Sina’s focus on “detective 7” metaverse is set with full feeling, and the collegial panel calls for science and technology to still comply with ethics

The fifth case (middle) (second)

It’s double happiness!

A6021 games were disfigured and found Zhen Meili plastic surgery hospital

The most popular “Zhang Ruoyun template” in 2060 was selected

Da Qingcang said that this template will last for a long time

He also ridiculed Zhang Ruoyun as a “Chinese handsome man”

On the other side, Captain Wu and co pilot Pu heard the emotional line

Immediately switch to “eat melon” mode

Output reaction while listening

Second change “eat melon” conference at the crime scene

in body search

You happen to master chilen’s “modus operandi”

He picked up the hem with both hands and squeezed the black scarf

Directly opened the handsome mode

Daqingcang asked when he saw his appearance

“Do you want to be handsome?”

what research was screened as an experiment

Memory was gradually restored after treatment

Think of rongna Lisa as her mother

So I changed the plane route and wanted to go home with my mother

I quietly hugged Rong while she was sleeping

Rongna Lisa, who learned the truth, also had red eyes

After suffering, they finally recognized each other and hugged each other tightly

This scene directly shows people crying

Zhang’s game uses three dimensions to repeat the timeline

Simplify the original abstract case

The whole process is clear and logical

No loss is a high-energy player

this issue is full of science and technology

Everyone has their own portable “metaverse space”

Not only the privacy is excellent, but also the space can be customized

It’s a super real immersive experience

But under the beautiful appearance

Still exposed the “tragic” side

What game uses technology to hurt others

Daqingcang’s daughter indulges in “pocket space” and “sudden death”

Zhen constantly carries out “human experiment” for “genius medicine”

Subsequent developments have also turned to uncontrollable aspects

information technology is a double-edged sword

In this session of the collegial panel, the judges pointed out that

Traditional crimes have been gradually networked

At the same time, it also reminds everyone to pay attention to their own information security

Don’t let criminals take advantage of it

at the same time, the judges also proposed

The development of human science and technology must abide by ethics

This is not just a moral requirement

It is also a requirement of the law

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