How do ordinary people make money in metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world that uses scientific and technological means to link and create mapping and interaction with the real world. It is highly related to the underlying logic of video games. The biggest correlation is that if we want to realize the virtual world of metaverse, it is essentially similar to the development and construction of games. Later, we realized shopping, shopping and even watching concerts in metaverse’s virtual world. The shopping here is different from our usual online shopping. Shopping in the virtual world is to make a real shopping mall, a world with a ratio of 1:1, and immersive is no difference. You can even try on clothes.

So how is this virtual world created? It will require a large number of digital design builders, who have the same concept as game development and production. After the development of metaverse, we can feel the game personally, that is, the usual sense of immersion. For example, the League of heroes and the glory of the king, players can be satisfied as long as they rely on the mouse, keyboard or mobile phone. After the development of metaverse, the game can be imagined and known. So what if someone says I don’t like playing games? It doesn’t matter. You can hold concerts, keep pets, keep flowers and plants, and even shop in metaverse. Because the philosophical concept of games does not only refer to electronic games. For example, your parents may not like playing games, but they like playing mahjong. Playing mahjong is playing games. His girlfriend doesn’t like playing King glory, but he may go out every day to play script killing and secret room escape. This is also playing games. Short videos and Taobao can be regarded as playing games.

In short, no one in this world can not play games, because human beings are the only creatures that can not completely live in the real world. Human spirit must stay in a virtual world, no matter its form is literature, short video or games. So what metaverse wants to do is to pull people from the virtual world to metaverse, whether shopping, social networking, concerts or art exhibitions, But all this is presented in the form of games.

So what game is the real metaverse game? For example, Yuanshen is a good game. MIHA tour spent more than one billion to do it. The cost is high enough. However, Yuanshen still faces the problem of insufficient production capacity. There may be a long grass-roots period between the two major versions. There are no content updates for us to play. This is actually a typical PGC. What is PGC? That is to ask professional teams to produce content for us, that is to say, users produce content. The era of TV dramas, films and content produced by TV stations we see on TV is our typical era of PGC. Of course, the overall quality of PGC content is better than UGC, but high cost, high investment and insufficient production capacity are the reasons that restrict its development. UGC quality is rich and diverse, and you can always find what you want to see, UGC era content explosion, you can always have a choice.

The game field has always been PGC. Whether it is a 3A masterpiece or even an independent game, it needs a high threshold to make it. However, since metaverse needs so much content, there is only one way out for us to consume, that is UGC. This user can continue to create content for him and obtain certain benefits, otherwise. No company in the world has built a decent metaverse.