On yunmi metaverse: homemap family meta space makes home more active and intelligent

On March 17, yunmi technology’s 2022 spring strategic new product launch was held online. At the press conference, Chen Xiaoping, founder and CEO of yunmi technology, reiterated that the brand positioning of yunmi technology tide brand will be more high-end, and released a new upgraded “one-stop whole house intelligence” solution “1 = N44”, launching a high-end whole house intelligent suite for sale from 300000 yuan and exclusive for 100 million yuan villa, aiming to create a high-end home life experience of smooth interconnection of the whole house and make intelligence truly “useful and easy to use”, This is also the leading whole house intelligent solution at present.

At the same time, yunmi’s new high-end full scene AI product lineup was also unveiled at the press conference, including space Pro yunmi AI global air conditioner, Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI double screen refrigerator, boss yunmi AI large screen refrigerator, Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI double barrel washing machine, space yunmi AI Zhimu range hood, super 2 2000g yunmi Quanxian AI water purifier, Royal AI laser cinema, etc, Comprehensively overweight the layout of the high-end whole house intelligent market, bringing a more comfortable whole house intelligent scene experience.

In addition, yunmi homemap, which manages the whole house devices and intelligent scenes and has four capabilities and four services, also launched a new product through this press conference: alpha x milliwave super vision sensing radar, which helps the whole house intelligent devices serve users more effectively and actively, making users more easily and freely grasp various information conditions of their home.

At the press conference, yunmi also launched several sets of intelligent sets to better meet the personalized needs of different families. Among them, the Royal Suite, which is specially built for 100 million yuan villa users and includes up to 125 AI products, has broken through the “ceiling” of the domestic whole house smart home market at the starting price of 300000 yuan, fully reflecting yunmi’s determination and confidence to seize the high-end market.

From a single product to an overall solution, yunmi makes high-end smart touch every corner of the family life scene, truly turns the home into an intelligent whole, constantly refreshes the new experience of high-end whole house smart home, and realizes the perfect leap from the brand to the trend of high-end technology.

Upgrade the “one-stop whole house intelligence” solution, “1 = N44” to create a high-end whole house smart home experience

Driven by a new round of scientific and technological changes and consumption upgrading, intellectualization has become an important development trend in the future society, which is enabling young people to live in various life scenes such as clothing, food, housing and transportation. Especially in the post epidemic era, people spend more time at home and pay more and more attention to the intelligence of home. The younger generation of consumer groups growing up in the wave of mobile Internet have a clearer demand for smart home and pay more attention to value and experience. They hope that home is a whole rather than traditional isolated islands of equipment. The whole house smart market will undoubtedly usher in a comprehensive outbreak period.

As the founder of whole house Internet appliances, yunmi has been committed to creating a smart home with high technology for seven years. It is committed to creating a “one-stop whole house smart” solution for Chinese families, providing a full set of smart home experience covering “smart appliances + smart home + software services”, and constantly transmitting the brand charm of yunmi’s “high-end technology trend brand” to young people.

With the AI products of technological trend and increasingly strong brand influence, yunmi’s intelligent products are favored by more and more young new middle-class users. According to the data, yunmi has sold more than 50 million products, and more than 2 million families choose to buy complete sets of yunmi intelligent products. Among them, post-80s and post-90s users account for 70%, and medium and high-end users also account for more than 70%, steadily occupying the first camp of the high-end whole house intelligent market.

In order to bring users a more interconnected whole house intelligent experience, at this press conference, yunmi released a new “1 = N44” solution based on AI: helpful product intelligence concept and high-end AI strategic new products, realizing the further rise of “one-stop whole house intelligent” solution.

1 of “1 = N44” stands for “one-stop whole house intelligent” solution “, that is, the home is a whole; N refers to a total of more than 60 categories of smart “family bucket” product lineup, which integrates the two product departments of smart appliances and smart home, including air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, smoke stove, water purifier, floor sweeper, smart switch, router, etc; 44 refers to the four capabilities of homemap, the cloud whole house intelligent solution: senseless networking, active intelligence, space awareness and natural interaction, as well as the four services provided by yunmi to users, including scheme design, OTA continuous upgrade intelligent experience, plus members and value-added services.

