Ordinary people jointly create online “metaverse”, and secret technology has obtained tens of millions of angel round financing

Recently, Mijing technology announced that it has obtained tens of millions of angel round financing from a number of strategic investors.

It is understood that this round of financing will be mainly used for the research and development of “genme studio (Chinese Name: Secret environment artifact)” codeless development engine, the construction of UGC (user generated content) platform, developer ecological support, etc.

Li Wei, CEO of Mijing technology, has successively served as COO of China mobile game and Wanda game, When talking about the company’s vision, he said: “What we hope to build is an online metaverse based on offline real secret escape shops and script killing shops. Offline creators can perfectly online offline secret rooms and script killing scenes through ' genme studio secret environment artifact ' and even add many new playing methods and mechanisms such as game interaction, puzzle solving and camp confrontation. In this In the crossing world composed of title and script killing, users will no longer be limited by time and region, and can enjoy all kinds of entertainment products. In this world, everyone is a creator and everyone is also a user. “

Secret environment technology hopes that through advanced virtual reality technology, an ordinary user who does not know how to write code can easily move the offline secret room escape, script killing, movies, bars and other entertainment experiences to the network as long as a simple shooting equipment or even a mobile phone, and make new friends in the virtual world. It can be expected that in the near future, we can not only “King” and “eat chicken” together online, but also play a secret room of our own “starring” and escape.

In the whole process of online secret room escape product development, Li Wei said that secret environment technology not only provides development tools, but also devotes itself to formulating standardized processes from script design to shooting and development, and provides professional and simple training mechanism and competition mechanism.

In the future, secret technology will enable more film and television lovers and secret room lovers to produce high-quality online secret escape products through “genme studio secret artifact”, so that more users can experience their works.

In terms of content, Mijing technology will enrich the content line by means of industry cooperation and self-made products. At present, Mijing technology has contacted more than 100 businesses in offline secret escape gathering places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu for cooperation and communication. Dozens of secret rooms have entered the negotiation and signing process. It is expected that there will be more than 30 cooperative secret rooms in 2022.