be constructed and implemented based on quantum computing technology, quantum science chip and AI technology. However, it is obvious that the current quantum computing technology still needs a long way to go to commercial use, while quantum chip still has a longer way to go.

The computing power is solved, or all the underlying technologies are mature, and metaverse is also built. We are also facing a huge problem, that is, the problem of energy supply. Once the chip integrating quantum science and technology and artificial intelligence is used, this technology can greatly improve the computing power, but the energy consumption is also huge.

Therefore, we found that when we are optimistic about seeing and discussing metaverse, we have not realized the energy constraints in front of metaverse. Large scale data and large-scale operation rely on large-scale power. When one day everyone enters metaverse life, once the power is off, where will our life go?

Therefore, we don’t have to worry. Metaverse still needs a long way to go before it can be realized. The current carnival is just based on metaverse terms to carry out science fiction creation.

(the author is a well-known science and technology writer)

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