“Metaverse” voice of the two sessions: calling for top-level design to prevent loopholes and cut leeks

Our reporter Li Yuyang and Li Zhenghao reported from Shanghai

Metaverse is becoming one of the hot topics of this year’s national two sessions. This concept, which has swept the world since the second half of 2021, is still hot after entering 2022. Previously, Wuhan, Hefei, Chengdu and other places have written metaverse into local government work reports, and Shanghai, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities have begun to layout metaverse related industries, clarifying the development direction of metaverse in the planning.

The reporter of China business daily noted that in order to promote the development of China’s metaverse industry, the representatives and members of the two sessions suggested that the government should not only encourage the research and development of core technologies and strengthen the top-level design of “metaverse China”, but also step up the formulation of corresponding guidelines and rules to prevent individuals from exploiting the “loopholes” of policy dividends and cutting the “leeks” of investors.

Metaverse has done a lot

“Metaverse is a virtual world that uses scientific and technological means to link and create, map and interact with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system.” Tan Jianfeng, member of the CPPCC National Committee, President of the fifth space information technology research institute and honorary president of Shanghai Information Security Industry Association, is so popular. Metaverse can be simply understood as “a 3D version of the Internet” and “an artificial space running parallel to the real world”.

Zhou Hongyi, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and founder of 360 group, said: “metaverse is the highest level of digitization. It is a kind of digital twin. It makes many physical devices in the real world unable to calculate things. After virtualization, metaverse can calculate, simulate and simulate. Metaverse finally serves the real world.” In his opinion, metaverse will be widely used in digitization, industrial digitization, industrial Internet, Internet of vehicles and smart city in the future.

Gong Fuwen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and member of the Central Committee of the rural labor party, said that the current century’s changes and the century’s epidemic situation are intertwined and superimposed, economic globalization has encountered a countercurrent, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform have accelerated the evolution, and the forward-looking layout and development of metaverse is an important practical path to expand and strengthen the digital economy, seize the commanding heights of future competition and grasp the initiative of development.

To this end, Liu Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Jiadu technology group, suggested to speed up the building of “metaverse China” digital economy, constantly enrich and improve its content, and promote legislation in the field of virtual digital economy; Organize demonstration and overall planning as soon as possible, and issue the top-level design scheme of “metaverse China”; Organize experts from all aspects to fully demonstrate the necessity and feasibility of building metaverse as soon as possible, form overall guiding principles, and clarify the overall construction objectives and stage objectives.

In terms of technological innovation, Zhang Ying, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, suggested that we should speed up the tackling of key technologies, focus on the core technologies such as the new generation of communication, intelligent interaction, computing chip, digital tools and new sensor technology, and form the development orientation of “strengthening reality with virtual reality” of metaverse.

Wan Jie, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Yachang culture group, also expressed similar views. He believed that we should encourage hardware and technological innovation, such as underlying cloud computing, 5g communication, artificial intelligence and big data, as well as immersive hardware technologies such as VR / AR / MR and virtual human interaction technologies. He suggested that government enterprise linkage and industrial alliance should work together to layout infrastructure and technological innovation, At the same time, we should encourage innovation in application scenarios and form a new ecosystem of “metaverse +”.

Prevent drilling metaverse loopholes

Of course, in the face of metaverse, which is still hot and even a little over hyped, many representatives and members also pointed out that we should think coldly about it.

“At present, the in-depth thinking and calm analysis of metaverse are relatively absent.” Wan Jie believes that metaverse is just an emerging thing that has not yet taken shape, and its relevant application scenarios are still in the initial stage of development, while routines and scams under the banner of metaverse have been breeding signs, and some enterprises and capital follow the rhythm of the wind, blindly invest, rush to register business marks, mislead the market and other behaviors occur frequently.

Ma Huateng, deputy to the National People’s Congress, chairman of Tencent’s board of directors and CEO, also mentioned that with the rise of new concepts such as metaverse, NFT and Web3, speculation and avoiding the truth have appeared in some fields, bringing new risks and hidden dangers in the fields of finance, technology and social governance.

The Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress should speed up the construction of the ethical protection system and the operation of the data security system of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress.

Tan Jianfeng said that from the perspective of the development history of the Internet, the public opinion governance, transaction supervision, personal privacy protection and even the maintenance of national sovereignty in the network virtual society are severe challenges, which are still being explored and improved. Metaverse will bring greater challenges to the above problems. At present, NFT virtual artworks based on blockchain Technology (such as cartoon portraits and electronic oil paintings) have become popular in metaverse, but the supervision is difficult to implement, which may form a new channel for money laundering.

He said that in order to deepen the development of digital economy, we must integrate with the real economy. But at the same time, we should guard against capital utilization of national development planning and hot spot concepts, and create new virtual economic bubbles.

How to strengthen the supervision of metaverse? Tan Jianfeng pointed out that on the basis of adhering to the bottom line and red line, supervision should step up the formulation of corresponding norms and rules, guide social capital to invest in the field of originality and leading innovation, break through existing constraints and provide a certain degree of inclusiveness for industrial development. In addition, he also suggested that we should pay attention to building the core competitiveness of the national digital economy with technology, do a good job in data security protection, and effectively prevent the superposition of various risks such as technology, market and business.

Wan Jie also said that in line with the principle of two pronged approach, strengthening supervision and encouraging innovation should go hand in hand, but supervision should take the lead in innovation and seize the opportunities brought by metaverse.

(Editor: Wu Qing proofreader: Yan Jingning)