The development of computing power promotes the upgrading of metaverse, which urgently needs top-level design and industry supervision

The concept of metaverse, which swept the world in the second half of 2021, has become the latest topic of this year’s two sessions. During the two sessions this year, many deputies to the National People’s Congress and members of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference submitted proposals related to “metaverse”, suggesting strengthening top-level design, monitoring and encouraging innovation, and seizing the opportunities brought by “metaverse”. Similarly, to grasp the metaverse opportunity, it is also inseparable from the support of strong computing industry.


Build a solid computing base and boost the upgrade of metaverse

Improving the level of computing power, accumulating data resources and expanding and strengthening the computing power industry have become the strategic choice of metaverse track.

The plan report reviewed and adopted at the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress proposes to implement the project of “counting from the east to the west” to drive the development of digital economy in the West and promote the data circulation between the East and the West. During the two sessions, the “metaverse” proposal became a beautiful scenic spot. In fact, no matter VR, AI or metaverse, everything in the virtual world needs computing power to support. At the same time, these actions also release China’s attention to social digital transformation to a great extent. It is not difficult to speculate that with the support of the “counting from the east to the west” project, metaverse upgrading will usher in a new round of upgrading and transformation, and finally realize network reconstruction, so as to enable people to enter the virtual world of “low threshold and high experience” without obstacles in the near future.


Top level design and industry supervision are imperative

At present, the concept of metaverse continues to be sought after, and major capital giants have joined the game. Although metaverse operators still say that this is a decentralized community, in fact, its trading, governance and other rules are guided and controlled by enterprise giants. Therefore, how to do a good job in top-level design and industry supervision is the primary issue for the sound development of metaverse industry.

First, in terms of technology, we need to systematically layout metaverse core technology, do a good job in data security protection, and effectively prevent the superposition of various risks such as technology, market and business; Second, in terms of supervision, the relevant state departments should supervise the enterprises of online transactions, online communities and online games operated with the concept of metaverse in accordance with China’s personal information protection law, network security law, data security law and other laws and regulations.


Operators enable metaverse development

The past 2021 was recognized as the first year of metaverse, and global Internet giants have focused on metaverse track. The layout of metaverse is inseparable from industrial support and new infrastructure support. Therefore, the three operators also began to “rush to the beach”.

In terms of infrastructure, the promotion of new infrastructure of operators continues to support the development of metaverse. The communication foundation of metaverse is 5g. In order to achieve a real sense of immersion, VR equipment needs the layout of 5g network with low delay and large bandwidth. In addition to actively promoting 5g construction, operators also vigorously carry out metaverse industrial layout. For example, China Telecom launched the “Pangu plan” in 2022 and blocked the metaverse track.

In terms of content, the competition of metaverse track is inseparable from the quality and experience of content. The three operators realize the multi-dimensional deep binding of content + platform + terminal + channel for the metaverse industry. For example, VR, metaverse, etc. will be used to create a diversified sense of the future of China Telecom.