Chen Xiaoping said that yunmi’s “1 = N44” provides the most complete AI product lineup in the world at present, and carries out AI deep customization for each product by defining hardware with software, so that the device can properly perceive, analyze and judge problems, so as to meet the needs of users. At the same time, through homemap whole house intelligent solution, the whole house intelligent devices can serve people more efficiently and actively, Truly integrate the whole product and the whole scene, and make the home a whole.

High end AI intelligent product “family bucket” to create a room of high-tech

Based on the brand-new “1 = N44” one-stop whole house smart “solution, yunmi has released a series of high-end AI new products” family bucket “, to cover the whole life scene of a complete set of AI products, provide users with a comprehensive smart home experience from products to solutions, and promote the full implementation of whole house smart home applications.

Space Pro yunmi AI all area air conditioner (fresh air version): all area fresh air removes formaldehyde and takes the forest oxygen bar home

With the continuous improvement of people’s attention to health, indoor air quality has also become the focus of consumers’ purchase of air conditioners. The space Pro yunmi AI global air conditioner (fresh air version) is equipped with AI fresh oxygen fresh air system. The turbine fan continuously introduces fresh air from the outside, which is filtered and purified by 12-Stage HEPA, guided into the evaporating dish by the guide wing, and finally passes through the global patent road to deeply purify the outer space of the room and release new air. 60m / h ultra fresh air volume, rapid oxygenation, and fresh air for the whole house in one hour. Deodorization and deodorization can ensure the oxygen content of indoor air at the same time. No matter how many people are in the room, they are not afraid of boredom.

In the north, it is cold outside in winter, so fresh air is introduced directly from outside. If the indoor temperature cannot be controlled quickly, the comfort will be greatly reduced. Space Pro yunmi AI global air conditioner (fresh air version) intelligently detects the temperature difference between indoor and outer space through temperature sensor, and automatically heats the fresh air in combination with AI algorithm to realize indoor constant temperature and fresh air supply, so that the fresh air is no longer cold and hot, and takes into account the comfort experience while introducing fresh air.

In view of the problem of formaldehyde, a major culprit affecting household air quality, space Pro uses active manganese to catalyze the removal of formaldehyde, which is completely decomposed into harmless water and carbon dioxide without secondary pollution. The 90 minute formaldehyde removal rate of the 10 ㎡ bedroom is 99%, which is far from the national safety standard, so that every mouthful of air of the family can be absorbed into the spleen, safe and assured.

50000 yuan! Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI dual screen refrigerator leads the high-end upgrading of the refrigerator market

High end life experience and exquisite food are indispensable. The high-end food materials often put forward higher requirements for the temperature control, fresh-keeping and other functions of the refrigerator, especially the 100 million yuan villa / luxury house residents, who need a high luxury refrigerator. In order to fully meet the daily needs of high-end people, yunmi has specially launched a high-end technology refrigerator – Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI double screen refrigerator, which costs 50000 yuan! Royal Pro completely subverts the high-end refrigerator experience with its luxurious appearance design and deep AI technological innovation, and realizes a variety of high-end and practical functions, such as continuous odor purification, accurate temperature control, multiple independent temperature changing areas, and lasting preservation of high-end ingredients.

Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI double screen refrigerator adopts the design of Italian classical aesthetics. The high-end original stone plate and black mirror glass show a pure and minimalist high-end living taste. The high-end luxury appearance is matched with a panoramic window. A flagship 27 “panoramic touch screen is set on the left, and a fast control screen with temperature regulation and setting functions is set on the right. Close to the refrigerator, the refrigerator is lit dynamically, with a full sense of ceremony. In the window, users can see the materials inside the refrigerator without opening the door, reduce unnecessary opening, maintain the stability of the refrigerator environment and enhance the fresh-keeping effect. The distribution form of AI unbounded double screen makes the function classification clearer and the operation more convenient.

