Metaverse digital goods become a new fashion of “trendsetters”

□ our reporter Lu Yue

In the real world, fashion “experts” queue up to buy fashionable shoes; Will future trendsetters buy shoes in metaverse? This speculation has now become a reality.

Sports brands layout digital goods one after another

The reporter saw that during the Spring Festival in 2022, meta street market released the “digital shoe” series XNOR tiger step in metaverse, and all 888 pairs of shoes were sold out in one second. In fact, this is not an example. Nike, Adidas, Arthur, new balance and other common sports brands have started their own digital commodity layout, and different styles of products have been snapped up by consumers.

In December 2021, Nike acquired rtfkt, which is well-known in crypto world, and launched digital commodity series. It is understood that rtfkt is a design company specializing in virtual shoes and derivatives. It sold more than 600 pairs of digital virtual shoes in just 7 minutes at the beginning of 2021; In addition, Nike has also built a digital sports park, nikeland. Coincidentally, recently, the sports brand Puma also replaced its twitter avatar with cool cats series of digital products. At the same time, Puma also forwarded multiple digital product series tweets interacting with it on social platforms.

Insiders pointed out that behind the digital product layout of sports brands, consumers are no longer satisfied with the real-world fashion shoes, but want to get a new demand for a pair of digital fashion shoes in metaverse.

Buying digital shoes has become a social topic

At present, digital goods in the market refer to non-homogeneous digital rights and interests certificate, which is one of the manifestations of metaverse. The bottom layer is blockchain technology, which has the characteristics of verifiability, uniqueness, indivisibility and traceability. It is used to mark the ownership of specific assets and can be displayed in the form of pictures, audio, etc. Digital shoes in the hands of consumers as a digital model, a picture and a string of code, can not touch, can not wear, why do consumers still rush to buy?

The reporter noted that on March 16, a new generation of digital fashion sneakers in meta street market were released. This time, the new Gaoding “digital sneakers” series XNOR blossom “flowers” produce everything, with a total of 6666 pairs on sale, and the sale price is 599 yuan. Compared with the same appearance before, the brand design team randomly and automatically generates AI with three high-grade flower varieties of Dahlia, rose and violet. The appearance color systems of 6666 pairs of shoes are different, that is, the “digital sneakers” in the hands of each consumer will be unique.

“Friends around us often discuss digital fashion shoes, and buying digital fashion shoes has become a social topic.” A consumer who bought digital trendy shoes said in an interview with reporters that in his opinion, digital shoes and clothes represent his exploration of life and maintain a fresh attitude. Buying digital trendy shoes also brings trendy flu and freshness to his life.

Another consumer has his own long-term consideration. In an interview with reporters, he admitted that in the future, people will have houses and cars in metaverse, and they should also have a good outfit. “Buy it while you can grab trendy shoes now, otherwise you may not be able to buy it in the future. Even if you sell it at a high price in the future, it will be a valuable and meaningful investment”.

Inevitably there is a bubble in the industry.

As the digital commodity distribution and circulation platform of meta street market digital shoes, Guo Xu, founder and CEO of Lexiang art, said in an interview with reporters recently that among the users who buy digital shoes, male users account for 60.81%, female users account for 39.19%, and the buyers are mainly “generation Z” people aged 18-22. These young consumers who love collecting digital trend goods are also game players, shoe collectors and hip-hop music lovers.

For the current digital tide shoes market, Guo Xu said that digital goods are still in the early stage of the development of the industry. At present, after the issuance of quality products, they are in short supply. With the continuous influx of participants and consumers, the industry is growing rapidly, but there is also a bubble inevitably. “As a platform, Lexiang art will insist on seeking the best content producer, do a good job in digital goods with professional technology and services, actively embrace policies and supervision while meeting the needs of consumers, explore industry norms, and make the digital economy industry grow more healthily.”

The reporter learned from the estimate of Morgan Stanley, an international investment bank, that by 2030, metaverse and digital commodities will bring about 10% of the revenue to the global luxury market, which is about equal to an income opportunity of more than 50 billion euros. Luxury brands have laid out metaverse one after another, which reflects their determination to deeply cultivate the long-term thinking in the cross field of technology and fashion, and further confirms that the popular concept of metaverse is not only a short-lived industry hot word.

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