What is metaverse? What are the eight elements of metaverse?

What is metaverse

Liu Yexi, who rose more than 2 million fans by one video? More than 70 million videos are played in a single video, including movie level visual effects and thriller storylines. However, these are not the focus of the explosion. The focus is that this work once again pushes the concept of metaverse to our ordinary people. Then many people will ask, what is metaverse? In a word, in the next five years and ten years, mankind may live in a new world form of virtual reality coexistence. So in order to catch the train, 9 billion just bought a VR company. Facebook, with a market value of 900 billion, changed its name to meta and moved metaverse directly to the front of the stage. Tencent also registered QQMetaverse, Kwai Kwai registered fast Metaverse, Iqiyi registered Metaverse, even ideal car registered an ideal universe, in fact, these internet giants are in the preoccupation of the next network age commanding heights. Reminder: you can follow the “metaverse business information” public platform, download the metaverse in-depth report, and update the articles related to metaverse every day.

So, metaverse, in short, is the head companies in the future. Each company will create a parallel universe for us. You can be a president in this company and a beggar in another company. What connects all universes is a common link, called blockchain, which can ensure that your data in every world is true, effective and tamperable. So in metaverse, the value you complete in any world can be converted into money in another world to restart the game.

Eight elements of metaverse

In metaverse’s world, each meta universe has eight elements, the first is called identity, and the second is called friend. The friends you make in metaverse may be real people, or they may just be AI in the universe. The third is immersion, and the fourth is low latency. So if you’ve seen the number one player and out of control player, you know this scene. The moment you put on the device, you’re completely immersed in this metaverse. The fifth is diversification, and the sixth is anywhere. Diversification means that you can be a pet, an emperor or a cosmic warrior. You can have a role in any universe. Anywhere means that you can enter metaverse anytime and anywhere. In one universe, when the king leaves a lot of money, you can exchange it for gold coins of other universes, and then be a dog in another universe, Eat every day.

There are also two very important elements in metaverse, one is economy and the other is civilization. Therefore, based on the blockchain, the data in any metaverse cannot be tampered with. You can enjoy life and create life in any universe you like. It is very fair. At the same time, you can change it into money and continue to enjoy another life in another universe. The way of currency exchange must be related to the development of economy and civilization between metaverse, so will you panic or look forward to the complete establishment of metaverse ecology in ten years?

When the virtual and real world are completely interspersed, we will find that our identity can have a second person and a third person. Our friends may not be real people, or they may span time and space, or even species. Immersion is everything possible. Today, you may dare to do all the things you dare to do in another virtual world because you are timid. Warm tip: for more information about and metaverse, you can obtain metaverse in-depth reports on the “metaverse business information” platform. 1000 + metaverse reports are updated every day. Remember to pay attention to them.