The preservation of rare food materials requires the partition of the refrigerator, accurate temperature / humidity control, sterility and environmental stability. The AI full range fresh keeping of the Royal Pro AI double screen refrigerator is specially designed for the fresh storage of rare materials. It has five high-end characteristics: – 32 ℃ deep cold quick freezing, locking the cell activity and prolonging the best taste period of food materials- 15 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ double independent wide variable temperature cabin, customized temperature for food material storage; Set up zhenai mother and baby cabin to store mother and baby food materials at a constant temperature; It is also equipped with fruit and vegetable sterilization cabin to freshly raise fruits and vegetables with 90% high humidity; The whole area sterilization and odor purification system in the refrigeration room can sterilize 99.9% 24 hours a day and purify peculiar smell.

20000 yuan boss yunmi AI large screen refrigerator: the second refrigerator for high-end people and excellent life

Yunmi has insight into the special requirements of high-end business people for the storage conditions of high-end food materials and supplies, and launched boss AI large screen refrigerator. The boss AI large screen refrigerator is equipped with seven fine storage spaces, including wine storage area, light drinking area, snack area, light food area, fruit preservation area, medicine beauty area and rare goods dry goods area. Fresh meat and vegetables are not allowed in each space, and there is no possibility of cross flavor, so as to better ensure the original flavor of rare goods and wine.

In order to comply with the trend of home / Office fitness in the post epidemic era, boss yunmi AI large screen refrigerator is also equipped with AI fitness function. It is equipped with 3D somatosensory intelligence, which can accurately capture the body posture and action, match the body with the AI image of the coach’s action, and intelligently judge and feed back the standard of action. There is a “instructor level” coach demonstration, each step is explained in detail, and 15 + professional fitness courses are available. What’s more surprising is that the boss yunmi AI large screen refrigerator is heavily equipped with Harman Caton’s top sound adjustment, so that users can enjoy an immersive auditory feast during fitness and entertainment.

Not only in business venues, the boss AI large screen refrigerator is also suitable for more life scenes. Put it in the class meeting room, incarnate it, and worry about business negotiation; Placed in the villa living room, relatives and friends drink and share style time; Placed in the master bedroom, membrane health care products, exquisite and private enjoyment. Boss yunmi AI large screen refrigerator costs 20000 yuan. One refrigerator can achieve multiple purposes and is suitable for a variety of high-end life scenes. It is the second refrigerator for excellent life.

The price is 20000 yuan! Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI double barrel washing machine leads the new trend of high-end washing and care

Mixed washing of clothes is easy to damage and even cause cross infection. High-grade clothes are not suitable for mixed washing. Zone washing is the demand of high-end laundry. Yunmi launched the Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI dual barrel washing machine with a price of 20000. It adopts the dual barrel integrated minimalist design to realize high-end partition washing and care. While cleaning, it can also protect clothes from damage and infection, take care of delicate clothes and lead the new trend of high-end washing and care.

Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI dual barrel washing machine integrates yunmi’s two AI intelligent washing and black protection technologies – AI intelligent washing and AI dual barrel intelligent delivery, bringing high-end intelligent washing experience. AI intelligent eye washing can realize the accurate adjustment of intelligent laundry: the cylinder is equipped with a low light spectrum stain sensor, which can intelligently sense the dirt degree of washing, and intelligently adjust the washing time and program with AI algorithm. With the AI intelligent two-color LED rinsing light band equipped outside Royal Pro changing from red to blue, the whole washing condition becomes visual and the dirt is clear at a glance. AI dual barrel intelligent delivery, intelligent delivery of detergent, accurate to 1 ml, with a “Endurance” of 30 days, saving time and worry.

In view of the demand that some high-end clothes cannot be washed, Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI double barrel washing machine also has the function of micro steaming and air washing. The 3D circulating heat can quickly penetrate the fabric fiber and remove the taste in 20 minutes, so as to restore the fluffy and soft fabric.

