Shanghai Digital Exchange began to march into “metaverse”: start global recruitment and speed up the research and development of underlying core technologies

China Times (www.chinatimes. Net. CN) reporter Hu Jinhua reports from Shanghai

Less than four months after its establishment, Shanghai Data Exchange began to officially enter “metaverse”.

The reporter of Huaxia times learned that from March 7 to 14, Shanghai data exchange launched metaverse global recruitment and launched metaverse recruitment hall simultaneously. This is the first recruitment since the establishment of Shanghai data exchange, and also announced the official layout of Shanghai in metaverse track.

There are 150 positions in the Department of human resources, research and development, and the Department of strategic management and the Department of business development, which are mainly for the recruitment of talents. There are 150 positions in the Department of human resources, research and management, and the Department of international market management Generational population. In terms of talent recruitment, Shanghai data exchange has two advantages: first, joining Shanghai data exchange can work with outstanding talents and grow together with the exchange; Second, the treatment is preferential and provides a fast track for settlement that meets the conditions. ” On March 9, the relevant person of Shanghai Digital Exchange said.

It is worth mentioning that the global recruitment is also different from the traditional recruitment. According to the recruitment process disclosed by Shanghai digital exchange, candidates from all over the world can immersively browse the company introduction, job information and deliver resumes online. Candidates can also obtain the first digital collection of Shanghai data exchange through participation and interaction.

“From the perspective of various concepts, metaverse is a new Internet application and social form integrating virtual and real produced by a variety of new technologies. Metaverse closely integrates the virtual world with the real world in the economic system, social system and identity system, and allows each user to produce content and edit the world. There is no single technology called metaverse in the world, metaverse It is the combination and upgrading of various existing technologies. Metaverse has three core technologies, namely, extended reality technology, digital twin technology and blockchain technology, which may have explosive and exponential growth in the future. ” Shenyang, executive director of the new media research center of Tsinghua University, told the reporter of Huaxia times.

Ambition of Shanghai digital exchange

On March 10, our reporter entered the recruitment page and found that each recruitment post has a distinct label. For example, the database administrator is “brain king”, the architect’s label is “yyds (eternal God)”, and the market development director is “social cow”

For the global talent recruitment of metaverse, the aforementioned person from Shanghai Digital Exchange said that talents are the core factor determining the development of enterprises and will provide a strong boost to their construction of a national data exchange with global influence.

However, in the view of market participants, metaverse industry is not an independent entity, but involves the innovation and integration of many current cutting-edge technologies such as Internet big data, cloud computing, blockchain, quantum technology and AI. Therefore, high-level talents in such fields are the “trendsetters” of the times, Shanghai digital exchange has also opened a “sweet pastry” – talents who meet the recruitment conditions will be settled quickly.

“There are 150 talents in 50 positions. I believe there will be many candidates. The most important thing is that once they are admitted, they can quickly ‘fall into Shanghai’. Obviously, they will be very attractive to powerful young people. I believe the competition will be fierce, and the salary will be considerable for some high-end technical talents.” On March 11, Zhang Ke (a pseudonym), a senior “headhunter” in Shanghai, told the reporter of Huaxia times.

It is an important task for the CPC Central Committee to promote the establishment of Pudong New Area in November, and it is an important task for the CPC Central Committee to promote and implement the opinions of the people’s Government of Shanghai on the 25th of November. It is worth supporting the establishment of Pudong New Area An important functional institution to promote the development of digital economy.

In terms of structure, Shanghai data exchange adopts the corporate system and constructs the “1 + 4 + 4” system around the goal of building an important hub node for global data element allocation: closely follow the “one positioning” of building a national data exchange; Highlight the “four functions” of quasi public services, all digital transactions, whole chain ecological construction and institutional rule innovation; Reflect the “four characteristics” of standardized confirmation of rights, unified registration, centralized liquidation and flexible delivery. Shanghai data exchange provides efficient, convenient, compliant and safe data trading services for data circulation transactions. At the same time, it guides multiple subjects to increase data supply and cultivate and develop a new business form of “digital commerce”. Strive to build the “four beams and eight columns” of the national data exchange in three to five years, so as to achieve the goal of “collecting data from all over the world and using data from all over the world”.

