You have an invitation from “metaverse” to open the VR version of “panorama” two sessions together

What will the future “metaverse” world look like?


Head mounted VR device

Enter your home in “metaverse”

Invite familiar people to interact

Or in a virtual workspace

Brainstorm with colleagues

In March 2021, roblox, a sandbox game platform, successfully landed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its market value exceeded US $400 billion on the first day of listing, detonating the technology and resource circle. Half a year later, Facebook changed its name to meta, increased its investment in VR and AR, and took metaverse as its main business in the future. The “metaverse” storm swept the world due to the two major events. Microsoft, apple and Google followed up one after another. The domestic Internet circle and game circle are not willing to lag behind. More and more enterprises began to join the “metaverse” market.

Through the construction of metaverse

Interaction between human and virtual world

Will get a new promotion

on this basis

Games, social networking, entertainment, consumption, etc

There will be qualitative changes

2022 national two sessions

Fujian Media Group

First launch

Metaverse interview of the national two sessions

Representatives and members wear smart equipment

Break the space barrier

Virtual meeting room with netizens

Enter metaverse panoramic interview

“Face to face” with representative members

speak one ‘s mind freely

Talk about hot topics



You can drag the venue

Switch 3D effects

Ask questions to representative members

People’s livelihood topics you are concerned about