Interview with Wu Yanfang of metaverse Industry Committee: metaverse is an irreversible trend, and the concept stock price returns to rational and normal

The concept of metaverse has entered its second year. The metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation (hereinafter referred to as metaverse Industry Committee), the country’s first metaverse organization, has also been established for nearly half a year. During this period, it announced five batches of 124 members / person, issued the metaverse industry self-discipline convention and held a plenary meeting, Metaverse Industry Committee has become one of the important organizations to promote the development of domestic metaverse business.

Recently, Wu Yanfang, Executive Secretary General of metaverse industry committee, accepted an exclusive interview with blue whale finance and introduced in detail the founding purpose and focus of metaverse industry committee, as well as the supervision and imagination of metaverse.

Build a whole industry chain platform to promote the linkage of business forms

Wu Yanfang said that the overall purpose of the establishment of metaverse industry committee is to promote the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of domestic metaverse industry. Specifically, it includes helping domestic high-tech enterprises seek new development directions, building a platform for promoting the development of the industry in the form of a whole industry chain and linking enterprises when the epidemic has caused a great blow to the global economy, Drive new economic growth points. Secondly, let the country’s high-tech development have the trend of independent innovation, and avoid the phenomenon of neck sticking and threshold setting that has been experienced in the world. The third goal is to make practical contributions to the development of enterprises, such as incubating high-quality metaverse projects, building domestic and foreign exchange and cooperation platforms, organizing expert think tanks, jointly writing industry books, etc., so that enterprises and individuals have new opportunities in the new era.

Up to now, metaverse Industry Committee has released a total of five batches of member lists, with a total of 124 members / person. 96 members were finally elected at the first plenary session of each session, including 21 listed companies such as zhongqingbao, Yuanlong Yatu, Lanyun technology, tianxiaxiu, Chinese online, shengxunda, Zheshang Bank, blue light standard, Shanshui bide, Huayang Lianzhong, gravity media and so on, Some of these companies have been selected as the Standing Committee units of metaverse industry. According to the selection criteria of member units, metaverse industry committee will conduct all-round understanding and Research on the units applying for membership. First, they need to be legal and compliant operation units or individuals with academic research, who have a good reputation in the industry and related industries and have a positive impact on the society. Secondly, according to the requirements of “strategy, systematicness and coordination”, the Industrial Committee absorbs different technologies, entities and finance in various fields, industries and sections, so as to realize the smooth circulation of platform resources of the Industrial Committee, and form the linkage development of business forms through mutual exchange and promotion between member units.

Wu Yanfang said that the list of the Sixth Batch of accepted member units will be published next. As an open and inclusive platform, metaverse Industry Committee fully encourages companies, groups and individuals with innovative and exploratory spirit in the industry to participate in the ecology of the association, so there will be no specific quantitative regulations. However, it will absorb member units and individuals in strict accordance with the review and acceptance standards of the association.

For the industrial linkage of member units, Wu Yanfang revealed that an important work being prepared by the Industrial Committee, metaverse Wanli plan, is to drive the linkage between member units through on-site visits and mutual exchanges.

It is also an important work of the industry committee to build metaverse domestic and foreign industry exchange platform. For example, the “global metaverse conference” originally scheduled to be held at the end of March is such a platform to promote industrial exchanges at home and abroad. However, due to the recent serious epidemic situation, it will be postponed. The specific holding time will be notified after the epidemic situation is stable. In addition, the industry commission has also built an online metaverse development and communication platform. For example, the micro variety show “metaverse together”, which is jointly built with the central chain live broadcast, is to use the virtual space to create an online platform to promote communication and linkage between industries and enterprises.

Form a domestic digital economy ecology and orderly connect with the international community

Wu Yanfang introduced that with the continuous evolution of metaverse ecology, there will be many valuable content, products and derivatives created by users in metaverse’s virtual space. This is widely needed in the virtual space, which can bring benefits to the creator, that is, the assets in the virtual space form the source of income of the participants. The assets in these virtual spaces are called digital assets or digital rights assets, because they must have the right confirmation system to have the value of circulation. Gradually, these digital assets and digital rights can form transactions in digital RMB. Gradually, a financial ecology based on digital asset trading has been formed.

In the future, the domestic metaverse system should be in line with international standards with goals and directions. The goal must be to make China’s new digital economy ecology and financial ecology have influence in the international market, or form the connection in the leading direction, and let foreign metaverse lovers follow the domestic financial ecology for connection and integration. Try to avoid blind or overall integration with international standards, and avoid the adverse impact of international financial ecology on domestic financial ecology.

Resist the speculation of conceptual capital and return the stock price to rationality as normal

In February 21st, the Metaverse Industry Commission issued the “Metaverse industry self-regulation Convention”. Metaverse business should be based on the service of the real economy, and resolutely resist the use of Metaverse hot spot concept for capital speculation, so as to avoid the formation of a market bubble. In addition, the Convention also proposes to strengthen the subject responsibility and stay away from the illegal mode. Resist illegal financial activities such as fabricating false metaverse investment projects and issuing metaverse virtual currency.

For the routines and scams under the banner of metaverse in the current market, at the level of metaverse Industrial Committee, there will be research and review before accepting member units, which will exclude the main body of this industry from metaverse industrial ecology. The specific control measures need the national regulatory authorities to strengthen the control measures with the existing laws and regulations. At the same time, the association will also provide reasonable suggestions on relevant policies and regulations for the national regulatory authorities from the actual situation of industry development, so as to promote the country to quickly introduce laws and regulations related to industry norms. Strict supervision of various routines and scams.

Recently, the popularity of metaverse in the stock market has gradually declined, and the metaverse plate index has declined by 5.72% as a whole in recent January. With regard to the gradual cooling of the A-share metaverse sector, Wu Yanfang said that the concept was not completely “flameout”. After all, the industrial development of “metaverse” has formed a consensus all over the world. Therefore, at the beginning of the popularity of the concept, the instinct of capital and retail investors to drive profits is understandable, and it is reasonable for the stock price to be sought after for a time. However, the development of metaverse industry is a process of actual progress in science and technology, which may take a relatively long time. Therefore, in the process that scientific and technological progress can be applied to realize metaverse form, it is normal for the stock price to return to rationality. However, metaverse is a trend of the times and an irreversible trend. Therefore, as long as it is a listed technology company in metaverse industry, it will gradually increase in value with the development of the industry and the prosperity of the market. Investors need to treat this development process rationally.