Zhejiang Mobile: looking forward to an Asian Games event in the era of “metaverse”

The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games is getting closer and closer. For this sports and cultural event of “Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang style, Hangzhou charm and brilliance”, the builders of the Asian Games are making full efforts to sprint.

The large-scale application of 5g technology in this Hangzhou Asian Games highlights the characteristics of “intelligence”. In the main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center, 80000 spectators can use 5g network to send and receive videos, pictures and make video calls at the same time; In Huanglong stadium, the venue “intelligent brain” can realize event situation awareness, equipment monitoring and remote control to ensure the stable operation of the venue; Through 5g + FREE perspective and 5g + VR technology, the audience can break the space limit and enjoy a more unique viewing experience

As the official communication service partner of the Asian Games, China Mobile has achieved a series of phased results on the basis of three years of active preparation. These interesting and magical “black technologies” will vividly show the great potential of the new generation of information technology for building a better future for mankind.

It pioneered a number of intelligent technology applications and built four high-quality projects to become Asian demonstration students

Brand new runway, wide lawn and super large LED high-definition screen… Not long ago, Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center completed the transformation of the venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games and returned brand-new. It is worth mentioning that the upgraded Huanglong Sports Center has become more “smart”.

Walking into the computer room of the information center of Huanglong Sports Center, a large high-definition display screen with an area of about 25 square meters came into view. After the launch, the three-dimensional visual Huanglong Sports Center appears on the large screen. The manager is like entering the cockpit. All data of the whole center such as energy consumption, real-time status, passenger flow and vehicle flow of the venue can be collected in real time, and the operation of various indicators of the venue can be mastered in time, It has realized the centralized operation and maintenance of more than 10000 front-end equipment and systems in 16 categories and the collaborative management of equipment and supervision. The newly upgraded Huanglong Sports Center has also added a 1km surrounding intelligent air runway on the roof of the supporting room of the stadium. Smart screens and electronic probes are set beside the runway to provide exercise data analysis for fitness workers.

 黄龙体育中心智能场馆大脑 Huanglong Sports Center intelligent venue brain

The “big lotus”, the main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, can accommodate more than 80000 people. Zhejiang Mobile applied high-precision positioning, integrated 5.5G millimeter wave communication and 5g elastic self breathing networking to meet the needs of more than 80000 people to send and receive videos, pictures and make video calls simultaneously using 5g network during the event.

At the same time, 23 Asian Games venues, including big and small lotus, also have a special network of AGIS (Asian Games information system). It is a secure private competition network isolated from other networks. As long as it is related to the major and minor events of the Asian Games, such as the calculation of competition results, the monitoring of competition venues, the operation of competition system and the control of workbench, we should rely on this network. Take the operation of time and score system on AGIS private network as an example. When a runner crosses the finish line, the timer captures the runner’s race time. These data will be uploaded through AGIS according to the route of access route – central route – core route – Cloud Computing Center, and the calculation results will be returned to the scoring system through AGIS. Thanks to AGIS, the actions uploaded and released can be completed in milliseconds, and the competition results can be presented to us in real time.

It is reported that at present, the digital intelligent monitoring Hall of Zhejiang Mobile has been officially put into use. The two Asian Games monitoring and command centers echo each other, which can realize all-round and multi-professional support, fully meet the needs of network monitoring, personnel scheduling, linkage command and barrier display during the Asian Games, and ensure the safe operation of the event.

  浙江移动亚运监控指挥大厅 Zhejiang Mobile Asian Games monitoring and command Hall

At the same time, in Hangzhou Asian Sports Village to Olympic Sports Center, driverless and AR navigation guide application will provide athletes with a faster and more comfortable participation experience.

In terms of venue 5g network construction, the Asian Games 5g smart venue integrates venue operation, event service and epidemic prevention and control.

It is understood that Zhejiang Mobile’s 5g + Intelligent Asian Games achievements have also won many awards. In addition to winning the “best award” for solutions in six of the ten fields of the intelligent Asian Games, the “Hangzhou Asian Games: Pan 5g intelligent venue event application”, initiated jointly with the Asian organizing committee, has stood out from 1012 projects around the world and won the first prize of 5g application in the “global Internet competition” of Wuzhen Internet Conference.

At present, Zhejiang Mobile has built more than 65000 mobile 5g stations in the whole province, taking the lead in realizing 5g network coverage above villages and towns in the country, helping thousands of industries to carry out more than 400 innovative applications with high-quality networks, accelerating the construction of new information infrastructure focusing on 5g, computing network and smart platform, and accelerating the formation of a new information service system of “connection + computing + capability”. Relying on the strong network technology and operation ability of mobile, the construction of public and private networks for Hangzhou Asian Games events has taken shape.

5g intelligent viewing will let the audience sit in the “special seat”

  5G+VR   5G+VR

At the Winter Olympics in Beijing just now, there was VR watching competition with the ice pier. When China finished a difficult action on the ice and snow, there was a freeze animation display immediately. The application of VR technology broke the traditional fixed-point watch mode, and brought viewers a variety of innovative viewing experience, such as free perspective, bullet time, immersive watch, VR interaction, etc. The audience can not only dynamically track the content they want to see by adjusting the viewing angle, but also capture the fleeting freeze frame picture at any time, just like sitting in the “special seat”.

Such VR viewing technology will also be unveiled at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Based on the solid 5g intelligent network construction, Zhejiang Mobile has closely focused on the three core areas of organizing, watching and participating in the competition, initiated a number of technical applications, deeply promoted the characteristic innovation of “5g + Asian Games” and comprehensively enabled the intelligent Asian Games.

It is understood that by then, through a number of 5g black technologies, Zhejiang Mobile will bring new viewing experiences such as 5g + FREE perspective, bullet time, naked eye 3D, 8K, VR and so on. Among them, through “5g + FREE perspective”, the audience can freely choose a variety of unique perspectives to watch freely, so as to capture the best panoramic moment. Through 5g + VR technology, 360 ° immersive viewing experience can be obtained. The combination of VR and real 4K or even 8K ultra-high definition technology can break the space constraints and realize a multi-dimensional strong sense of presence.

  5G+自由视角 5g + free view

   “Focusing on the work goal of ‘four zero and one excellence’, that is, zero major network accidents, zero major security incidents, zero important customer complaints, zero negative focus events and customer perception excellence, we will reverse the progress and pull the list to create ‘four high-quality workers’ of Asian Games network high-quality project, intelligent Asian Games high-quality project, market publicity high-quality project and service support high-quality project Cheng ‘, we will make every effort to build the Hangzhou Asian Games into a landmark demonstration project for China Mobile to sponsor and guarantee large-scale intercontinental events. ” Zheng Jie, deputy to the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Mobile, said.

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