The connection between blockchain technology and metaverse promotes the integration of virtual reality and creates a parallel world

Metaverse was first proposed in a science fiction novel, which points to the “ultimate form” of the Internet. The term “avalanche” was coined by Stephen Nelson, a science fiction writer in 1992,

This paper describes a world in which people interact with various software in three-dimensional space with virtual image. Metaverse refers to the integration of virtual reality and reality promoted by XR, AI, digital twins, blockchain and other technologies.

Blockchain is a new application model of computer technology, which has three types: common ownership, joint ownership and private ownership. Blockchain has two core characteristics: data is difficult to tamper with and decentralized. Based on these two characteristics, the information recorded by the blockchain is more authentic and reliable, which can help solve the problem of mutual distrust.

In fact, in short, metaverse, as a virtual space, means that people create a parallel world through AR, VR, blockchain and other technologies. Everyone must be familiar with the concept of parallel world, because many films, TV dramas, comics and novels have launched the scene of parallel world. It can be said that people are very eager to create a parallel world.

In fact, blockchain is only a component of metaverse. As a part, it does not account for much. Some people mistakenly believe that metaverse is a blockchain, but this is wrong. Metaverse is only related to blockchain in form, and it also contains many contents. In our future exploration, we should not confuse blockchain with metaverse, otherwise it will hinder the development of metaverse.

The biggest function of blockchain is that it can connect many high and new technologies together, so that they can play the effect and role of “1 + 1 > 2”. In this case, the blockchain is more like a “polymer” of various new technologies than an independent individual. It can be said that in the ecology of blockchain, new technologies have the opportunity to develop into a highly integrated individual.