Meilian international education and Huoda education took the lead in launching metaverse English course

On March 17, China’s leading English training service provider, Meilian education holding group (NASDAQ: metx) (hereinafter referred to as Meilian International Education), officially announced the launch of blockchain English courses in cooperation with Hainan HuoDa Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HuoDa Education), which aims to provide comprehensive and Professional and targeted English course guidance. This marks that the English training enterprises represented by Meilian English have begun to enter the metaverse track and become the pioneer in the application of metaverse in the education industry.

At present, blockchain and metaverse technologies are still being iterated and updated. According to the prediction of Dongfang in June 2021, China’s blockchain market will continue to maintain rapid growth, and the market scale will reach US $16.368 billion in 2026. In the next two decades, the market scale of China’s blockchain industry is expected to reach the trillion level. In a recent report, the website of American consumer news and business channel pointed out that 2022 will be the most important year for the development of “metaverse”. Analysts at world-renowned investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have said that the market size of metaverse could reach $8 trillion in the future.

Peng Siguang, CEO of American Union International Education, said, “I’m glad to introduce the blockchain English course into the market, which will help people in the blockchain industry learn English effectively. With the rapid development and expansion of the blockchain industry in China and even the world, it will help more people solve language challenges. At the same time, the course is also part of the strategy of Meilian international education to actively explore blockchain related business and metaverse education business at home and abroad.”

It is understood that Huoda education is a leading blockchain and metaverse industry education institution in China. With the motto of “linking industries and enabling entities” and the goal of cultivating “blockchain thinking” of top entrepreneurs, Huoda education focuses on the teaching and research of new applications of blockchain technology.

Yu Jianing, President of Huoda education and executive director of metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communication Federation, said that blockchain is an important cornerstone of metaverse. At present, there is a serious shortage of talents who can skillfully use English as the working language in the blockchain industry, which has become a key bottleneck in the international development of the industry. Therefore, the launch of blockchain English course in cooperation with Meilian English is expected to alleviate the shortage of talents in the industry, It has important strategic significance for promoting the development of China’s industrial blockchain and the implementation and application of metaverse. (reporter / Li Qiaoyu)

(editor Tian Dong)