Accelerate the steady development of metaverse market, make it stronger and better, and expand China’s digital economy

Reporter Zhou Zixun

During the two sessions, Chen Xiaohong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and party secretary of Hunan University of technology and technology, pointed out that metaverse is becoming the future form of Internet evolution, a solution to break the gap between virtual and reality, and promote the development of “metaverse” related technologies and industries, which is very important for strengthening, optimizing and expanding China’s digital economy. However, the metaverse market still has the following main problems: first, the concept definition has not been unified, and the basic research support is insufficient; Second, market development is blind and disorderly, and investment is overheated; Third, the core technology needs to be broken through, and the application scenarios are difficult to cooperate; Fourth, the unified standard has not been established, and the network system is far from being formed; Fifth, there is a lack of supply of high-quality talents and insufficient stamina for innovation and development.

In view of the current situation, Chen Xiaohong puts forward the following suggestions.

First, speed up the Metaverse technology layout and R & D resources input to ensure the advanced Metaverse technology. The development of metaverse needs the support of a series of underlying technologies: first, chip technology is the “core” of constructing the virtual world and the physical carrier of the existence of metaverse virtual world; Second, network communication technology. With the development of 5g and 6G, the real-time experience perceived in metaverse virtual space will also be greatly improved; The third is virtual reality technology, which seamlessly connects reality and virtual reality; Fourth, artificial intelligence technology has been deeply applied in metaverse; Fifth, blockchain technology. Metaverse is a digital universe, behind which is decentralized blockchain technology. The deep interaction and integration of these technologies form the future Metaverse. It is necessary to accelerate the input of these low-level technology layout and R & D resources, and ensure the advanced nature of Metaverse technology.

Second, accelerate the construction of metaverse industry standard system and promote the orderly development of metaverse industry. Metaverse is a new type of Internet application and social form integrating virtual reality produced by integrating a variety of new technologies. On the one hand, from the aspects of monetary system, economic order, social rules, management system and cultural system construction, metaverse ecological standard system; On the other hand, accelerate the construction of metaverse overall standards, technical standards, data standards, business standards, management standards and service standards; Finally, accelerate the revision and improvement of metaverse industry standardization standards to ensure that the technology, infrastructure, economic system, safety and security standards involved in metaverse industry are established and improved.

Third, insight into the new needs of market development and promote the smooth implementation of metaverse application. In the short term, focus on the deep integration of Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies in metaverse to provide immersive experience services for users in social entertainment, culture and tourism education, business services and other fields; In the medium term, focus on R & D and design in various fields, simulation technology and metaverse deep integration application, and provide a simulation platform combining virtual and real for tackling key technical problems in equipment manufacturing, aerospace, biomedicine, new materials, new energy and other fields; In the long run, it is committed to the interconnection and information sharing between various digital platforms of economy and society and metaverse system, providing a more perfect simulation environment for the exploration of life, matter, ocean, earth and space, information and other scientific fields, and providing a broad platform for human beings to study themselves, matter, universe and the future.

Fourth, implement new inclusive and prudent regulation to guide the steady development of metaverse market. Adhere to the regulatory concept of paying equal attention to development and standardization, accurately grasp the balance between regulation and innovation, and leave enough space for the steady development of metaverse market. First, formulate a special strategic plan for metaverse technology and industrial development, promote the integrated development of metaverse and the real economy, guide enterprise investment and encourage innovative operation; Second, improve the exemption mechanism and formulate a scientific supervision scheme for metaverse market in combination with the development of new business forms and models of metaverse; Third, grasp the key points of supervision, issue effective supervision laws and regulations from the aspects of guiding investment, ethical risk, data security and privacy protection, prevent the problems of capital kidnapping, value ethics and virtual space control brought by metaverse in the development process, and coordinate the development and safety in the supervision process.

Fifth, deepen the cross integration of disciplines and specialties and speed up the construction of metaverse talent training system in Colleges and universities. First, promote the construction of metaverse Related Interdisciplinary disciplines and majors, promote the construction of metaverse future Institute of technology, and layout a number of scientific and educational resources and digital resource platforms required for future technology research; The second is to promote the construction of modern metaverse vocational education system and various industries in China; Third, accelerate the formulation of talent training programs in the field of metaverse, and build a number of national first-class undergraduate majors, first-class courses and planned teaching materials related to metaverse.

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