In addition to the high-end partition washing and care, the Royal Pro cokiing high-end AI double barrel washing machine is also equipped with off-road innovative design 8-dimensional balance damping system, which can dehydrate at high speed and be as stable as Thailand. At the same time, both the upper and lower cylinders are equipped with double DD imported frequency conversion direct drive motor, magnetic levitation high-speed drive, stable operation and ultra-low noise, so as to ensure the quiet and comfortable home environment.

Space yunmi AI smart range hood: subvert the traditional smoking principle and don’t smoke in all directions

Chinese cuisine stresses steaming, frying, cooking and frying. As long as the kitchen fires, it is full of lampblack smell. A good lampblack machine is necessary for a smart kitchen. However, most of the range hoods on the market have scattered suction and are easy to smoke, so they can not maintain the air circulation in the kitchen.

Space yunmi AI Zhimu range hood, inspired by the engine of the speeding fighter F22, subverts the traditional smoking principle. Fire on the left, smoke on the left, fire on the right, smoke on the right, and fire on both sides at the same time, so that there is no hiding place for the range hood. Patented smoke guiding double wing design, more linkage combustion stove, independent opening and closing turnover, diversion and smoke absorption; It can also intelligently distribute smoke in different regions, with single stove open and single side smoke exhaust; Double stoves are open, and smoke is discharged from both sides at the same time.

In addition, AI Zhimu range hood is also equipped with AI smoke detector to intelligently sense the concentration of oil smoke particles, intelligently adjust the turnover of smoke guide wing according to the concentration, and suck from one side. During hot frying, the two annular air inlets on the top of the smoke machine are opened to realize up, down, left and right, four times of full area ring suction, and the odor is reduced by more than 95%.

Super2 2000g yunmi · Quanxian AI purifier: stable and surging water purification for 10 years and efficient removal of agricultural residues

Yunmi has always been committed to providing consumers with a better water purification experience, leading the development of the water purification industry with 10 categories of intelligent innovation and 1000 + patents. In 2020, yunmi pioneered the industry’s dual ro patented technology to achieve a full cup in 3 seconds with 1200g super flux and 4.2l/min super large water volume, so as to solve the problem of small water output of the industry’s water purifier.

At this press conference, yunmi once again achieved another leap in the flux of water purifier and launched super2 2000g yunmi · Quanxian AI water purifier, which broke through the ceiling of flow rate with the surging mass of 2000g and became the fastest water purifier so far.

In addition to the high flux, super2 2000g also uses the innovative design of double ro. The auxiliary ro protects the main RO, so that the net effect is not attenuated for 10 years, and the main RO filter element is not changed for 10 years, which saves money and worry. Moreover, it can stabilize the water purification for 10 years without attenuation. The 6:1 ultra pure wastewater ratio can save about 3650 bottles of mineral springs a year.

It is worth mentioning that super2 2000g innovative milky white ultra micro bubble active water can achieve a pesticide residue removal rate of more than 95% and effectively remove pesticide residues, hormones and preservatives in fruits and vegetables. It can effectively remove harmful bacteria in fresh seafood and reduce the taste of seafood by 99%.

Super 2 also adopts colorful large screen double outlet faucets, and the water consumption and quality can be seen in real time. With high-end quality, super2 2000g not only leads the development of water purification industry again, but also allows users with high demand to drink higher quality and healthier mineral water.

40000 yuan Royal AI laser Cinema: 100 ″ theater level AI interactive screen, open your family metaverse

With the development of technology, consumers’ demand for entertainment equipment is higher and higher: the screen should be large, the sound effect should be shocking, there should be a sense of immersion, intelligent interaction and not hurt the eyes… Facing the high requirements of users’ continuous upgrading, yunmi launched Royal AI laser cinema, which not only brings an immersive giant screen entertainment experience beyond imagination, but also completely subverts the traditional family entertainment experience and perfectly interprets the high-grade life of luxury and private enjoyment.

Royal AI laser cinema has a 100 ″ theater level giant screen, which is equivalent to 263 iphone13. The traditional 100 ″ projector has a projection distance of at least 2.5m, which is easy to be blocked by passers-by. The Royal projection distance is only 19.5cm, and the ultra short focus laser can throw a 100 “giant screen when it is placed close to the wall. Aiming at the problems of uneven soft screen, uneven table surface and incorrect position that are easy to appear in traditional projection, Royal AI laser cinema also adopts 8-point trapezoidal correction, which can realize rapid and accurate calibration and make it more convenient and comfortable to use.

