What does Sina like? Metaverse? What is metaverse’s ultimate goal?

2021 is known as the first year of Metaverse, but will Metaverse bring us wealth or bubble? Is it far away or is it close at hand? In fact, all the answers completely depend on your understanding of metaverse. Next, as the authoritative information platform of metaverse industry, “metaverse business information” will explain what metaverse is and what industries it will bring. If you don’t participate in metaverse’s investment and entrepreneurship, are there some ways to get wealth from metaverse?



The so-called metaverse is a virtual world parallel to the real world. If you have seen the movie Avatar or the number one player, you will understand this concept very well. Then the basic idea of metaverse has to go back to a very ancient time. In the Song Dynasty, a philosopher named Lu Jiuyuan proposed that the universe is my heart, and my heart is the universe. Then Wang Yangming put forward on this basis: when you don’t see this flower, it will be silent with you. What are these words saying? In fact, it means that what you see, hear, feel and think constitute your whole world. What your consciousness perceives is the real world. There is no difference between what you can’t perceive and what doesn’t exist. So metaverse is the same. You can understand it as a large-scale online game, or you can understand it as another real space, as long as you bring your device into this virtual space. Then you can exist in a digital image. You can have meetings, blind dates and play games here. All your feelings are very real. You can also go back to your hometown in the virtual space to visit your parents far away. From now on, you don’t have to miss home and have no homesickness. These are actually the most basic scenarios of metaverse, and have been preliminarily implemented.


Metaverse virtual world

But do you know what metaverse ultimately wants to achieve? The ultimate goal is to build a virtual world with the participation of the whole people. Everything can be completed in this virtual world except eating and sleeping. All people and things live in metaverse in digital form. The children are educated in metaverse without considering the school district, and then you go to work and party… Other things are also carried out in this virtual world, without considering the traffic jam when you go out. Moreover, in this virtual world, there is infinite space and almost zero carbon emissions. Is living in this virtual world cheaper than moving to Mars?

So it seems that this metaverse is far away. In fact, as just said, the unified universe is really far away, but the small universe is really around you. Because by definition, as long as your consciousness is immersed in it, it can be called metaverse. For example, games such as my world, world of Warcraft and glory of the king will have some metaverse attributes. At present, there is a game called roblox, which has the highest degree of metaverse, has an economic system, and has the characteristics of immersive experience, strong sociality, open and free creation and so on.

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