Chen Gen: what is apple doing without participating in the metaverse carnival?

On March 11, USPTO announced an Apple patent called “bionic virtual conference room communication system and method”. The patent describes a communication system compatible with computers, AR / VR glasses, tablets, smart phones and other devices. People can represent themselves through dynamic and card avatars and conduct online meetings in a virtual environment with a sense of presence.

Let’s first understand the “bionic virtual conference room communication system and method” through the published patent pictures.

The patent number is us20220076478. The inventor was Eberhard Schmidt, co-founder and general manager of eye tracking company SMI (acquired by Apple). Apple’s patent describes in detail the implementation of the virtual conference, including how to synchronize the scene, virtual image and other image information on a variety of different devices, and use the virtual avatar to display the user’s biometrics and dynamic changes. The appearance of the virtual avatar can be set according to the user’s preferences and the purpose / theme of the meeting. You can choose an abstract or realistic appearance.

In short, this technology is to realize the digital twinning of personnel through Apple’s virtual reality system and Apple’s hardware combination system, and participate in the meeting with the help of the virtual reality conference system.

So what does Apple’s patent show us? That is the pragmatism of these technology giants in the United States towards technology. They will not participate in the term Carnival of metaverse. They are very low-key to carry out their own R & D and exploration according to the possible direction of future technology.

Therefore, for apple, it is very clear that it must be R & D to promote technology advance, and it should commercialize this R & D on a large scale. In the process of transforming laboratory research into commercialization, it can not be solved by today’s empty talk and carnival, but by the improvement of the whole technology industry chain.

In this process, if any link of the whole industrial chain fails to keep up, the commercialization of technology may not be realized normally. So, when we revel in the term metaverse today, what are we reveling in the end? As I mentioned before, when we really realize the importance of metaverse, we will be respectful, and we will have no extra time to spend on these meaningless noun carnivals. We will realize that in the face of possible metaverse in the future, none of our entire technology industry chain has mastered the core technology, except for various theoretical research reports and metaverse carnivals in various science fiction ways.

When we revel in the term metaverse, apple is quietly making breakthroughs and R & D from the underlying industry technology of metaverse in various ways. And constantly explore the possible development and implementation direction of metaverse through the breakthrough of underlying technology and product construction.

For American technology giants, the term and concept carnival is meaningless, because these nihilistic term carnivals can not enhance their core technological competitiveness. The real core is its own core technical strength and the commercial products and systems built around technology.

These terms have no meaning for apple, especially for them. Whether we call it big data, the Internet, or the mobile Internet, or the hanging metaverse, or a new term in the future, these are not important.

The important thing is that they can master the core underlying technology, predict the development direction of science and technology, and develop their own core technology in advance before the day when science and technology is realized in advance, which is the focus of their attention. This pragmatic attitude towards technology and the awe of science and technology are the key we should learn.