In addition to the innovation of projection technology, Royal AI laser cinema is also excellent in screen performance. Equipped with Fresnel optical anti light screen, the anti light performance is improved by 90%, bringing 1.6 times the picture gain and very clear in the sun. Moreover, it adopts American DLP bionic laser imaging technology, diffuse reflection imaging, and eye protection as soft as moonlight.

In terms of sound effect, Royal AI laser cinema also brings a great experience. Equipped with Fresnel optical sound generating screen, it has 100000 level micro vibration independent sound generating unit. When it is painted together, the giant screen is ultra-thin sound. Combined with Harman Caton professional tune and Du certified panoramic sound, it brings Trinity high-end cinema level sound effect.

In addition, the new AI interactive operating system vioplay opens the user’s magical AI interactive experience. AI interactive empty mouse refers to wherever it wants to see; Screen collage experience, watching two programs together; Automatically turn off the screen, which is safe and does not hurt the eyes. It is also equipped with AI interactive insight, which can intelligently capture body posture, posture and action. AI space separated gestures, and your hand is the remote control. AI fitness, somatosensory games and other intelligent interactive experiences are no problem.

100 ″ theater level giant screen, Ultra HD picture quality, Trinity theater level sound effect, rich intelligent interactive experience… Cokiing AI laser theater Royal, priced at 40000, is your family giant screen private theater, so that you can have a luxurious and exclusive IMAX Theater like audio-visual experience and open your family metaverse without leaving home.

4 abilities + 4 services: homemap family meta space makes home easy to control

Yunmi released the high-end intelligent “family bucket”, providing the most complete and deeply customized AI product lineup in the world. But how to better manage and use the whole house intelligent products to realize the overall intelligence of the home? Yunmi’s solution is homemap family meta space. Through homemap, users can view, control and manage the whole house equipment and various intelligent scenes, and easily adjust the environmental state of the home; Let the intelligent devices in the whole house serve users more effectively and proactively.

Homemap has four capabilities: senseless networking, active intelligence, space awareness and natural interaction, which make the home a whole and make smart home devices have the ability of “thinking”.

Senseless Networking: the intelligent devices in the whole house are connected without sensing, and one click Networking provides a pleasant experience

Yunmi sealink 5giot router ensures the whole house coverage of 3000m high-speed network, and 8K ultra clear movies, cloud games and remote office can be experienced smoothly. A sealink router supports up to 250 connecting devices, meeting the networking needs of multiple intelligent devices in the era of house wide intelligence. Traditional devices connected to the network need a single operation, and the experience is very cumbersome, while yunmi onetouch2 0 can realize non sensory flash connection. When a smart device is powered on, the app automatically finds the device, clicks to confirm, and connects to the network with one key. Multiple devices only need one step.

Space perception: alpha x cloud AI super vision perception millimeter wave radar, surpassing human eyes and never seen before

In the era of intelligence, home is like a “black box”, and perception is often important. At present, human perception on the market is mainly divided into two ways: one is infrared, which can only detect “passing”; The other is the camera visual imaging scheme, but privacy disclosure is always a hidden danger that users need to worry about. Millimeter wave can perfectly solve the above problems. It is a vehicle gauge level sensing technology, which is widely used in automatic driving. It can monitor the micro motion change of the target body according to the frequency difference of transmitted / received signals.

Alpha x cloud AI super vision sensing millimeter wave radar uses the vehicle specification level millimeter wave 60GHz, which can touch the existence state, movement, trajectory, jump, breathing, etc. of family members, and the perception is more accurate, more sensitive and more stable. In addition, alpha x cloud AI super vision perception radar only recognizes and monitors the living state and motion trajectory in space through milliwave reflection, and does not shoot real pictures, which can effectively protect users’ privacy.

