After the two sessions, these cities began to rush to metaverse

Many places have written metaverse into the government work report and began to seize the future track of this digital economy.   

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2021 is the first year of metaverse. With the keen attention of the government, institutions, enterprises and the public, the relevant dynamics of metaverse affect all walks of life, and the world’s major economies are discussing it.

Metaverse also became a hot word again at the just concluded two sessions in 2022.

“We should promote the development of digital economy, strengthen the overall layout of Digital China Construction, build digital information infrastructure, promote industrial digital transformation, accelerate the development of industrial Internet and improve the governance of digital economy.” This year’s government work report has pointed out the direction for the development of digital economy.

Several representatives and members proposed that metaverse should be guided to “combine reality with reality”, accelerate the implementation of scenario, commercialization and industrialization, and help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Many places have written metaverse into the government work report and began to seize the future track of this digital economy.

As an integrated innovation and integration application based on Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other technologies, metaverse is expected to bring the development of digital economy to a new height.

Metaverse is ultimately rational

In March 2021, “metaverse’s first share” roblox was listed, which became the starting point for detonating the concept of metaverse. In October of the same year, Facebook was renamed meta (the prefix of metaverse metaverse), which became a landmark event in the development history of metaverse. Under the storm, global technology giants are competing to make efforts, and the capital market is also surging.

But at the same time, many people in the industry represented by musk and Liu Cixin questioned metaverse. In February 2022, roblox and meta released their financial reports for the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2021 respectively, which were significantly lower than expected, and the voice of singing Down metaverse reached the climax.

Under various disputes, the attitude of people from all walks of life towards metaverse began to become rational. In the past two sessions of the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress, many representatives and members also basically agreed, and proposed to be vigilant against metaverse’s “avoiding the truth and avoiding the falsehood” and try to avoid the phenomenon of hype by using metaverse.

Ma Huateng is one of the first leaders in China’s Internet field to pay attention to the concept of metaverse. The concept of “Quanzhen Internet” proposed by him at the end of 2020 is similar to metaverse. As a deputy to the National People’s Congress, he submitted a proposal on the digital economy this year, which mentioned that with the rise of new concepts such as metaverse, NFT and Web3, speculation and avoidance in some fields have emerged, bringing new risks and hidden dangers in the fields of finance, technology and social governance.

Wan Jie, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Yachang culture group, also believes that metaverse is still in the initial stage of development. Some enterprises and capital follow the rhythm of the wind and use the concept of metaverse to hype and illegally raise funds, such as fabricating false metaverse investment projects, maliciously hyping metaverse real estate for money, selling metaverse virtual currency for illegal profits, etc., to mislead the market. It may also make security risks such as theft or abuse of user information more prominent, more complex and more hidden.

Gao Yu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and executive director of Chongqing Puyu science and technology innovation center, regarded metaverse as a typical “double-edged sword” of science and technology application. Tan Jianfeng, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Shanghai Zhongren Network Security Technology Co., Ltd., said that the soaring of metaverse concept stocks should be treated rationally to avoid the impact of “metaverse” community on financial and economic models.

How to strengthen the supervision of metaverse’s economic activities has become a “must answer” in the process of metaverse’s development. On behalf of the committee members, they put forward a number of suggestions.

The Central Committee of the China Democratic League (hereinafter referred to as “the Central Committee of the China Democratic League”) suggested that relevant departments should organize experts and scholars to carry out rational knowledge dissemination, popularize and publicize “metaverse” related knowledge, technology, regulations and risks to the society, and improve people’s awareness and discrimination. Relevant departments should also speed up legislative research as soon as possible and form a governance model and legal basis suitable for technology and market development as soon as possible.

Wanjie also believes that it is necessary to strengthen supervision, restrict the development of metaverse at the technical level, legal level and moral and ethical level, and clarify the legal nature, transaction mode, supervision subject and supervision mode. In addition, this requires relevant departments to actively carry out risk research and judgment to further improve prevention awareness and means.

Gao Yu believes that if metaverse law is introduced, it must contain at least three parts: the reconstruction and adjustment of real law to guide the standardization of virtual subject personality; Legal norms such as transactions, data and security to ensure the normal operation of “metaverse” economic and social system; Laws and regulations regulating the development and application of “metaverse”.

Tan Jianfeng pointed out that on the basis of adhering to the bottom line and red line, supervision should step up the formulation of corresponding norms and rules, guide social capital to invest in the field of originality and leading innovation, break through existing constraints and provide a certain degree of inclusiveness for industrial development. We should also pay attention to building the core competitiveness of the national digital economy with technology, do a good job in data security protection, and effectively prevent the superposition of various risks such as various technologies, markets and businesses.

