NFT provides a value consensus for metaverse

Metaverse and this blockchain are inseparable. In the future, metaverse will certainly be an important development direction of blockchain. The concept of metaverse comes from the science fiction avalanche published by American writer Neil Stephenson in 1992. It is a virtual world that reflects the real world and is independent of the real world. The most interesting thing about metaverse is not its construction at the technical level. The existing human technologies, whether from network speed, VR devices or digital devices, are enough to build a condition for metaverse. The key is to change each other’s social way. Metaverse is actually a social way.

For example, if you don’t want or need to intersect with someone in the real world, you can intersect with him in the virtual world. This is a way of socializing. But there is a very important problem. If you are in such a virtual environment, you are wearing a VR. Like the sword God domain animation, you meet some people in another world. Metaverse has a huge social tribe. Such a world is controlled by a few companies, Its value system is also controlled by this company.

Now VR technology is very mature. With the arrival of 5g, there is enough network speed. Now accessing data from the Internet is faster than accessing data with mechanical hard disk, so there is no problem with this hardware. So how to build the value system requires blockchain technology. For example, if you build a metaverse world through the Ethereum network, there are certain rules on how much of Ethereum’s total circulation volume and who owns it. The value has to be anchored. It can’t be distributed indiscriminately, and there is a consensus.

If all my values, all my things and goods in this virtual world are NFT, and there is a pledge of Ethereum in it, then in an illusory world of metaverse, its value system is constructed, and a contractor of metaverse, in the case of such NFT and value system, you don’t need to be a company, You can combine many companies to do it. For example, Tencent is a corner of the world. For example, in the game world, you have pledged a lot of Ethereum game items and play strange games in it. Moreover, you can cross these worlds, which becomes very fun. If the value system in your world is not common, Metaverse is just a bubble. But if you have the value multiple of NFT, the software will work. Therefore, as a development of metaverse in the future, NFT will be the most important direction of blockchain.

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