Active Intelligence: the alpha x millimeter wave radar links with the whole house equipment to make intelligence really useful

At present, all schemes on the market are passive intelligence, which requires users to issue instructions. The use of alpha x milliwave radar to connect the whole house intelligent equipment can link everything and realize the active intelligence of the whole house equipment. Active intelligence can realize the automatic control of equipment.

Millimeter wave radar can detect whether there is activity in the room. When there are people, lights, air conditioning and other equipment will be turned on directly, and people will turn off automatically when they leave the room; After dinner, leave the kitchen and automatically turn off the smoke machine. There is no need to bother to turn off the equipment at all. It is energy-saving and environment-friendly. Active intelligence can also judge the sleep state and automatically adjust the lights and curtains to enter the sleep mode and get up mode. For emergencies of the elderly, active intelligence can also immediately remind the family to know. Active intelligence can also accurately locate the location of indoor pets, set intelligent alarm intrusion, etc.

Natural interaction: call everywhere, respond accurately and execute intelligently

In people’s intelligent life, voice interaction technology has been widely used, but there are still some problems. For example, when users control through the smart speaker, they have to return to the vicinity of the speaker every time. For example, when waking up the device, sometimes there will be multiple devices at the same time, resulting in confusion.

Yunmi small V 3.0 is newly upgraded, making natural interaction possible. Yunmi small V 3.0 can select the best equipment response according to the comprehensive judgment of equipment distance and status, so as to avoid the chaotic experience of multiple equipment responding at the same time. It can also hold multiple equipment continuous interaction and need to wake up repeatedly according to multiple rounds of Q & A up and down. Yunmi small V 3.0 also realizes spatial language control, making partition control a reality. In addition, users can set idiom execution intelligent scene mode according to a preference definition language. Cloud V 3.0 allows users to say what they want!

4 services: provide a full set of customized services based on the needs of users

In addition to creating a “one-stop whole house intelligent” experience around software and hardware, yunmi also provides a full set of customized services including scheme design, OTA continuous upgrade intelligent experience, plus members and value-added services from the actual needs of users, which not only fully demonstrates the brand positioning of yunmi’s high-end technology trend brand, but also brings an excellent one-stop intelligent service experience to the majority of new middle-class consumers.

The high-end whole house intelligent suite is sold from 300000 yuan to 100 million yuan villa exclusive

According to the needs of family users, yunmi has set up intelligent suite solutions for different types of families. It can buy complete house intelligence with one click, so that the truly intelligent high-end home life can be successfully settled in thousands of Chinese families.

For successful people, yunmi has launched a more luxurious royal suite, including 125 smart products, which is suitable for the 100 million yuan villa with 8 rooms and 3 halls, with a total price of 300000, breaking through the “ceiling” of the domestic whole house smart home market, and fully reflecting yunmi’s determination and confidence to seize the high-end market.

For industry elites, yunmi has matched the space suite, including 86 intelligent products, which is suitable for ten million luxury houses with 5 rooms and 2 halls, with a total price of 200000; For the urban middle-class population, yunmi launched the super series, including 56 intelligent products, which is suitable for millions of foreign houses with three rooms and two halls, with a total price of 60000-80000, fully meeting the personalized needs of different families.

In order to further meet consumers’ perception of yunmi’s intelligent products and intelligent scenes, yunmi continues to make efforts in offline channels. At present, yunmi has more than 2000 offline scene experience stores and more than 38000 service outlets across the country. In terms of logistics, installation, after-sales and other services, there are 190000 professional masters across the country who provide recent services to consumers from tens of thousands of service outlets, which can quickly respond to consumers’ needs and comprehensively improve users’ use experience.

At present, the wave of intelligence is surging from online to offline, and the trend of whole house intelligence is irresistible. At this press conference, yunmi provided a complete lineup of in-depth customized high-end AI products, demonstrated the “one-stop whole house intelligence” solution of 1 = N44, and redefined the future of home. Over the past seven years since its establishment, yunmi has continuously broken through and upgraded its technology. From products to solutions, yunmi has enabled Chinese families to have truly useful smart homes and led the smart home industry to go further and better.