Quick review of the two sessions | slowly recite the “tight hoop curse” and wait for metaverse to grow freely

Science and Technology Daily reporter long Yuemei

It seems that all of a sudden, metaverse is on fire. So that in the capital market, many enterprises want to have a relationship with metaverse for fear that they can’t find a topic or tell a story. During the two sessions this year, metaverse has also become the focus of attention of many deputies to the National People’s Congress and members of the CPPCC. Some people suggest to strengthen the top-level design, others suggest to strengthen supervision and supervise in advance. Metaverse, is it really the wolf?

What is metaverse? At present, there is no conventional definition. Strictly speaking, metaverse is just a magical concept. It first appeared in the sci-fi novel avalanche published by American writer Neil Stephenson in 1992. It depicts a virtual world parallel to real life. We might as well simply understand that metaverse is a virtual and real world built by cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

The epidemic has accelerated the online migration of people’s life scenes. Under the catalysis of network and technology, the explosion of metaverse may have its inevitable logic. The speculation of metaverse concept in the investment market is not only an impulse to pursue profits driven by capital, but also has something to do with the foresight of the market. Technology giants are scrambling for layout, and it is precisely that it represents the next wave of scientific and technological change. However, when dancing at every tuyere, it is inevitable that there will be false fires and mixed fish and dragons. We should keep a clear mind. Some lawless elements bind the concept of metaverse, fabricate false projects, illegally raise funds, or defraud under the banner of metaverse, which must be dealt with severely. This is the proper meaning of the topic of maintaining market fairness and normal order. It has nothing to do with “early supervision”. There is no need to read the “tight hoop curse” when you see metaverse.

We have to admit that metaverse is only an emerging thing that has not yet taken shape and is still in the initial stage of development. From the cautious statements of some technology giants, we can also feel the cold thinking behind the hot concept. From the perspective of encouraging innovation, why don’t we look at metaverse with an open and inclusive attitude. True scientific and technological innovation originally needs the soil of trial and error and fault tolerance. Any healthy industrial ecology must require a free growth process. It is possible to stifle the cradle of gene regulation at the beginning. Moreover, metaverse currently has no substantive regulatory content.

It is very important to plan ahead. While promoting industrial development, we should explore and establish rules, and guide development in time when problems arise, but there is no need to worry too much. This does not mean that metaverse is allowed to grow savagely, but the “tight hoop curse” can be read slowly – as long as it does not destroy public order and good customs and disturb fair competition, we are happy to see metaverse explore more application scenarios and find a new industrial track in tourism, commerce, culture and other fields in the future.

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