He suggested that the relevant government departments should take the lead to supervise the enterprises operating online communities, online games and online transactions with the concept of “metaverse” in accordance with the national network security law, data security law, personal information protection law and the announcement on preventing the financing risk of token issuance.

Technology and application should be grasped with both hands

In addition to strengthening supervision, several representatives and members put forward specific suggestions on the future direction of metaverse, aiming to guide metaverse to exert its positive influence in the digital economy.

On the one hand, many representatives mentioned the need to strengthen the research on metaverse related underlying technologies, including 5g / 6G, big data, AI, blockchain, etc., and give full play to the multi-party integration of enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities.

The Central Committee of the China Association for the promotion of democracy suggested that we should solidly promote basic digital technology research, give full play to the role of enterprises, scientific research institutes and laboratories, promote the integration and innovation of digital technology, application scenarios and business models, open the construction investment of digital infrastructure, guide the participation of social capital, and encourage financial institutions to innovate products and services, Increase support for the core industries of the digital economy.

The NLD Central Committee also suggested to strengthen the directional guidance of metaverse at the technical level, continue to pay attention to and continue to promote the underlying technologies involved in “metaverse”, such as 5g / 6G, big data, AI, blockchain, Satellite Internet, space earth integration network and other emerging technologies, and support comprehensive integration technologies for different applications.

Zhang Ying, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, stressed that we should speed up the tackling of key technologies, focus on key core technologies such as new generation communication, intelligent interaction, computing chip, digital tools and new sensor technology, and encourage enterprises and scientific research institutions to actively participate in the formulation of relevant national and international standards and master the voice of scientific and technological development.

Kong Fulong, deputy to the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Jiangxi Rural Credit Cooperatives Federation, proposed to establish a national metaverse R & D institution and strengthen capital, talent and incentive support to provide solid support for promoting the independent and controllable development of metaverse.

On the other hand, it is also an important direction to guide metaverse to “combine reality with reality”, accelerate the implementation of scenario, commercialization and industrialization, and help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Ma Huateng mentioned in his proposal that digital technology enterprises are becoming a powerful assistant for the digital transformation and upgrading of the real economy, and many traditional industries are being activated by digitization.

Liu Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Jiadu technology group, believes that since “metaverse” is a good starting point for the formation of a new social relations platform with virtual and real integration, immersion and interaction and complete normative system, it can be considered to guide the online industrialization of tourism, commerce, culture and other industries damaged by the offline epidemic.

He suggested that the pilot cities with high openness, strong public service capacity, strong financial strength and representative cities should be selected, such as building “metaverse Shanghai” and “metaverse Guangzhou”, providing virtual digital experience of urban culture and urban tourism, and carrying out personalized virtual scene services. On this basis, explore the establishment of virtual economy rule system and promote the standardized application of new technologies such as digital currency and digital assets.

Kong FaLong also mentioned in his proposal to expand the application scenarios of metaverse, create a number of scene demonstration applications such as “metaverse + Advanced Manufacturing” and “metaverse + modern agriculture”, and promote the industrialization, commercialization and ecology of metaverse.

Wan Jie believes that the cultural industry also needs to seize the opportunities brought by “metaverse”. “Metaverse is a world of virtual and reality integration. Whether museums, libraries and publishing houses with a large number of traditional cultural resources IP, universities and scientific research institutes with strong R & D capabilities, as well as science and technology enterprises that have taken the lead in mastering leading technologies such as big data, digital acquisition, virtual reality and VR equipment, they have gained a lot in the new track of ‘metaverse’ Tianduhou’s advantage. Government departments should give priority to providing targeted support and guidance to these units and institutions, and give full play to the advantages of massive data and rich application scenarios. “

Which cities are scrambling for beach layout?

Looking forward to the development of metaverse in 2022, many places will write it into local government work reports and plans, and the scene and industrialization of metaverse may be accelerated.

The work report of Chengdu municipal government mentioned in the work arrangement of 2022 that it is necessary to accelerate the layout of new economic and new tracks, vigorously develop the digital economy, make good use of advantageous tracks such as network information security and Supercomputing Center, accelerate the development of emerging tracks such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, and actively seize future tracks such as quantum communication and metaverse, Strive to make the added value of core industries of digital economy account for more than 12.8% of regional GDP.

