Sina is going to PK Blizzard? From games to animation, ambitious fists are also laying out metaverse!

Have you seen the animation related to the game?


In the current industry, it is not uncommon for animation to be adapted into games. For example, DNF of the previous fire adapted automatic picture dungeons and warriors, which not only perfectly reproduces each protagonist, but also has many occupations and playing methods for players to experience. It can be described as a model work.


Later, with the fast-paced development of the times, the original method of adapting games with successful animation has become obsolete and no longer has the characteristics of rapid penetration into the market. Therefore, the synchronous adaptation of animation, film and television and games by novels began to enter the market. The original popular old games have also begun to cultivate novels and animation at the same time. Let’s talk about the game of hero alliance today.


Since its launch, this game has attracted the attention of the majority of users. As a competitor of dota2, especially after entering the Chinese market, its popularity has been unprecedentedly improved, and gradually began various world-class E-sports events. Every year, the finals can rush to the hot search and make players happy. Thanks to the success of the game, the League of heroes launched the mobile game of the battle of the golden shovel at the same time, and also launched the public test of the mobile game of the same name in 2021. It directly topped the top 1 of the game list at one time, and its popularity is invincible!


Although the popularity of hero League mobile games gradually decreased due to some operation problems, the influence of this IP is still there. I believe it is also a matter of time to return to the peak in the future. And the development company fist of the hero alliance has not stopped on the road of layout.

The e-sports manager of the new simulation operation game hero alliance is also about to officially open the test on March 17. After winning this part of users, the fist status can not be shaken. Of course, in addition to the development of the game, the League of heroes has never stopped expanding IP. Let’s take the animation drama of the same name for example.


After its global broadcast in November last year, the animated series “battle of two cities” derived from “League of heroes” quickly topped the global ranking list of Internet flying, ranking in the top 10 in more than 52 countries and regions. It also won all 9 nominations in the 49th Annual Annie award recently, making “battle of two cities” the current “ceiling of game adapted animation”.


It is for this reason that fist is ready to go further and decides to make a new equity investment in it. It is expected to cooperate for life and constantly launch new content. That is to say, in the future, we still hope to see more derivative works animation of the hero alliance, and the CG quality of the game will be improved to a higher level.

Through this series of operations, the fields that fist wants to involve are gradually clear, which is to create its own metaverse world! Here, Xiao Ling will list some things that have been shown to you!

I. numerous IP derivative game works of heroes League


In addition to the mobile game manager of the hero League and the e-sports manager of the hero League, as early as the 10th anniversary celebration of lol in 2019, the official also announced that a card game (similar to the legend of hearthstone) under production will meet you in the near future. In addition, the broken King: The Legend of the hero League, which has been sold in steam, has opened the market in terms of the game, The body is MoBa competitive online game, which has derived operation games, card games, round RPG Games, and even news that the fist is holding back big moves to create an open world game like GTA. Think about it and stimulate!

II. From the theme song of the finals to the independent women’s team


As we all know, there is a unique theme song in the global finals of the League of heroes every year. S1 Lincoln Park’s “numb” is the youth of many people, but Xiaoling’s favorite theme song is S7’s “Legends never die”. The legend will never die out. It is not only magnificent, but also the lyrics are very in line with the artistic conception, So there are rumors on the Internet – fist is a music company delayed by games! Fist seems to like everyone’s comments very much. When it launched kDa series of skin in 2020, it gave you a secondary women’s group, and released new songs in a decent way. It even caused a quarrel among fans when it parachuted C salfani, which is really harmful!

III. film and television companies delayed by Games


In addition to the battle of two cities mentioned above, you may also find that the fist CG has become more and more exquisite recently, especially the source plan series, which is full of cyberpunk style and has excellent visual impact effect. Some netizens even joked that “every frame is a blockbuster visual sense”, saying that he is a film and television company delayed by the game, which is not too much.


In fact, fist is not the first “XX company delayed by the game”. Blizzard with classic IP such as world of Warcraft, watchman and Diablo is a famous company with “ten years of playing games and nine years of CG”. Although Blizzard’s games are well produced, the game itself is also inferior to the game CG.


Even the players in the second season of Blizzard have a more and more successful fist. Does it mean that they have made a more and more successful fist plan in the second season of Blizzard? Does it mean that even the players in the second season of Blizzard have a more and more successful fist plan?

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