One picture decoding: hot capital circle! “Crazy metaverse” is heading for the future

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In 2021, the concept of “metaverse” spread all over the capital circle. When the capital reveled in this regard, most people may not understand what “metaverse” is? So, now let’s “get in the car”!

In 1981, Professor verno Vinci, an American mathematician and computer expert, creatively conceived a virtual world through brain computer interface to enter and obtain sensory experience; In 1992, Neal Stephenson first proposed the concept of metaverse in his sci-fi novel avalanche, which described “metaverse as an illusory space in which each user has his own avatar and can do anything”; In 2009, the game “my world” was launched. Players can build buildings, interact with friends and create unlimited works in the three-dimensional space of the game. It is considered to be one of the most popular “metaverse concept Games”; In 2018, the metaverse film “the number one player” was released. The plot tells that players enter a virtual world called “oasis” through VR, and the concept of metaverse was vividly displayed in front of the public; In 2021, the first stock of metaverse, roblox, was listed. Since then, the concept of metaverse has become popular all over the world.

With the emergence of “metaverse”, people’s definition of metaverse is gradually clear. Professor Chen Gang and Dr. Dong Haoyu of Peking University believe that “metaverse is a virtual world that uses scientific and technological means to link and create, map and interact with the real world, and has a digital living space of a new social system.”