A VR all-in-one machine takes you into “metaverse”

It Times reporter ■ Cui Pengzhi

If you continue to pay attention to Internet hotspots, you must be familiar with the word “metaverse”. The “metaverse” presented by meta founder Zuckerberg at the connect developer conference is yearning: in a virtual world parallel to the real world, you can instantly meet distant friends, immerse yourself in virtual time and space, travel around the world without leaving home, and even complete the work of linkage with reality.

Roblox, the “first stock of metaverse”, once proposed eight key features of metaverse: identity, friends, immersion, anywhere, diversity, low delay, economy and civilization. Although metaverse meeting these standards is not yet available, applications such as VR chat do realize some of people’s imagination of metaverse.

It’s not troublesome to “experience” metaverse in advance. You only need a pair of VR all-in-one machine to enter.

Pico Neo 3: domestic famous brand

Pico Neo 3 comes from Pico (Bird look), an old domestic VR manufacturer focusing on VR all-in-one machine. It is now a subsidiary of byte beat. Pico Neo 3 is the third generation of the company’s Neo series.

In terms of appearance design, Pico Neo 3 continues the classic design of Neo 2, and the main body is composed of black, white and gray. The cooling hole is located at the top of the fuselage, with type-C interface, USB interface and power key on the left. The headphone hole and volume key are located at the bottom. The strap behind the fuselage uses stretch Velcro. The weight of the whole machine is 620g, but due to the excellent load-bearing design, it doesn’t appear bulky to wear.

In terms of image display, Pico Neo 3 is equal to oculus Quest 2 under meta. Pico Neo 3 also uses four wide-angle cameras for positioning, with a maximum support of 10m × 10m custom game space with 6DOF degrees of freedom and 98 degrees of field of view. In addition, Pico Neo 3 keeps pace with Quest 2 in other parameters, with screen resolution and monocular resolution of 3664 respectively × 1920 and 1832 × 1920, supports 4K definition and 773 PPI (pixel density), and the screen refresh rate reaches 120Hz.

It can be said that Pico Neo 3 can be called a fully benchmarked oculus Quest 2 VR glasses produced in China. It has the same performance in VR positioning technology and also uses Xiaolong XR2 processor. However, compared with the latter, Pico Neo 3 is also unique. Its built-in battery is 5300mah, which is more durable. It uses composite foam material, which has a wider range of pupil distance adjustment and is more suitable for the face characteristics of East Asian people.

Games and user ecology are both the biggest selling points and weaknesses for Pico Neo 3. Pico Neo 3 built-in game stores include Pico store, htc-videoport and steam VR. The installation of video and audio resources is unlimited. Although there are many channels, the quantity and quality of software are still inferior to oculus store, which started earlier. Due to its local advantages, Pico Neo 3 activation is very convenient to use and has a good online experience. Most players are Chinese users. It is worth mentioning that recently, it was reported from the market that many content leaders of shuaiyin have transferred to VR department, which also reflects the company’s determination to vigorously develop VR content ecology.

Iqiyi Adventure 3: mobile cinema

Compared with the “fairy fight” of the first two VR all-in-one machines, iqiyi’s Adventure 3 VR all-in-one machine is relatively low-key. In terms of appearance, Adventure 3 adopts black-and-white gray design. The most iconic is the circular cameras on both sides of the front of the fuselage, which look like two big eyes. But if you look carefully, in addition to the two circular cameras, there are two small rectangular cameras above and below the fuselage, which also constitute four wide-angle cameras for positioning. The left side of the fuselage is equipped with type-C charging interface, while the headphone interface is located on the right side. There is a row of heat dissipation holes above and below the fuselage. There are volume keys and pupil distance adjustment buttons below, and power keys and indicator lights above. The head fixing device at the back of the machine body uses a detachable sponge to facilitate disassembly. The expansion distance of the headband can be adjusted through the middle knob. The weight of the main machine body is 595g.

