Open world games: the product form closest to metaverse architecture

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Since 2021, “metaverse” has rapidly entered people’s vision and attracted a lot of attention. What is metaverse? How will metaverse affect our lives? Up to now, open world games may be the product form closest to metaverse architecture. In open world games, identity is the entrance and carrier of user experience. Similarly, in metaverse, user identity is not only the entrance to obtain metaverse experience, but also the carrier of digital assets.

At present, with the popularity of metaverse, opening the world game market may benefit from the accelerated investment layout of technology giants and game manufacturers, so as to achieve rapid growth. Recently, the open source securities media team released the industry in-depth report “metaverse series 3: Open World Games – open growth space, engine, design and IP building capabilities or key to victory – industry in-depth report”, which provides you with an in-depth analysis of the development trend and business model of the open game world Looking for game developers who can stand out from the perspective of design and IP building ability.

The development trend of open world games or representative game forms

The core of an open world lies in “openness”. In open world games, game developers often design a variety of exploratory elements, and players can explore the world more freely, rather than being limited by the predefined or strictly restricted regional exploration order. In recent years, the open world has become a popular game setting, and more and more games are close to the concept of “open world”. While the open world is shaping a new development pattern of the game industry, it is also making continuous progress and evolution.

The opening of Open World Games has developed from the surface to the bottom. There are three conditions for judging the open world: the openness of maps, the openness of players and the openness of laws. The opening of the map means that players can explore the map freely; The openness of players, that is, the core experience of players is no longer the linear task of playing a fixed route, but the core experience of discovering unknown areas and solving puzzles or freely creating and changing the world through free exploration; The opening of the law means that the world in the game has its own development law. The game world will keep changing and will not stop because the player stops, and the change of the world will have an impact on the player and constitute an important experience.

We divide open world games into open world 1.0, open world 2.0 and open world 3.0 according to the number of conditions met. Open world 1.0 can realize the opening of maps, open world 2.0 can realize the opening of players on the basis of map opening, and open world 3.0 meets the three conditions of map opening, player opening and regular opening.

Open world 3.0 needs a lower level of openness

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