The launching ceremony of the preparation of media metaverse white paper and the inaugural meeting of media metaverse think tank were held in Beijing

Why is the current popular “metaverse” widely concerned?

What is the essence of metaverse?

How should the news media report the “metaverse” phenomenon?

What new sparks can “media + metaverse” collide?

On the afternoon of March 10, the launching ceremony of media metaverse white paper and the founding conference of media metaverse think tank were successfully held in Beijing. Xia Mingqun, Secretary General of the media special committee of China private science and technology Industrialists Association, Wang Baolong, Secretary General of Beijing Information Industry Association, Cao Sansheng, member of the party and government team of the State Key Laboratory of media integration and communication of Communication University of China and deputy director of the collaborative innovation center, he Qiang, director of the technology project Department of the new media center of Xinhua news agency and director of the metaverse joint creation center of Xinhua news agency, Wang Shibin, vice president and executive editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, sun Xiqing, general manager of Beijing TMT Media Technology Co., Ltd., Tu Haohan, vice president of global digital creative Holding Co., Ltd., Kuang Hongxue, vice president of Shouwang experience technology, initiator of metaverse special committee of Beijing Information Industry Association Nearly 20 industry experts, scholars, media people and entrepreneurs, including Gong caichun, chief scientist of the National Academy of science and technology innovation and Xu Zhe, executive editor of foresight, discussed how metaverse can better empower the media industry and how metaverse operators can better promote the implementation of media metaverse. The event was presided over by Xu Zhe.

Editor in chief Xu zhe first briefly introduced the main contents of the media metaverse white paper and the guests present. “On the one hand, metaverse gives the news industry more bold imagination space; on the other hand, it also blurs the boundary between reality and simulation, which may greatly weaken the judgment and capture of objective facts by future news audiences. When reporting metaverse, media reporters should not only accurately grasp the concept of metaverse, but also dare to speak and try new things,” she said

Secretary General Xia Mingqun said in his speech: “As a bridge and link between the media and metaverse operators, the media Committee of China private science and technology Industrialists Association is committed to serving news media workers and industrialists. Metaverse is a new thing, and the reports of media reporters play a key role in promoting the public’s awareness of metaverse. This activity can deepen the media reporters’ awareness of metaverse and speed up the operation of metaverse It is also an important purpose of this conference to better arrange metaverse for business and let media reporters report metaverse comprehensively and scientifically. ” Secretary General Wang Banglong also delivered a speech on behalf of Beijing Information Industry Association, expressing his expectations for the media metaverse white paper.

Cao Sansheng, he Qiang, Wang Shibin, sun Xiqing, Tu Haohan Kuang Hongxue and Gong caichun respectively gave lectures on “media xmetaverse: pattern evolution and vision shaping”, “Xinhua News Agency metaverse innovation and exploration”, “metaverse, our responsibilities, opportunities and challenges”, “twin media – metaverse’s media essence”, “Application of digital virtual human in media industry” and “how 720 crossing spacecraft can help the media industry” Keynote speeches were delivered on the theme of “sincere unity, do a good job in the drafting of media metaverse white paper”.

Subsequently, Gong caichun and Xu zhe jointly announced the official launch of the preparation of the media metaverse white paper; Qi Guojun, director of financial media center of China News training network, Zhu Xinyue, director of management promotion center of Entrepreneur Magazine and President of Huayue branch of enterprise management publishing house, Zhang Yijia, founder of Jiazi guangnian, and Zhang Yizhi, deputy general manager of Beijing jiuao new media culture and creativity Co., Ltd., jointly announced the formal establishment of the Editorial Committee of media metaverse white paper; China China Science and technology news one belt, one road secretary, Zhang Shengjie, Secretary of the Institute of Finance and economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wei Xiang, the editor in chief of the news agency of all circles, Wang Qun, the commentator of the central broadcasting and TV station, and Tan Ya, who is the planning director of the Xia teacher’s brand, announced the establishment of the media Metaverse think tank. The first is the establishment of the media. The first is the “media” of the “think tank”. The second is the “” brand.

It is understood that the media metaverse white paper is a book compiled by the media and metaverse operators based on the future development trend of media metaverse. The publication of this book will provide a reliable reference for media to build metaverse application scenarios.

The white paper is divided into nine parts, including media development history, media development status and future development path, media metaverse technology framework, future metaverse application scenarios, metaverse technology experts and suppliers’ views on future media application metaverse, etc.

Xu zhe finally added: “our goal is to publish a practical white paper for news media workers, which will be a reference book for media self construction and practical metaverse. This conference is to better implement the white paper and let think tanks better provide an operable service for media layout metaverse”.

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