Next generation Internet? See how metaverse “promotes reality with emptiness”

Metaverse, a term derived from science fiction, has frequently appeared in people’s attention in the past two years. From equipment manufacturing to application landing, major technology companies have rushed. 2021 is known as the “first year of metaverse”, which is in the limelight for a time.

The development of metaverse is inseparable from the support of technology and intelligent devices. The development level of underlying technologies such as AR / VR, cloud computing and blockchain is the key factor for the growth of games to metaverse. Among them, AR and VR equipment are the key research objects of major enterprises at present.

As an enterprise that entered metaverse earlier, meta put forward the slogan of “all in” and invested a lot of money to develop metaverse related hardware equipment.

For VR hardware currently being produced and sold, oculus Quest 2 helped meta occupy up to 75% of the market share in the first quarter of 2021, according to IDC. Google, which explored earlier, focused on AR, focusing on manufacturing augmented reality helmets and lighter ar glasses. Microsoft focuses on the office. Through the mixed reality platform, Microsoft mesh can hold working meetings in metaverse, and the cartoon image can effectively alleviate the fatigue caused by the meeting.

As a new thing, metaverse is in its infancy and has great market potential. A new report by grand view research, an American market research company, predicts that the global metaverse market will grow from US $38.85 billion to US $678.8 billion from 2021 to 2030.

High digitization is the future form of digital economy. Metaverse’s goal is to create an immersive virtual world close to the real world. In this process, we need to build a huge economic system. The development of metaverse itself is based on a high degree of digitization, and it is highly dependent on digital technology. Metaverse may be an important stage for the development of digital economy in the future.

Some people say that metaverse is the next generation Internet. Metaverse, which came out of science fiction, has a great trend of combining virtual reality and promoting reality with virtual reality since it entered China.

As one of the cities with high level of economic development in China, Shanghai explored the innovative ideas of metaverse development earlier. In the face of metaverse’s new track, Shanghai will strengthen the forward-looking research and development of metaverse’s underlying core technology and basic capabilities, promote the development of new terminals that deepen perceptual interaction and the construction of systematic virtual content, and explore industrial applications.

Different from the west, the focus of Shanghai metaverse’s development has pointed to the real fields such as industry, commerce, education, culture and innovation, that is, the combination of virtual and real, and promoting real through virtual. The digital economy feeds back the real economy and social public services through metaverse economy.

In addition to Shanghai, other provinces and cities in China have also issued relevant policies to support the development of metaverse related industries.

The guiding opinions on the construction of future industrial pilot areas in Zhejiang Province issued by Zhejiang Province in January 2022 further clarified that it will build a future industrial development system focusing on the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, third-generation semiconductor, quantum information, advanced equipment manufacturing and metaverse.

Jiangsu also keeps up with the pace. On January 5, the development plan of metaverse ecological industry in the leading area of Taihu Bay science and innovation belt issued by Binhu District of Wuxi City pointed out that we should pay attention to the integration of application guidance and scene driving, and promote the in-depth application of metaverse technology in many fields; Promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream links and entities of metaverse industry, and accelerate the integrated and innovative development of metaverse with integrated circuits, block chains, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies.

It is not difficult to see that when promoting the development of metaverse, China pays attention to the pulling effect of the expansion of metaverse ecological industrial chain on the real economy.

At the two sessions this year, representative Tan Jianfeng expressed his concern about the excessive hype of metaverse and advocated the early layout of metaverse industry supervision, technology research and development and public opinion guidance. In fact, metaverse is still in a state of “savage growth”, which needs to be regulated by the government and distinguished by the masses. Accelerating the layout of metaverse around the country is conducive to promoting the technological innovation and industrial development related to the construction of metaverse, but the industrialization of metaverse has not yet arrived.