Compared with the first two machines, the performance of Adventure 3 is not the best cost performance. It is a machine with outstanding advantages in image display. First of all, the Adventure 3 designed with rear battery has 5500mah battery capacity and supports 6DOF degrees of freedom and 115 degrees of field of view. Secondly, Adventure 3 also supports 4K definition, but the screen resolution and monocular resolution are as high as 4320 × 2160 and 2160 × 2160, with a pixel density of 1058 PPI. Finally, the machine has the largest range of pupil distance adjustment among the three devices, which means that most users can find the most comfortable experience for their eyes.

Adventure VR series is equipped with massive film and television resources and built-in iqut cinema. It can watch all the contents of iqiyi and access to third-party film and television resources. However, in terms of game ecology, Adventure 3 still needs efforts. At present, the built-in game store only supports steam VR. At the time of sale, iqiyi promised to give the first owner of Adventure 3 the welfare of “downloading the full version of 30 games for free and owning them permanently”, and promised to launch free high-quality games every month, which can be seen as iqiyi’s determination to catch up ecologically.

Oculus quest2: appointed by meta

Oculus quest2 is the latest product of oculus, a subsidiary of meta. It is also a VR all-in-one machine with the highest sales volume in the world. It is said that the sales volume has exceeded 10 million units.

Oculus Quest 2 has a simple appearance, the main body is white, the front is oval, the edges and corners are round, and the whole is quite cute. In addition to the main machine, the machine also has two handles of the same style. The four corners of the host are respectively equipped with space positioning camera sensors. On the right side of the body are the switch keys and power indicator lights. On the left side are 3.5mm headphone jack and type-C interface. The head behind the body is fixed with elastic belt device.

The simple design makes the weight of oculus Quest 2 host only 503G, but the battery capacity is only 3640mah. Oculus quest2 adopts LCD screen with 4K definition, and the screen resolution and monocular resolution are 3664 respectively × 1920 and 1832 × 1920, with 773 PPI (pixel density), the refresh rate reaches 120Hz, and the CPU adopts Qualcomm snapdragon XR2 processor.

Oculus Quest 2 uses self-developed optical positioning and tracking technology. The positioning technology is the mainstream inside out technology, with 6DOF degrees of freedom and 100 degrees of field of view. It supports the functions of VR store, oculus and third-party video projector, including the functions of VR store and oculus, which can be installed on the computer without restrictions.

It is worth mentioning that oculus Quest 2 may be the best VR glasses in image presentation at present. After years of development, oculus Quest 2 has a relatively perfect game ecology. However, since activation needs to be connected to Facebook account, there is a technical threshold for domestic use. In addition, product warranty is also one of the obstacles to the popularization of oculus Quest 2.

VR all-in-one machine purchase guide:

There are many kinds of VR equipment products. In the years of VR equipment evolution, there have been many forms of products such as PC VR (computer VR), VR mobile phone box, etc., but finally “VR all-in-one” has become the mainstream track.

When purchasing VR all-in-one machine, you can pay attention to the following main parameters:

In short, DOF can only be used to move horizontally and vertically in VR space, while DOF can only be used to move horizontally and vertically in VR space, which is equivalent to three degrees of freedom for users. In short, DOF can only be used to move horizontally and vertically in VR space;

Positioning and field of view angle – inside out is the current mainstream positioning technology. The machine can scan the external environment for real-time positioning to form an internal VR space, and the field of view angle determines the viewing range of the lens when wearing the machine;

Image parameters and CPU – image parameters include screen resolution, refresh rate, pixel density and other parameters. Like traditional displays, the indicators of these parameters determine the fidelity of VR images; CPU is the processor, which determines the performance of the machine. Currently, Xiaolong XR2 is the most mainstream high-end VR processor;

Comfort – excluding hardware parameters, since the VR all-in-one machine needs to be worn on the head, the weight of the body and the material of the headgear are also important indicators.