Sutu metaverse Research Institute: Industrial metaverse will open the road of “gold digging” in the medium and long term

Recently, sutu metaverse Research Institute released the 2022metaverse industry trend report (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report believes that metaverse begins with fantasy, enjoys social networking and finally becomes a tool. Sutu metaverse Research Institute prospectively proposed that metaverse not attached to any industry is “false metaverse”, and metaverse attached to industry but unable to achieve symbiosis is “false metaverse”.

The report divides the development trend of metaverse industry into four sections, “observation”, “Deconstruction”, “Nuggets” and “awe”. Among them, “Nuggets” metaverse describes the impact of metaverse on the industry, which is analyzed from the short-term impact and medium and long-term impact respectively.

According to the Research Institute of fast transit metaverse, the most prosperous industry of metaverse in the short term should be closer to the scene of entertainment and socialization. Content producers and intelligent hardware companies will become the main cash flow force in this period. At this stage, it is mainly reflected in virtual anchor, streaming media platform, game, social platform, intelligent hardware, media, digital marketing, etc.

From the perspective of medium and long-term development, the report points out that industrial metaverse will become the inevitable trend of metaverse form development, realize industrial process reengineering and continuous improvement of industrial energy efficiency through digital twin and industrial intelligent technology, and drive the upgrading of social efficiency. Metaverse’s technological upgrading will certainly be an important part of the industrial digital intelligence revolution and will drive the development of the real economy.

Talking about the impact of metaverse on the medium and long-term development of the industry, sudu metaverse Research Institute believes that the development of metaverse underlying technologies and the infrastructure construction of metaverse, such as communication technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain and metaverse OS, will begin to enter a period of comprehensive acceleration, and the upgrading of key technologies will become the key to breaking the development bottleneck of metaverse.

The report points out that digital technology is a big engine to promote the “double integration” of digital economy and real economy. Taking artificial intelligence as an example, it can not only become the infrastructure to promote the development of new medicine, new materials and new energy, but also become a new productivity for the digital transformation of all walks of life. It is a typical “cross circle productivity”.

In industrial metaverse, the life cycle of the new plant includes scheme design, simulation test, construction and operation, optimization and improvement. Digital, virtual and intelligent means can be used to realize prediction and improvement.

The Research Institute of fast transit metaverse believes that industrial metaverse will serve the real economy and will bring huge business opportunities, which is also the blue ocean market in the future.