The work report of Hefei municipal government also mentioned in the work arrangement of 2022 that it is expected to make a forward-looking layout of future industries, target cutting-edge fields such as quantum information, nuclear energy technology, metaverse, superconducting technology and precision medicine, and create a number of pilot enterprises, cutting-edge technologies and high-end products.

The work report of Wuhan municipal government proposes to improve the development level of digital economy, accelerate the growth of digital industry, promote the integration of metaverse, big data, 5g, cloud computing, blockchain, geospatial information and quantum technology with the real economy, build a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone, and build five digital economy industrial parks such as Xiaomi science and technology park.

The work report of Haikou municipal government mentioned that Fuxing City Industrial Park should speed up the construction of projects such as international digital port, national cultural export base, national blockchain technology and industrial innovation and development base, metaverse industrial base and integrated circuit public service platform, so as to expand the innovation and entrepreneurship space of young people. It is worth noting that by the end of 2021, Netease has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sanya Municipal Government of Hainan Province, which will set up Netease Hainan headquarters in Sanya and build Netease metaverse industrial base project.

According to the work report of Nanchang municipal government, it is necessary to build an important exhibition destination in China and host a series of major activities such as 2022 World VR · metaverse industry conference, 2022 China Aviation Industry Conference and Nanchang flight conference. Previously, Jiangxi Provincial Department of science and technology has announced that it will position 2022 as a breakthrough year for the development quality of VR industry, strive to achieve an operating revenue of 80 billion yuan for VR and related industries this year, and said it will explore the establishment of metaverse alliance to support the planning and construction of metaverse pilot zone in Nanchang.

The work report of Baoding Municipal government mentioned in the work arrangement for 2022 that in combination with the development plan of the capital metropolitan area, it is necessary to fully connect the Beijing industrial chain, vigorously implement the “five ones” action of Beijing Baoding cooperation, and actively plan future industries such as integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, expanding reality and ultra-high definition display, blockchain, interactive entertainment, metaverse, new cell therapy and gene editing, Strive to make the breakthrough of cutting-edge technology, the application of advanced ideas and the experience of future life, and make every effort to build an open and shared industry university research laboratory.

Not only the government work report, many places have put metaverse on the agenda in other plans.

On December 30, 2021, the 14th five year plan for the development of Shanghai’s Electronic Information Industry issued by Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology proposed to strengthen the forward-looking research and development of metaverse’s underlying core technology and basic capabilities, promote the development of new terminals that deepen perceptual interaction and the construction of systematic virtual content, and explore industrial applications.

On January 5, 2022, the guiding opinions on the construction of future industrial pilot areas in Zhejiang Province issued by the office of Zhejiang digital economy development leading group mentioned that metaverse is one of the layout areas of key future industrial pilot areas in Zhejiang from 2023, alongside artificial intelligence, blockchain and third-generation semiconductor; Zhejiang will accelerate the construction of open innovation platforms in brain computer cooperation, virtual reality, blockchain and other fields to promote industrial technology empowerment and integrated innovation.

At the press conference of “promoting the development of the capital in a new era” at the fifth session of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress on January 7, 2022, Wang Lei, member and deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, introduced that Beijing will start the construction of the urban super Computing Center, promote the establishment of a new innovation consortium of metaverse, and explore the construction of metaverse industrial cluster.

On February 23, 2022, Tongzhou District Government of Beijing issued several measures on accelerating the innovation and leading development of metaverse in Beijing Sub Center, which proposed to encourage the development of early and long-term investment, rely on Tongzhou Industrial guidance fund, adopt the method of “master Fund + direct investment” and combine other social capital to create a fund covering metaverse industry. This will also be the first metaverse fund in China.

It can be predicted that under the effects of legislative addition, effective supervision, technology R & D and capital assistance, metaverse will bring new opportunities for the development of China’s digital economy and enable China to occupy an international competitive advantage in the Internet 4.0 era.

Write at the end

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In December 2021, the “visionary vision – metaverse industry insight report” released by yiou think tank pointed out that at this stage, immersive interactive content, interactive hardware, cloud computing, engine tools and security technology are the main growth points in the field of metaverse, which will enable all walks of life in the future, and the overall market scale will exceed US $6 trillion in 2030.

In February 2022, the book metaverse and carbon neutralization, jointly produced by China Translation Press, Guofu capital, yiou think tank and metaverse 30 people forum, was released (click the end of the text to read the original purchase). The book points out that metaverse, as a collection field of a series of technological innovation and scene digital intelligence interaction, will also contribute digital power to China’s “3060” double carbon goal.

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