In just half a year, the stock price has risen sharply to fall sharply. What do you think of the outlet of “metaverse”? Observation of the two sessions

Over the past year, “metaverse” has suddenly become popular. In foreign countries, roblox company impacted the “first share of metaverse”, and the parent company of Facebook changed its name to “meta”, which means “metaverse”. In China, the concept stocks related to “metaverse” soared all the way. According to statistics, the cumulative increase was as high as 72.6% in just three months from September 2021 to January 2022. Some entrepreneurs joked that they are embarrassed to go out and talk about business without the concept of “metaverse”.

The popular “metaverse” has also attracted great attention of local governments, and some places are ready to launch the “metaverse Industrial Park”. At this year’s national two sessions, “metaverse” naturally became a hot topic. In addition to affirming this initiative to catch up with the future trend and strive to seize the tide, many representatives and members also raised some concerns about the current “metaverse fever” – at present, “metaverse” still tends to be a concept, and there is no physical output. If it is coaxed and pursued excessively without discrimination, will it bring secondary problems?

This fear is not unreasonable. In the past, photovoltaic and later Internet finance have experienced drastic changes from “flying into the sky” to “chicken feathers everywhere”. Their initial vision is good, but the road is crooked. More recently, the “metaverse” concept stocks generally fell sharply after reaching the high point in the past two months. The CBRC has issued a reminder that criminals have absorbed funds under the names of “metaverse investment project” and “metaverse chain Tour”, and are suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities. If this phenomenon continues to be tolerated, “metaverse” will have a big question mark about its future.

At this time, pouring a little cold water on “metaverse fever” does not mean denying “metaverse”. On the contrary, it is to better study and judge “metaverse”, cut into “metaverse” in a better way in time, and then run the “new track”.

At present, opening up new tracks and looking for new driving forces is an important work to serve and build a new development pattern. What matters more is whether a city and a country can take the initiative in future competition. “Metaverse” is likely to be an important track. Although we can’t say whether it necessarily represents the inevitable direction of future development like the Internet in those years, it at least provides an important prediction and possible path, which is worthy of serious attention, exploration and timely entry into the layout.

Preemptive layout of “metaverse” is not a bad thing. The key lies in what kind of mentality to treat and embark on similar new tracks. Whether governments, enterprises or individuals, we should clearly realize that opening a new track is often not a 100 meter race, but more like a long marathon. On this track, of course, it is more than explosive power and sprint ability, but it is more about endurance and concentration, scientific physical distribution and tactical arrangement, and excellent technical skills.

Take “metaverse” as an example. It’s hot. What the market is talking about is virtual reality. How many people really understand its underlying logic? If the foundation is not firm, the earth will shake and the mountains will shake. If we don’t understand the most basic concepts and the most basic logic, how can we talk about sustainable and healthy development.

There is also a very important point. In order to make “metaverse” develop into a growth point of future economic development, it does not rely on the massive influx of capital in the short term, let alone the relevant concepts, but long-term painstaking research to achieve the breakthrough of core technology. Just like running a marathon, it is impossible to expect to become famous in World War I without daily solid “physical reserves”.

In the face of the boom, the market is sometimes inevitably fanatical, but the government departments need to keep a clear head at all times. After all, only by mastering our own core technologies in the basic fields of “metaverse” industries such as chips, systems and tools can we avoid being controlled by others and truly gain competitive advantage on the new track. If we only focus on the immediate prosperity, but lack a long-term plan for the future and the spirit of long-term contribution, it is obviously to abandon the basics and lose the big for the small.

Obviously, it will take a longer time to make a layout on the basis of basic research, and there may be no obvious achievements for more than a few years. But to take the initiative in the future, we must do so today. This requires the majority of leading cadres to establish a correct view of political achievements, have the spiritual realm of “success does not have to be in me” and the historical responsibility of “success must have me”, and maintain sufficient patience and concentration. Only in this way can we make steady progress in the new track.