What are metaverse and NFT?

The hottest entrepreneurial concepts this year are metaverse and NFT. Now you don’t know what metaverse is and what NFT is. You’re embarrassed to talk about entrepreneurship. So what exactly is metaverse? Is it capital speculation? What does metaverse have to do with NFT?

Let’s talk about the conclusion first. Personally, I think metaverse can really change the future and has great potential. Metaverse, in short, is a digital virtual space. It can be regarded as the digital part of our real universe. You can play games, socialize, create, live, work and even make money in metaverse. You may say that this is not new. It is not just playing games. There have been games before, such as what kind of SIMS, and later my world. Aren’t these open creative games similar? Indeed, conceptually, these are similar to metaverse. Or it can be regarded as the rudiment of metaverse, but the biggest difference between metaverse and these rudiments is realism. The sense of reality is divided into three levels. Let’s discuss it first.

The first level is the realism of the human body. Think about it. When you play a game, or use a mobile phone, or use a handle, or use a mouse, you must follow the rules of operation in the game if you want to control this character. You can control the character to go left and right, but there are several fixed actions over and over again. What about you in reality? You’ll stretch and yawn, and your game characters won’t be able to do that. In the game, being beaten will only reduce the blood bar, but in reality, if you are beaten, you will really feel pain. In reality? When you talk to people, you may make a micro expression that you understand me. It’s better than a thousand words. But in the game, you can’t find this sense of reality, so these are the sense of reality at the human level.

The second level of reality is the reality of the world. In the real universe, there are grass growing and Orioles flying in spring, frogs and cicadas chirping in summer, and the breeze blowing over the flower field will bring fragrance. When a stone is dropped from the calm water, ripples will appear. All things in the real world and their changes make us feel alive. In these existing games, we obviously can’t perceive such a detailed thing. The third level of reality is the reality of experience. In reality, we make friends, fall in love, get married, have children and start a family. We pay our labor to work in exchange for salary to support our family. However, in the current game, we play strange upgrade. What about the money? It can only be used in the game. In the game, the things we create cannot be connected with the real world. Virtual is always virtual, even if you are in the virtual world, in real life, it may be just a loser, then this is the reality of experience. Therefore, the reason why metaverse can be called the universe is to realize the reality of human body, the reality of the world and the reality of experience in the virtual world. To connect the virtual world with the real world, metaverse is not a technology in essence, but a high integration of a series of related technologies. For example, to realize the reality of human body, VR technology, AR technology, visual capture technology and brain computer interface technology are needed. To realize the reality of the world, we need to develop big data and 3D digital model technology to a considerable height. To realize the reality of experience, blockchain technology, especially NFT technology, needs to develop to a considerable height. Then, in order to support the massive data operation and transmission requirements required by metaverse. It also requires cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5g or even 6G technology to reach a considerable height. The word metaverse was first proposed in science fiction as early as 1992, but it was not really valued by everyone until this year, because at this time, the reserve technology in all aspects has reached a considerable height, although it is not perfect, But the sense of reality has become stronger and stronger. At least we can see the hope that metaverse can realize.

Therefore, we can see that a series of major manufacturers have started to take action this year. Tencent has registered a series of trademarks of metaverse, and has acquired VR helmet manufacturer bird look. Facebook announced that it is a metaverse company, while Microsoft announced the launch of enterprise metaverse service. Another concept often mentioned with metaverse is NFT. NFT is a new application of blockchain technology. It is translated as non homogenous token, and the opposite is homogenous token. That is, what we usually know as virtual currency, homogeneous token? Like bitcoin, a bitcoin is completely equivalent to another bitcoin, while an NFT and another NFT are completely two things. It must correspond to specific digital assets, mainly for the purpose of confirming the rights of digital assets. For example, literary works, music works and film and television works in the real world have clear copyright ownership, but, Avatars in the virtual world, expression packs, digital paintings, and even houses built by yourself in the game, how can these things determine the ownership of property rights? NFT is used for this purpose. It provides a tool for confirming rights and property rights trading for virtual digital assets. So NFT is to get through the assets in metaverse and real assets.

The digital assets you live and work in metaverse can be connected with your real assets through NFT. NFT can be said to be one of the infrastructure of metaverse. Of course, these are not meant to be investment references, but just to popularize the concepts of metaverse and NFT. After all, every time a new concept comes out, there is always a lot of cheating under the banner of the new concept. Everyone, you still have to polish your eyes. This article originated from the “metaverse business information” public platform and is not allowed to be reproduced without authorization.