How to play in the cloud building conference room in the metaverse Era

With an epidemic prevention policy, most enterprises have ushered in home office again. The video conference is stuck in a few minutes. The text expression is not clear. It is in the era of metaverse. Can’t migrant workers play the “cloud building conference room”?

At present, the conference software on the market meets the needs of primary meetings and can simply communicate and cooperate on the ground, but it is also limited to this. Both domestic video conferencing software and foreign zoom are just video conferencing, but to truly realize remote office conferencing, simple video conferencing is far from enough. We need metaverse conferencing.

The most basic form required by metaverse online office conference is the space that can walk freely. The visual and communicable virtual image, whether in the real world or virtual space, takes people as the main body of activities. In metaverse conference, we are no longer in a video picture, but really “enter” another space. We interact with each other with virtual images. What we say and do completely reflect the real characters,

Yunlou conference room is a metaverse conference with the peak of immersion and participation. The scene is realistic. All functions that can be completed offline can be reproduced online and restored one by one.

For the metaverse cloud building conference room, the “sense of experience” is particularly prominent.

First of all, we can choose different conference room styles and sizes according to different meetings. Entering the cloud building conference room, we have a common space. You sit on my left and the host presides in front. You can freely choose your seat and control your behavior. Clear and perceptible location information allows everyone to establish enough authenticity and trust links. Unlike the group chat method of video conference, metaverse cloud building conference has its own rigorous atmosphere, Make the meeting full of ceremony, and break through physical barriers to communicate at any time and place.

In the conference room of Yunlou, there is a real “I”.

The cloud building conference room restores the scene of the offline conference room, and innovatively integrates the interaction of “real space and virtual environment” and “real characters and virtual images”. The cloud building conference room generates metaverse virtual characters for everyone. For participants who enter metaverse for the first time, they can adapt quickly and completely immerse themselves. You can set your own 3D virtual image, including skin color, clothing, hairstyle, etc.

“Metaverse communication engine”, infinitely approaching the real world

The cloud building conference room has independently developed the “metaverse communication engine”, which can start from the virtual image position without the help of voice to realize instant chat. Like the dialogue in the real world, as long as you walk into the surrounding employees, you can be heard. If you stay away from a certain distance, the dialogue will not be heard. The application in metaverse conference is closer to the real world. During the meeting, we can choose to mute the microphone to listen to the speech of the host or leader. When we need to speak, we can turn on the microphone. If it is a large-scale conference host, we have the permission to manage the microphone, and we need to raise our hands or be invited to speak. At the same time, we can also lock the conference room at the beginning of the meeting. If we need to enter, we need to knock on the door or enter the “password” of the conference room, Better ensure the fluency and privacy of the meeting.

Metaverse multi screen sharing, live video

There are three large shared screens in the metaverse conference room of cloud building, which can carry out video live broadcast and screen sharing. It can be easily realized whether it is remote signing in different places or video teaching explanation. At the same time, it can also tap potential customers by clicking on the avatar to obtain electronic business cards.

Now it seems that whether it is the entry of Internet giants or the “metaverse” of video conference, various signs show that metaverse is the dividend of the next era. In the future, the popularity of metaverse will accelerate the deep integration of real economy and digital economy and promote human civilization to a new era. Mobile micro world (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to explore metaverse underlying technology and break the gap between virtual and reality, Create a more wonderful “city of Yuanyu” and promote the accelerated arrival of metaverse era!