Think tank live replay | metaverse 2022 Outlook: technology, economy and investment opportunities

Introduction: metaverse will help build a new world of fair and shared prosperity. Metaverse’s industrial empowerment is bringing a revolution in digital economy. How can the government and enterprises grasp the development opportunities of metaverse?

The layout of metaverse’s new track will become a new advantage for us to build a digital economy. Metaverse and the digital economy are integrated and new, complementary and innovative. The development of metaverse can realize the deep integration of digital economy and real economy. This will not only drive the development of VR, AR, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other related technologies and industrial chains, but also empower all industries such as social governance, agricultural production, industrial manufacturing, culture and education, scientific and technological innovation, and promote the overall upgrading of society and economy.

The eighth issue of the salon series of “financial globalization in the era of double cycle”, hosted by the research center of the top 100 Hong Kong stocks and co sponsored by the Hong Kong financial news agency, was held through online live broadcast today. The theme focused on “metaverse 2022 Outlook: technology, economy and investment opportunities”. Wang Yang, vice president of Hong Kong University of science and technology, Yuan Yu, senior analyst of CCID Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center, and Yin Jian, director of Qingbo intelligent metaverse Research Office / general manager of strategic development division, were specially invited to discuss the prospects and investment opportunities of metaverse in different fields.

Here’s a great view playback:

Wang Yang, vice president of the Hong Kong University of science and technology, made an in-depth discussion from a macro perspective around the theme of “metaverse helps Hong Kong and the new economy creates the future”. President Wang said that common prosperity is the original intention of the development of the Internet era, but unfortunately, the Internet has not achieved common prosperity, and metaverse is a very good opportunity to help Hong Kong achieve common prosperity and greatness again. As the ultimate form of digital economy, metaverse has both the attributes of digital economy and real economy. It is easy to empower citizens and break the oligopoly. With internet 3.0 and blockchain technology, everyone can share economic development, make up for the loss of Hong Kong’s real economy, create immersive and fair education, improve social governance efficiency, solve social development contradictions, and become a new development direction and growth point of Hong Kong. He stressed that on the road of realizing metaverse, Hong Kong has a certain development foundation, including technological innovation and conceptual innovation. It has many blockchain Unicorn enterprises, which can help explore metaverse and lead the development of metaverse. With the opportunity of metaverse, Hong Kong must vigorously develop the digital economy and make strong digital economy infrastructure investment, so as to make Hong Kong a prosperous and fair society.

Yuan Yu, senior analyst of CCID Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center, described the core technology, application scenario and future development direction of industrial metaverse from the definition of industrial metaverse. He said that industrial metaverse is a metaverse in the industrial field, which refers to a new field of industrial manufacturing with the characteristics of immersion, interactivity, value generation and decentralization. Industrial metaverse reshapes the industrial manufacturing scene. Through physical scene data collection and real-time synchronization, it can fully restore the industrial manufacturing industry and solve a series of problems such as R & D, production and management of manufacturing itself as a whole.

Yuan Yu put forward three suggestions on how to implement industrial metaverse:

Firstly, we should actively promote the application of industrial metaverse underlying technologies, such as industrial Internet, Internet of things, VR / AR and blockchain;

Secondly, we should give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, encourage the construction of a unified design platform, management platform and innovation platform, strive to formulate algorithms, models and exchange protocols for industrial big data exchange, and constantly improve knowledge systems, expert systems and artificial intelligence systems;

Finally, we should optimize the way of supervision and support, set up corresponding supervision mechanisms such as safety, environmental protection and emergency, refine local development objectives and provide financial and land support.

Yin Jian, director of Qingbo intelligent metaverse Research Office / general manager of strategic development division, said that the construction of metaverse should go through the development stage from digital twins, virtual primitives to virtual reality, and the client will also experience the continuous upgrading from immersion to participation, and then to compensation. In the new industrial digital intelligence revolution, industrial metaverse will become an important part of the real economy. From the digital wisdom precipitated by the civilization of real society to the production transition of AI assisted real society, and then to the inclusive development of virtual and real societies. Virtual human, spatial intelligence and digital collections have begun to “meta” empower more and more industries.

He believes that the next five sectors may be sought after by capital. First, the underlying technology sector; Second, related software technology (3D engine, holographic display, etc.); Third, relevant media carriers (smart cars, edge computing, Internet of things, etc.); Fourth, the relevant content creation section (digital assets, etc.); Fifth, the terminal manufacturing sector (game industry, social media, office education, etc.). In addition, high-end intelligent manufacturing, high-precision maps and other industries in the industrial chain will also develop rapidly in the future.

At the same time, he also pointed out that since metaverse related technologies still need to be developed, it will take a long time for metaverse to realize industrialization and commercial profitability, and investors need to pay attention to some possible risks.

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