What is the relationship between metaverse and Dao?

What is Dao? With the development of blockchain technology, Web3 Some applications in the 0 era have gradually exceeded their original technical scope and began to penetrate into all aspects of our daily life, of which Dao is the best example. The full name of Dao is decentralized autonomous organization, that is, decentralized autonomous organization. It is one of the blockchain concepts most concerned by money circle leaders. Different from the traditional form of enterprise or social organization, decentralized autonomous organization has no nested power levels. It is a flat structure that pursues equality and common governance. For example, some enterprises now basically have various positions from the board of directors to grass-roots employees. Compared with the division of labor, they may not really have decision-making power, which may be less than one tenth of the total number. Although this organizational structure can improve the operation efficiency of the whole enterprise, it also brings more risks.

If the managers in power are selfish, they may make some decisions that are very harmful to the enterprise. In this case, the interests of others, especially grass-roots employees, cannot be guaranteed, and they have no way to stop it. In the metaverse world, because everyone hides behind the digital avatar, it is difficult to find out even if they make mistakes, so this risk becomes more serious, If the enterprises or organizations in metaverse still adopt the traditional hierarchical structure, other people except the management will become leeks, and their interests can not be guaranteed. In order to change this situation, Dao came into being. In the Dao, all members can decide the code of conduct of the whole organization in advance, and then publish it on the blockchain in the form of smart contract. Once the smart contract is released, it will run for a long time, and no one can modify it without permission.

Under his constraints, all people’s roles must comply with the organization’s code of conduct, or they will be automatically blocked by the program. This is the so-called code, that is, the law. In addition, every member of Dao has equal management rights of roles, and everyone can put forward their own ideas, Moreover, all ideas need to be voted by members before they can be formally implemented, which avoids some inherent risks in the traditional organization form. Therefore, Dao is very important to metaverse. He has maintained the fairness of the metaverse world and ensured that everyone can equally participate in various digital economic activities. Now, with the rapid development of metaverse, a variety of Dao organizations have begun to come into our view, such as the recently popular people and SOS.

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