On December 30, 2021, Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission issued the 14th five year plan for the development of Shanghai’s electronic information industry, in which metaverse was included for the first time, metaverse was mentioned in the focus on cutting-edge and emerging fields, and the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology and basic capabilities of metaverse was strengthened, Promote the development of new terminals for deepening perceptual interaction and the construction of systematic virtual content, and explore industrial applications. The new generation of information technology integration and application will focus on the aspects of artificial intelligence + big data, cloud computing + edge computing, 5g + extended reality, blockchain + quantum technology, cloud side-to-side collaboration, digital twin + data middle platform, and promote technology collaborative research, standard and specification formulation, platform construction, application innovation, etc. The new generation of security technology focuses on the next generation of communication security, data security, cloud computing security and other fields, and carries out core technology research and industrial application innovation, such as mimicry defense, trusted computing, zero trust security, quantum security, security intelligent scheduling and so on.

Metaverse is still in its infancy

The past 2021 is called the first year of metaverse. And what exactly is metaverse? What are its birth background and main characteristics, and what changes will it bring to people’s social life? It has also attracted more and more attention from all walks of life.

When interviewed, some industry experts said that there is no single technology called “metaverse” in the world. Metaverse is the combination and upgrading of various existing technologies. If it has to be defined, it can be understood as “3D version of the Internet”. However, in fact, in the eyes of 1000 people, there are 1000 metaverse.

Indoorswoman, COVID-19 is forcing people to get online and stay away from the Internet. Online people are more accustomed to meeting online meetings with software. They have basic water and electrical protection, the popularity of home business and the full supply of network information. The epidemic is pushing the virtual existence of indoorsman houses. These changes make M. Necessary and sufficient conditions for etaverse. ” In this regard, Kong Rong, a domestic metaverse industry research expert, said in an interview.

Kong Rong gives an example to analyze. Suppose someone comes back from Jiuzhaigou. If his family wants to know where it’s fun, they can only see photos and videos on their mobile phones at most. However, in the metaverse era, he can share his location and space, including the three-dimensional objects in the space, and he can immediately enter the space through corresponding equipment to get the same feeling as the tourists themselves.

“The social platform is 2D social networking, and it is mostly graphic information, and other retail and e-commerce links. Our current shopping is more about brushing Taobao, shaking the voice, and through the little red book” grass “and so on. Most of the pictures and videos are in the form of tiktok, and there is no 3D sense. In the future, Metaverse may appear as a new form of electricity supplier, and the next block will be offline. Re engraved online, let users seem to go shopping in real blocks, go to different stores, and choose goods with the help of virtual salesmen. Metaverse also has strong application scenarios in industrial Internet. At the beginning of 2021, BMW and NVIDIA Omniverse platform cooperated to build a digital factory, using digital twin technology to realize online testing, which improved the accuracy and efficiency of the planning process. The efficiency in the planning stage was increased by about 30%, and one vehicle was produced every 56 seconds in the whole vehicle manufacturing stage. Therefore, do not narrowly understand metaverse as a social game platform. If it can make our real world more 3D and three-dimensional, the efficiency will be greatly improved and the distance between people will be shortened. ” Kong Rong said.

On March 11, Zhang Ying, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, also said in an interview that metaverse, as an important platform for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society, is becoming an important track to drive the development of the global digital economy and digital technology innovation.

“At present, metaverse is still in its infancy. Although it has broad prospects, the key technologies need to be broken through, and there are chaos such as concept alienation, false publicity and capital speculation. Including metaverse, as the commanding height of the future digital industry development, there are still deficiencies in some key technologies in China; the industry pays too much attention to the upgrading of metaverse entertainment experience and has not yet explored its impact on the real economy Integration and the driving effect of strengthening reality with emptiness; At present, the generalization and hype of metaverse concept is serious, which is not conducive to the healthy and standardized development of the industry. It is urgent to standardize the development and prevent risks. There is an urgent need to strengthen development guidance, eliminate the false and preserve the true, and make pragmatic progress, so as to better promote metaverse to empower the real economy and improve the quality and efficiency of the real economy. ” Zhang Ying pointed out.

Therefore, she suggested that we should speed up the tackling of key technologies and build a hard core technology system that closely follows the world and leads the future; Create an innovative industry oriented and powerful metaverse; Accelerate the improvement of the governance rules of digital space and promote the healthy development of metaverse related industries